Originally named Arthur Malkivus, but changed name to Tchern. He calls himself The Enligthened One or The Truthseer.

Physical Traits

A man in the late twenties, with long black hair. The words "Sanity is for the weak" always seem to be freshly cut into his arm, as if he cuts often.

Race and Class

Human Shadow Priest.




None. All have been murdered or disappeared.


Tchern grew up as a normal buy in Stormwind, until he in his late teenage years started experimenting with dark magic. In an unfortunate portal accident, he ended up in the Twisting Nether for a few days. This trip altered his mind, making him telepathic but also mentally ill. He believes he is the only one who see's the truth and everyone else is blind, so he's trying to enlighten the people through mind-controlling and telepathic powers. Unfortuntately, this often lead to suicidal thoughts or mental breakdowns, to his victims.

Family Background

The average Stormwind family. A working dad and a home going mom.

Criminal Record

Suspect in the murders of his family, but never proven guilty.

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