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Hordecrest small Doctor Tawop
Title(s) Witch Doctor, "Tha Doctah"
Gender Male
Race Troll
Class Shaman
Alignment True Neutral
Occupation Traveling Witch Doctor
Status Alive


Doctor Tawop, or "The Doctah" as he refers to himself, is a wandering witch doctor of largely mysterious origins. His name can be recognised by a number of Jungle Trolls that spans several different tribes, indicating that he identifies with none yet still manages to avoid being scalped by their warriors.

Physical Appearence

A wild-eyed troll of stunted proportions. His thin fur is covered in a patchwork of sticky, earthy or oily stains, giving him the look and acrid smell of someone who regularly deals with a myriad of unpleasent substances but rarely bathes. Undearnearth his robes, Tawop apears to be wrapped in extremely dirty bandages with a bizarre copperish tint. From his belt hang pouches, rattles, small gourds and a variety of small totems.

Tawop's voice is deep and croaky.

It is hard to judge his age due to his unusual proportions, but most trolls tend to agree that he is middle aged.

Lifestyle and Practices

Tawop lives the life of a traveling witch doctor, popping up in the strangest of places, working his juju and vanishing again before the next sunrise.

Half the time, Tawop is under the influence of some sapta or potion, so his behaviour is not always the most comprehensible and he often speaks in strange languages, dancing and shaking rattles at some invisible spirit.

He rarely seems to acknowledge the presence of non-trolls unless he is talking directly to them. His orcish appears to be restricted to a few broken words with a heavy accent but his Trollish is as polished as it can be.


Tawop's vision of the world is simple. Trolls are the true masters and everyone else is a thing: that is, a slave, or just plain food. To him, the Horde is a strange temporary aberation that will eventually fix itself, and until then he avoids eating them or enslaving them out of respect for their future masters - the Darkspear Tribe.

Current Status

Traveling along Kalimdor.

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