Darrow Hill, North of Southshore

The cave was silent. Deep within it sat a one-armed man in white robes, tears falling down his cheeks like a river.

"Entriia...I..I am sorry...I am sorry I couldnt save you..."

The man was staring at an arcane bubble, within lay the body of Entriia Darkstorm.

"If..If I had had just a little more time, I could have saved you b..but!"

The man gritted his teeth as more his arm crackled with arcane energies!

"That Ulgarf, the trogg, he shall pay for this!!"

The man let out a scream that shook the cave for a moment, causing some of the Yeti on the other side of the cave to flee.

"Light, why have you abandoned me!!"

The mans robes began to change shape, turning jet black, his once calm looks replaced with an emotionless face, his eyes blank and cold.

"I do this for you shall be love..."

The man let out a manic laugh as his body disppeared in an ear splitting crack!

The cave went silent once more, the bubble humming quietly...

(( Thats just a quick little story showing Ormsbys' madness at the death of Entriia, hope you like it^^ ))

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