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Thamior Liadon

Physical Traits

Thamior is half-elf, aged at about 26 years old but appearing only to be 24 and a half. Thamior has a long mane of metallic-silver hair and bright blue eyes that seem to bore straight through you. His skin is tinged-purple, but this is not imminently clear. He is a tall, attractive man with defined features and the starburst tattoo that is ever-present on all male members of the Sunber family. Thamior is pretty much resistant to anything that mother nature can throw at him in terms of maladies and illnesses, and can easily drink five dwarves under a table, without showing even a hint of drunkedness. However, this is a double-edged sword; where Thamior can fight illness incredibly, his body will also reject any treatment or antisceptics given to him for wounds and pain, ect.

Race and Class

Half-Elf, Alliance Commando

Mental Traits

Thamior has a will of iron, and resists a lot of mental attacks and can push himself beyond his apparent psychical limits. Apart from being a sadist, Thamior is mentally stable, though he bares blood-boiling hatred for Kisun and Janek and will try to kill them if he ever catches a glimpse of them


None, was recently ejected from The Shylock Blades for treason.


Commando: Arathor first-and-only, 2nd company


Mother: Galanodel Liadon (deceased)

Father: Lord Hector Sunber (deceased)

Brother: Janek Sunber (Location Known, Hated)

Sister: Vadania Liadon (Location Unknown)

Sister: Jenesta Sunber (Location Known)

Cousin: Janus Darke (supposedly dead)


Thamior's life began in The Arathi Highlands, in a comfortable fortress (which was destoyed after his parents' deaths), where his father, Hector Sunber, had lived with his wife, Galanodel Liadon. He was brought up well and with excellent schooling, some subjects like history of Azeroth and Study of Races bored him. What really interested him was Engineering, and he showed great knowledge and a wide attention span in these lessons. Thamior also learned from an early age how to fight, shoot, and hide himself. Thamior excelled at all these things and more. By the age of 13, he could fire a sniper rifle, pistols, and bows with great accuracy, as well as show proficiency with small concealable weaponry, and light to medium blades. At 14 years old, he joined a college-barracks which taught him all the necessary skills for camorflage and infiltration, and shortly after he had passed all the exams that the barracks set him, he joined up to the Armed Forces for three years as a career volunteer at 16 years old. His younger brother Janek was soon to follow.

Sometime during his service in the First-and-Only, Hector and Galanodel moved to Lordaeron to attend a military conference meeting, and never returned home. The Scourge destroyed the city and it was reclaimed by The Forsaken a little later. The couple are most likely dead, and if they arent, they have been stranded in the wilds for three years, or taken by the plague. They would be dead. Before that, the Sunbers lost their youngest, Vadania (who was actually taken by slavers and passed along various groups). Thamior conducted a thorough but ineffective search for her for about a year, before returning to military service.

When he returned he was jealous to find that Janek had sped through the ranks in the army, making Corporal in just a year because of his actions in a battle against a large force of enemies of the Alliance. He slowly came to hate Janek, and had failed numerous times to assassinate him, but had never been caught. He also tried to stop his old war-buddy, Kisun, from getting anywhere near his "heroic" brother, but this also failed. Kisun invited Janek to join up in his band of men called The Shylock Blades.

A short while ago, Thamior joined up with The Shylocks himself. They were a group of soldiers led by Kisun. The Shylocks would wander Stormwind, aiding The Stormwind City Watch, who had taken the place of The People's Militia after they disbanded. All his time in The Shylock Blades was spent patrolling and tracking down criminals, until his life got a little more complicated and difficult...

Thamior insulted his war-buddy by helping a member of The Dark Embrace, called Fedra, escape from a holding area, in exchange for knowledge about the brotherhood she was part of. Thamior was shot for treason, but managed to only-just escape with his life, let alone a leg and an arm.

