Baisic Information OOC

The Alliance Ministry is new RP guild focusing on diplomatic affairs and strives to rebuild the bonds that were broken and return the Alliance to its former glory.

The Alliance Ministry

Formed by Count Nathaniel Telrunya Wheeler and Lord Stimli Stoneblade by order of the Alliance leaders, the Allinace Ministry of Diplomatic Relations is a guild of diplomats who's sole purpose is to approach fractioning factions of the Alliance and help unite them once more. Aiming to be the negotiators, the Ministry aims to be neutral on all the affairs of Azeroth. They therefore respect all beliefs and ways of life only opposing those who wish to cause harm to the people and spread the taint of Chaos in the civilised world. However, knowing that not all share their views and may wish to see the Ministry fail in their noble mission, the Ministry consists of hardend warriors who will stand firm and will protect the Ministry, its members and the public without hesitation against the forces of Chaos.

Ranking Structure and Regulations OOC

The current ranking structure is as follows:

                   High Chancellor                             High Commander 
                  Night Elf Serviceman                        Gnome Serviceman      
                   Human Serviceman                           Dwarf Serviceman
                 Ambassador     Ambassador       Ambassador         Ambassador
                 Stormwind       Ironforge       Gnomeregan          Darnassus
                                    Guards and Councilors
                                     Envoys and Enforcers

We allow all races and classes into the guild but may show a distrust for Warlocks because of their Chaotic nature. We prefer members to be level 10 or over but if you show good RP skills then we may consider.

High activity is expected within the guild. If a member has been missing for a large ammount of time without informing a senior member first they will be dismissed without question.

All meetings and events must be attended unless noted beforehand

Uniforms must be worn during diplomatic missions and public appearances in major cities

The High Chancellor High Commander must be addressed as "My Lord" and be given a bow upon meeting and leaving by Ambassadors, Councilors, Envoys and Trainees. A salute should be given by Servicemen, Guards and Enforcers. Ambassadors shall also recieve the same respect from Guards, Councilors, Envoys , Enforcers and Trainees only.


Guild Disbanded due to RL related issues.

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