Teefive, officialy known as T566-IR


Teefive, officialy known as T566-IR

Race and Class

Mechanized contraption, Utility droid


Helps Ulgarf around and follows him wherever he goes


Teefive was the first of the IR class. It was meant to be just a normal droid, but Ulgarf decided to close the IR production line. T5 was the only droid from the IR class ever built, so Ulgarf picked him as his companion. He started tinkering with him, and modified both the droid's interanl and outer structure so heavly, that it can bearly be recognized as an IR. It works on an internal Arcane Power Core sustained by several electro-static batteries that put in motion the servo-motors that move the arms and legs wich cause them to make alot of smoke clouds, warming Azeroth's atmosphere by 0.000001 % Teefive is able to recognize faces and people, and can speak for it's own, being equipped with an artificial brain Ulgarf designed.

Current Status

Teefive was recently built and is relative new, altough he was blown up by Imoenak inside the Cathedral and almost burned the place down, or at least the carpet on the floor. Ulgarf quickly repaired him and he went back into duty, trustfully serving his creator.

Teefive has a number of hilarious quotes, such as:

-Stay away from the yellow snow. (a relative useful advice)

-Dead men tell no tales. (reffering to Louise's death)

-Planned violance is called millitary action. (Angst's Dude bomb influenced Teefive to use this quote when taking samples from living beings)

-All is all you are just another brick in the wall. (suggesting that nobody is special, that everybody is part of the big-scheme planned by an entity superior to Human understanding. Dude also influenced Teefive with this quote)

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