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Teliviel Farseil TarShaila


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Leader of the Dragonslayers

Champion of the Bronze Dragonflight

General in command of the Kalimdor forces against the Qiraji invasion

Knight of the Alliance

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Parents supposedly dead, no record of siblings.

Spouse: Egitor Kleinstone.

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Teliviel woke up from slumber in the Barrow Dens in Moonglade together with the rest of the Druids, to join the army that destroyed Archimonde and defeated the Burning Legion in the Battle of Mount Hjyal. Immortality lost, Teliviel stayed out of slumber in the sacred glade: as an elder druid, she performed her duties as a tutor for younger generations for a while, before she decided it was time to travel, and see what the rest of the world needed, or had to offer. After lending a healing hand where needed in Ashenvale for an extended period of time, she sailed from Auberdine: her destination was Ironforge. The unique beauty of the city and the warmth of the dwarven and gnomish population conquered her, and she made Ironforge her home, only seldom missing the familiar comfort of tree shades and placid lakes. And it's in the dwarven fortress that she met people she was destined to forge the alliance of a lifetime with. Craving for adventure and with a strong desire to help and distinguish herself from all the druid that stayed hidden in Moonglade, she joined a group of adventurers and treasure hunters in multiple assaults to the Molten Core, lair of the firelord Ragnaros, and Blackwing Lair, in which bowels awaited the eldest son of Deathwing, Nefarian. Sent on a mission to scout the effective might of the black dragon's forces, Teliviel and her comrades fell in a cunning trap: all were slaughtered, and she had to watch them die, unable to stop the massacre. Together with Garzafoss Coldtwist and Sunda Kastagir, a gnome warlock and a dwarven paladin of the Silver Hand, she managed to evade her own death, escape from Blackwing Lair and return to Ironforge. Crushed and alone, the three didn't have time to stop and mourn. They saw the machinery and the impressive amount of goblin technicians: Nefarian had to be stopped before he could unleash the abomination of a chromatic flight into the world. Three days after the massacre, they called themselves Dragonslayers and started searching for allies. They spent the best part of the next year training young warriors and spellcasters, with their goal always clear in front of their very eyes: the annihilation of the Black Flight. Revealing a fierce attitude to leadership and recognized as a deadly, precise tactician, Teliviel assumed the command of the army in battle, earning the nickname of "Silver General", with her trusted lieutenants on her side. The Dragonslayers earned the gratitude of both Stormwind and Ironforge for their restless efforts against the ever taunting presence of the corrupted dragonflight.

Haunted with winged figures in her dreams, Teliviel began spending more time in libraries, searching for meanings in her visions. Desperate for answers, she seeked assistance from both Rabine Saturna and Keeper Remulos in Moonglade: while Rabine called her a Druid of the Wild, follower of Ysera, Remulos suspected she could be involved with the recent rising of Silithid activity in Kalimdor, and banished her from Moonglade. As a reaction, Teliviel resigned her role as an elder druid and exited the Cenarion Circle. It didn't take too long for her to find a tome about the first War of the Shifting sands, and grew more concerned about Remulos' words. When the black signet ring the city of Stormwind awarded her started to change colour, she started frequent journeys to Silithus, alone. She used to ride to the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj, and spent hours sitting by the Scarab Gong, listening to a voice that spoke in her mind in a language she heard before, but couldn't possibly understand. The words became clear one not at all special day. It was Nozdormu the Timeless, Aspect of Time, that was calling her to her mission: restoring the Scepter of the Shifting Sands, opening the Gates of Ahn'Qirai once again, to destroy the fifth Old God, C'thun.

At first nobody believed her, but nonetheless her entire army started working to prove their worth to the Bronze Flight. Teliviel began to show herself in public less, while the voices about her being "The Champion" were becoming persistent and attracting all kinds of unwanted attention. The Caverns of Time in Tanaris became her resting place of choice, Bronze dragons let her pass and reach the inner chamber where Nozdormu awaited for his Champion to report any progress. She was allowed to see the Sands of Time constantly falling down with the mortal races of Azeroth, while the Aspect itself conversed with her. But she was not alone. Never. Fearing for her life, the Dragonslayers had appointed her a personal guard, a demon hunter called Tharinas Darkflash, who followed every step she took, never leaving her side, and keeping everybody at distance. Strong rumors of a relationship beyond duty between the two began to spread around. The druid and the demon hunter ended up disappearing from the public scene for a while: reappeared to call for aid from both Horde and Alliance to defeat Eranikus, Tyrant of the Dream and holder of one of the shards of the Scepter. Thanks to the intervention of Tyrande Whisperwind, high priestess of Elune, the ancient dragon could be redeemed, and voluntarly handed the Shard to Teliviel. Azeroth bowed in front of her, and Remulos, son of Cenarius and keeper of Moonglade, apologized and called her saviour.

With the Scepter almost complete, the final task awaited: the Dragonslayers had to venture in the depths of Blackwing Lair to collect the red shard, entrusted to the Red Flight but stolen by Nefarian. After one of the countless expeditions in the lair, Teliviel became ill. Her physician, Berdrin Stormspanner, searched in vain for a cure to what was diagnozed as "Chromatic Flu", a virus that presented the strong resistance values of the experiments Nefarian was conducting to create the Chromatic Flight. Time was of the essence, and even the Bronze Flight couldn't interfere with what was happening to their champion: Teliviel was forced to spend the last days before the opening of the gates in Berdrin's lakeside residence in Loch Modan, officially to rest.

While both the Alliance and the Horde were answering her call and travelling to Silithus, the general was dying. As a last attempt, Berdrin started working in secret on a daring engineering/medical project with the aid of his assistant, Lolee Tinkstorm, and prepared a potent tonic that would have allowed Teliviel to reach Silithus.

