Count Nathaniel Telrunya Wheeler

Name[edit | edit source]

Count Nathaniel Telrunya Wheeler

Note: This character is now dead but the Telrunya model is being used as a new character. See Nelson DeBreton

Other Aliases[edit | edit source]

Lord Telrunya the Trollbane: Elvish title

Tel, Terunya: Names used by the Counts closest friends

Nate, Lord Nate, Old Man: Colloquial names used by friends of a lower social class

The Prophet: Hidden identity of Telrunya, the leader of the Avatars Prophets

Race[edit | edit source]


Class[edit | edit source]

Chrono Archmage

Guild[edit | edit source]

Prophets of Balance (Unknown to the public)

Physical Traits[edit | edit source]

Sixty seven year old male with long, thin silver hair and neatly trimmed beard. The savage looking scars have somehow faded from his face, his skin tone is paler, almost giving a slight glow. His blue eyes sparkle brightly hinting a hidden power lying behind them. Continues using a walking stick or staff but rumours are aroused on whether he needs it anymore.

Occupation[edit | edit source]

Count of Ambermill and Southern Silverpine

Head of the House Wheeler

Ex High Chancellor of the Alliance Ministry of Diplomatic Relations

Minister of the Assembly of Stormwind

Family[edit | edit source]

Mother: Patricia Wheeler (deseased)

Father: Sir Malory Wheeler (Undead)

Wife: Arnatuilë Redstar (Unknown)

Son: Kilrod Redstar Wheeler (Fourty six years of age)

Daughter: Alatrial Redstar Wheeler (Thrity nine years of age)

Background[edit | edit source]

At an early age, Nathanial was kidnapped by a tribe of Trolls on the outskirts of his home city of Lordaeron. He was within the Troll camp for most of his teenage years, as a servant to the Troll Chief. At the age nineteen, from living a life of torment, he lashed out on the Chief and, to his surprise, turned him into a sheep. After escaping the camp he was found by a group of High Elves, unknowing who he was or unable to remember where he came from, the Elves named him "Telrunya the Troll Bane".

The Elves escorted Telrunya to the Mage city of Dalaraan where he began his studies of Arcana. After completing his studies and becoming a fully qualified Mage he began a career as an Envoy for the King. Becoming an Ambassador for the High Elves he moved to the Elvish city of Silvermoon in Quel'Thalas where he met his Elf wife Arnatuilë. He lived his life happily for a good fifty or so years in Quel'Thalas with his wife until its fall and the "death" of Arnatuilë.

After the fall of Silvermoon, Telrunya joined the Army with his good friend Stimli Stoneblade, he spent a year fighting the Scourge in the northern lands eventually moving to Kalimdor aiding the Night Elves tackle the Burning Legion.

Telrunya eventually returned to the Eastern Kingdoms after the War, he moved to the city of Stormwind, seeing what corruption had befalled this community, Telrunya presented himself to the King who granted him permission to form the Alliance Ministry of Diplomatic Relations who will work to unite the broken Alliance. Once the Ministry was formed Telrunya decided to go in search of his past, discovering he was the heir to Sir Malory Wheeler, the Count of Ambermill. He therefore took the role upon himself.

When traveling to an important meeting for the Ministry, The good Count was ambushed by a group of Defias thugs. Beaten to near death the ordeal left Telrunya crippled forcing him to use a walking stick and covering his scarred face with a cowl. Because of the attack Telrunya was left too weak to continue as High Chancellor of the Ministry, he therefore decided to end the order with Stimli aiding him as his protector. Recently Telrunya has obtained a chair in the House of Nobles in the Assembly of Stormwind representing his family House Wheeler

