All lawful and patriotic members of the Alliance are hereby called upon to stand together and fight the invading forces of darkness.

The Council gathers to create a network of information, arms and medicine, thus empowering all local forces and strengthening our defenses against all that would turn against us.

The Council will also meet to debate strategy and tactics that would help us in defeating the invading armies of the Scourge and any other dark power on Azeroth.

The Council is open to all those who wish to take part, be they men or women, military or civilian and of divine or arcane inspiration.

For more information, contact Dame Helgana Thunderfist, Appointed Head of the Council

For the Alliance!

Ingame ChannelEdit

/join ACDCouncil


November 9thEdit

Location: Westbrook Garrison

Some things to rememberEdit

1 - The first Head of the Council is appointed by the King (me). Should the first Head of the Council step down, all subsequent heads are also voted. Should the apointed or elected head fail to show up for a scheduled meeting, or should he/she need to leave, an elected Vice-Head may also be apointed.

2 - It is important to minimise any interruption of each other. Those who wish to speak must signal this clearly by raising their hand. (It is advisable that you do not obscure this by writting more stuff in the same emote) The order of speaking will be, bar exceptions, acording to who put their hand up first.

3 - Any deviant behaviour is likely to get Helgana to throw you out, at least for the duration of the meeting. Severe misconduct may get you a nice little ban. (Helgana's a rather strict little woman!) Any IC interruption that disrupt the council should be agreed ooc before hand, and all members should be aware of it Ooc, so as to avoid disapointments and misunderstandings.

4 - There are likely to be four levels of precedence within the Council. The opinions of each person will be weighed acordingly for IC issues (only presedence a applies ooc).

a - The Head of the Council

b - Representatives of official institutions

c - Representatives of unofficial institutions

d - Individuals

5 - If you have nothing significant to add to a discussion, perhaps it's best to keep your mouth shut? As stated, if this bores you, you don't need to come.

In ideal circmstances, the Council meetings should move towards the goal of setting or suporting public events to take place around Azeroth. A proportion of 1 to 1 would be lovely of meetings and events would be lovely.

6 - The general conclusions of each meeting will be published after the meeting here:

7 - Any suggestions, criticism or flaming you want to write? Do it NOW!

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