And then the day came:

The midday sun fixed its unflinching gaze upon the sands of Silithus, mute witness to the multitudes forming ranks outside the Scarab Wall. It continued its passage, though to the masses gathered below, it seemed as though the orb had stopped to cast down unrelenting waves of heat until the vast armies simply collapsed from exposure.

Amid the restless formations a lone night elf stood in quiet contemplation. Her companions eyed her with admiration; some, almost reverence. The others who were gathered, an assortment from every race in every land in the known world, viewed her with their own racial prejudices. After all, the blood feud between night elves and the likes of trolls and tauren dated back centuries. No matter their affiliations, however, all who had come to battle that day shared one sentiment for the night elf: respect. She was impassive, unwavering, and unflinching. These qualities had served her well in the recent months, providing her with the strength to continue when all seemed lost; when the quest seemed neverending; and when her companions had simply given up. One by one, the gathered forces of Kalimdor looked to her, waiting. She struck out toward the dais, passing humans and tauren, gnomes and dwarves and even trolls, races whom her kind had fought against, who were now united to end the threat of the Qiraji once and for all.

There had been the Watcher, and the Caverns of Time; there was the bronze dragon and the Broodlord and the squirming insect hives; then there were the shards and their keepers, the ancient dragons, none of whom would give up their charge easily. Coercion, ingenuity, and sometimes outright violence, all were employed to accomplish the task.

And all of this for one item, the item gripped in her hands even now: the Scepter of the Shifting Sands, reformed at last after a thousand years. In the end, all roads had led here, to Silithus, and to the gates of the Scarab Wall. Here, where the Scepter was shattered.*

She looked down, and gave her speech:

Sons and Daughter of Azeroth, the day has come. I bring forth the Scepter of the Shifting Sands, restored after one thousand years. Too long the Qiraji have been lurking in our fears, hidden beneath the Scarab Wall. Too long we allowed them to infest our world. Too long we sat while the Twin Emperors prepared to strike against the free races of Azeroth. It is time to go inside and face them. It is time to stand side by side, Horde and Alliance together. Time to vanquish them, never to return. The Old God, C'thun, stirs in the depths of the Qiraj temple. It is our job to destroy him. Maybe one day we will bathe in each other's blood again, when the drums of war will call us to fight for supremacy over our contested lands. But it is not today. Today we fight. Together. It is time for war.

She looked at the Gate, still closed, then with a precise swing, smashed the scepter into the ancient Gong. She had one split second to notice and gather the little crystal that appeared out of nowhere and fell at her feet, before the Gate opened and the War started.

The rest is history: the mortal races of Azeroth won the Second War of the Shifting Sands, the Qiraji flew again into their city, but the walls can no longer contain the bloodlust of the adventurers that seek fame and fortune against that cunning enemy.

After giving out basic orders to the lieutentants in Cenarion Hold, the Silver General disappeared again, to the consternation and surprise of many, especially her physician. She returned when nobody was expecting, to finally receive medical treatment for the disease that was quickly devouring her. No trace remains of her shadowy guardian. As a side effect of doctor's Stormspanner method, Teliviel lost her memory for a while. With the help of an experimental gnomish tecnique known as hypnosis, Berdrin managed to bring all her memories back. To this day, he regrets it.

Months ago, a recognition trip to the Plaguelands ended up with Teliviel, Berdrin and Egitor trapped inside Naxxramas, the floating fortress of Kel'Thuzad. The three managed to escape after a bad encounter with a swarm of nerubian spiders: unfortunately, Egitor's hand suffered severely from a bite, and Teliviel decided to take him to Moonglade to seek help. During the time spent alone in the enchanted Glade, the two became closer and eventually fell in love. To the surprise (and frowning) of many, they started living together and got engaged. When the threat of the Dark Portal opening became unavoidable, the two eloped to get married, and then moved to Outland with the rest of the Dragonslayers.

They now make their home on the Aldor's Rise of Shattrath City.

(* text quoted from the "War of the Shifting Sands" story on the official WoW website)

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Teliviel is kind but somewhat distant to strangers. She is permanently concerned and worried about something, considering the fate of the entire world something she alone has to deal with. This made her slightly paranoid, and not a big sleeper. After her memory loss, her attitude towards strangers has moved from distance to curiosity, and it's much easier to approach her. With the ones she considers friends, she is funny, warm and cheerful, when mood allows. She tends to shrug off with a shy smile praise for her merits in battle and the restoring of the Scepter of the Shifting Sands, being firmly sure that "Anybody in my place would have done the". She is a strong willed leader and won't allow any interference or discussion about an order given in battle. This said, she deeply loves her comrades in arms, and she will never leave any of the Slayers behind in any situation, for any reason. She is deeply arachnophobic.

Outland seems to have filled Teliviel with youthful desire for adventure and a new spirit.

Note: Teliviel can be seen riding a white, aging saber named Shala, or a young mistsaber named Sabbia. She can't remember when or how she came in possession of a second saber, nor why would she need one. The crystal she collected from the ground in the first moments of the war revealed to be usable to call a Black Qiraj Battle Tank, that she named Malcom as a joke. The big silithid's species in unknown even to the most prominent scientists of Azeroth: it appears as a unique gift from the Bronze Flight for Teliviel's efforts. Recently trained by the Wildhammer dwarves on how to ride a gryphon, she uses that mount to travel across the landscapes of Outland.

Usually followed around by a Mechanical Yeti, which is actually the "YetiForm Surveillance Device" marked as Bob II, or by one of her whelps or cats. Sometimes will carry around a little potion brewing mechanical toad.

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Teliviel disappeared in may, and hasn't been seen ever since. Incredibly, no search parties were organized, and nobody actively looked for her. Goes to show you never can tell.

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