After coming back from a personal mission in search of his lost heirloom Icesteel Telrunya returned with the cherished sword but the ordeal had left him disturbed almost dark in nature. Unfortunately Telrunya learnt too late that the sword held a dark entity, the presence of his dead father. Count Malory Wheeler took control of his helpless sons body forcing him to continue his dark mission... to destroy the lesser races. Telrunya returned to the ruins of Ambermill, his father wishing to use the power of the ancient ley node under the hamlet to commit his horrific deeds. Fortunately a young Scarlet Paladin named Elizabetha learned of the dead Counts plan and took a worthy group of adventurers to confront and stop him. A terrible battle began that night, Malory failed and left his broken sons body leaving the poor soul in a state of complete insanity. The group returned the helpless man to Stormwind for some aid. The local magi performed many spells and counter curses to help return the Counts sanity, having no effect they had only one option, to erase Telrunyas memory. Count Wheeler spent a couple of nights recovering in the Cathedral reading up on books of lore to help jog his memory, it having little effect Telrunya began wandering the city. One evening he bumped into his friend Richeron, using well spoken words and phrases the memory lock was opened and Telrunya gained back most of his memory, including the events in Ambermill.

Several months past and Telrunya seemed to grow more dark in nature, he became prone to random outbursts of anger and violence. Knowing something was terribly wrong with the Count many of those close to him began to wonder whether his father had truely left the Counts mind. The voices had remained, turning the Count into frantic madness, accusing everyone of deceit, lies and criminal acts. Knowing that this path will only lead to Telrunyas soul being damned, Richeron acted out. Performing a powerful ritual involving the use of Pure Arcane, Malory Wheeler was purged from his sons body and trapped in a crystal for eternity. The usage of Pure Arcane however had an unusual effect on the Count, mana had fused itself into his blood, altering his body. All essence had been wiped clean from his soul leaving only simple Arcane. Telrunya now questions whether he is still human.

With the recent emergence of a new religion called The Prophets of Balance, Telrunya has been noted missing from his Stormwind Manor and indeed his Ambermill associates hear little from him these days. Reports suggest he has residence in Darkshire although it is unknown why he visits there.

Further information on the Prophets has been lost, the Prophet himself has been forgotten

Recently a notice was made by the Wheeler Estate. Count Wheeler had been stated as missing as been unheard of since

The Prophet Meditating

Family History[edit | edit source]

Telrunya's mother Patricia, was killed defending him from the Troll Tribe, his father however divorced his mother and therefore has no knowledge of his son as she was pregnant at the time.

Sir Malory Wheeler was killed during the Scourge onslaught, his commanding knowledge was used by Lady Whisperwind and therefore currently acts as a commander for the Horde. His soul is now captured in a gem

Telrunya married an Elvish ranger called Arnatuilë who was killed during the fall of Quel'Thalas but it is rumoured she still walks the earth.

Telruna's children Kilrod and Alatrial, both half elves are searching for information about their mother.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Democracy over Chaos!

Avatar guide you

How uncouth!


Notes[edit | edit source]

Telrunya was the name the High Elves gave to him as he had no memory of his real name. It means "Man of Magic" They named him "Troll Bane" for his power over the tribe that abused him. He will frown upon anyone who names him under his Elvish title unless he considers them a close friend.

It is unknown whether his wife Arnatuilë is indeed dead as Telrunya never saw her corpse but it is confirmed she was in Silvermoon when it was overrun.

Has a gnome servant called Dibby, they both resent each other but Dibby is bound to the family name through a blood oath and must accept his masters orders. Telrunya prefers to keep the wretch for he sees letting him go may cause more harm than good

Telrunya is a pleasant old man and will give respect to those who show it back. He shows no discrimination to any race or community and tries to remain neutral on any matter.

Telrunya wouldn't class himself as good but will defend his friends and allies fiercely. Neither would he call himself evil but is obsessed with power and will do almost anything to get it

The Book of Dividing Power[edit | edit source]

A power tome that Telrunya recovered from the ruins of Dalaraan. Dating back to Highborne origins the Book of Dividing Power holds more spells, rituals, charms and enchantments than any other ordinary spell book. Covered in dragon scales the book holds a terrible curse harming anyone who dares to open it. The book focuses on combining any essence with the Arcane. Was given to Sir Richeron Withamhall as a wedding gift but Telrunya keeps a close eye on his friend.

Current Status[edit | edit source]

Reported missing and assumed dead

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