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Physical Traits

White hair, no elven markings, pale skin tone. Bares small Druid tattoo on her lower back.

Race and Class

Night Elf Druid.


No current guild affiliation.


Semi skilled at skinning the hides of various beasts of Azeroth, she has begun practicing skinning the hides of the beasts of Outlands. Tattle can often be seen in the Auction House selling these hides and leathers.


No family known.


Tattle is a young Night Elf Druid who was adopted by the Druids within the Moonglade. She was found as a newborn child around the Ashenvale border. Tattle was raised by the Druids of the Moonglade, who influenced her to later become one herself and serve Nature. She has no known living relatives, and currently still takes residence in the Moonglade.

Family Background

No known family.

Criminal Record


Personal Notes

Tattle does not speak much, and forges friendships only through time and trust. She is experienced in fighting both against and with the forces of the Horde.

Current Status

She is currently seen mostly fighting for the Stormpike forces in Alterac Valley, the Silverwing Sentinels of Warsong Gulch or providing her effort to the League of Arathor within the Arathi Basin, although since the opening of the Dark Portal, she has stepped up to help her friends explore the deepest reaches there.

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