Family Background

Thamior's father grew up in the Navy, as an indentured deckhand. However, his heroism in several naval battles saw him freed from slavery and he became a marine in the navy. During the second war, Hector rose through the ranks swiftly and was trusted with the guidance of some of the navy's forces on more and more battlefronts. Eventually he became an Admiral but unfortunately he was wounded in the left leg twice and thus couldnt operate on-board a ship. He was transferred to the ground forces and rose further through the ranks to reach Field Marshal near to the end of his career. Hector met Galanodel when he was vacationing in Darnassus, and after they had fallen in love and married they moved to Hector's homeland, the Arathi Highlands, where they bought a large manor (or castle, whatever) in which to raise their offspring. First came Thamior, who was an almost completely pure-blooded elf. Next came Jenesta, who was the only pure-blooded human in her generation of the family. Then came Janek, a half elf. This was the result of a mixture of chromasomes from both Hector and Galanodel. Why Jenesta was only fully human only the Light knows. Finally, Vadania. She was also a half-elf, but she had the purple-tinged skin from her mother. However, Vadania nor Thamior, nor Janek bore any magical traits (unless you could count Janek's unnatural intuition and foresight as magic and Vadania's unexplainable psychic abilities as magical), only Jenesta.

Thamior, Janek, and Jenesta went their separate ways, Thamior joining the special forces, with Janek, and Jenesta schooling herself further in magic, becoming quite an accomplished Elementalist and summoner. Vadania, however, went missing, and Thamior took it upon himself to conduct a vigorous, but unsuccessful search.

Hector and Galanodel died in Lordaeron at a military conference, when the city was assaulted by the scourge. Thamior managed to escape being shot for treason, and Vadania is missing. The other two, as far as the records show, are alive...

Criminal Record

Thamior was tried for treason against the crown and almost killed. This treason was in the form of aiding members of The Dark Embrace when he should have been arresting and killing them.

Notable Talents

Active Camourflage: Thamior, like Janek, uses an enchanted cameleoline cloak to conceal himself in any terrain, the cloak melting into colours that match it's surroundings, where he cannot rely on the shadows and darkness.

Marksman: Thamior can pinpoint a headshot with all weapons he has been trained in with precision and speed. Only the occasional miss will occur, instead hitting a less-damaging part of their body, and even less is the chance of a completely wide shot.

Tracker: Thamior is able to follow anyone and anything by the marks they leave in the air, the ground, or history (unless he/she/it, ect. are very skillful), because he is clever, and recieved wilderness training in the armed forces.

Mecahnic: Thamior learned Engineering and mechanics alongside his brother, Janek, when they recieved an overabundance of schooling from Hector. He can construct field explosives, weaponry, repair minor damage to vehicles and the like, and disable traps and goblin land mines.

Personal Notes

-Thamior's Darnassian is smooth and graceful, but his common tongue is a little american-sounding and cold, sometimes even mocking or patronizing. He always sounds agressive, but is increasingly violent and cruel the more annoyed or angry he becomes.

-Thamior is missing his ring-finger on his right hand. This happened earlier on during a fight with an orc shaman who took it upon himself to bite it off when Thamior and he were in an armlock. In it's place is a retractable blade, fused to the palm of his hand (the product of some genius goblin engineering) which extends with a flick of the wrist and can be used in a punching-motion to impale opponents with lightning speed.

-Thamior has recently turned his attentions to dark magic, attracted by the power it can reward it's users with, and has begun a long search for any knowledge he can learn of it's origins and how to use it (and what it is like!).

Current Status

Thamior continues his search for any information about dark magic, and also plots his revenge on Kisun, for trying to kill him, and Janek, so that they dont sniff out Thamior and ruin his plans.

Inspiration for Thamior

Thamior first came into my head because it was a very elvish name and I wanted a night elf character. This evolved over the seasons with me first just being obsessed with levelling, and then when I discovered RP (Thanks Entriia!) I was really annoying to begin with... admittedly (sorry Entriia!). I continuously changed Thamior's RP and decided upon fixing him as a half elf, because I loved the idea of having a "human" with pointed ears, like Link in The Legend of Zelda. This evolved further with Thamior being a lone bounty hunter, but I gave up that idea when it failed miserably. I introduced a family, slowly, for Thamior and then perfected it all with months and months of practice and wrote it all down here (Thanks Entriia... again!). The finallised roleplay is here, with Thamior being the evil-half-brother of the Sunbers'. To some extent, I wanted him to be reincarnated, but then I thought: "Hey! I'll just make Janek his brother! It is a big family, after all..." And so, to this day, this is how the roleplay evolved from an annoying elf, to a huge family of well thought-out characters, each with different roles and personalities, Vadania's being by far the most complicated...

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