Alliancecrest small Tarian
Title(s) Code Monkey
Gender Male
Race Night Elf
Class Hunter
Age 25 (Human Years)
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Occupation Code Monkey
Status Alive

This CharBox template can be used to easily place your character's vital information into a table. It's currently a work in progress but is usable in its current state.

Note: Not all the variables need to be filled. They can be left empty, or removed from the list in your article altogether. Copy/paste the following code into your article, replacing the example variables with your own information.

New fields can be requested and suggested by leaving a message on Tarian's talk page.

|age=25 (Human Years)
|title=Code Monkey
|race=[[Night Elf]]
|alignment=[[Chaotic Evil]]
|occupation=Code Monkey
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