Hordecrest small The Apothecary Society
Forsaken symbol
Role Heavy-RP Forsaken
Leader Mailann Shadowwalker
Officers None
PvE Yes
PvP No
Requirements Forsaken knowledge.

Lore & InformationEdit

The Royal Apothecary Society is an alchemical society based in the Apothecarium in Undercity. It was created by Lady Sylvanas Windrunner in order to create a new Undead plague to wipe out the scourge and other forms of life. Its members are all Forsaken or other types of Undead beings who joined Sylvanas' cause. They are constantly brewing up new plagues to unleash upon Sylvanas' enemies. The other races of the Horde believe they are working on a remedy to cure their "illness". Members of the Apothecary society are called Apothecaries. Due to repeated failures by the society to make a new plague of undeath, Sylvanas has recruited necromancers to find other means of raising slain enemies to her cause. If the society cannot finish their master plague soon, they may find their society disbanded by Sylvanas.

The GuildEdit

A group of Apothecaries has been assigned to the lands of the Sin'dori to help them heal their devestated landscape from the plague that came along with the Scourge when Arthas invaded their lands. With the Forsaken having a good establishement in Tranquillien in Ghostlands, the Apothecaries has been set to a minimum, espacially after the horrrors of Putress and the like. But with months of politics and discussion, Sylvanas Windrunner was allowed to send help to the Sin'dori in hope to aid them in healing and rebuild the countryside in Ghostland.


Two Apothecaries walk the road from Tranquillen

Master Apothecary Faranell dispatched Mailann Shadowwalker, a Master Apothecary to Silvermoon, to establish their present in elven lands and start investigating the plague that almost made Ghostland to a zone of death. However, not all Apothecaries are welcome to the Ghostlands, orders from Faranell and Sylvanas herself has made it clear that only Apothecaries with good knowledge of the elven land may enter this expedition.

The aid of The ApothecariesEdit


Apothecaries investigating the infected fungi.

The Sin'dorei has welcomed the Banshee Queen's help and have established a office in Silvermoon where all their research goes. But most ot the Apothecaries work in the lands of Ghostland, collecting samples and aiding Tranquillien with various tasks. In time they hope to develop a plague that will reverse the effects of the Scourge plague and make the land heal itself. This task works hand in hand with their longtime goal of finding a cure for their own undeath. A Plague that can reverse the Scourge plague can aswell be modified to cure their own dead flesh. Faranell is watching closely on the progress and wants results without delay.

Even if Lor'themar Theron don't trust the Apothecaries as much as he did before the events of the Wrath gate. His condition to the Forsaken was that aslong as Apothecaries are in Blood elven lands, they will obey and live of Blood elven law. Wich mean in short that the Sin'dorei soldiers and City watchers are making sure that they don't cross the line with their science.

Join the causeEdit

To become a valuable asset to this expedition, every new Apothecary need to have certain knowledge of the Blood elven land and have a good relation with the Tranquillen population. The Apothecaries work under a uniform code, a code that must be earned. The only way to earn the right to wear the uniform is to work for the Tranquillan. When they feel that you have succeeded in that task. The local vendor will fix you a own Robe that represent your occupation.

(OOC: You must gain revered with the Tranquillan to recive the Apothecary robe and Apothecary belt.)

(OOC: Make contact by whisper to Mailenn for a RP interview.)

Ranks of the SocietyEdit


The ranks of the Apothecary

Ordinary Ranks

Junior Apothecary

Doctor Apothecary

Chemist Apothecary

Master Apothecary (GM)

Special Ranks

Dark Apothecary


Shadow Doctor


Mailann ShadowwalkerEdit

Mailann elf

Mailenn Shadowwalker

Coming soon...

Science of healingEdit


A fallen Sin'dorei is getting aid from the Apothecary.

Aswell of their intellect in science, the Apothecaries work aswell as medics in the field. As the Apothecaries are most on the field doing their work, they have seen many times Sin'dorei soldiers in distress after beeing a victim of the Scourge or the wildlife. Mailann Shadowwalker ordered his Apothecaries to study the arts of healing to help the Blood elven when they need it.

Even so, the Sin'dorei think twice before lending their wounded friend to the Apothecaries, a general fear of thinking the Apothecaries will take an advantage of their friends unstable condition and kill him for their own purposes. But when no Priests are around, they have no choice of talking to the Apothecaries and even so, the Apothecaries has done a good job of helping. But the Sin'dorei population still approach the Apothcaries with caution.

"Who wich is already dead has nothing to lose". - Blood elf citizen.

Dark ApothecaryEdit


The ranks of the dark apothecaries includes the greatest amongst the apothecaries. The agents of the Royal Apothecary Society scour the land for the deadliest toxins and most powerful potions, searching for the ultimate weapon in their battle to rid Azeroth of the Scourge. Learning the secrets of the Royal Apothecary Society allows a dark apothecary to brew potions at incredible speeds. Trained in the proper methods of throwing potions, dark apothecaries may select direction or the shape of the released liquids. Potions created by a dark apothecary are either imbibed or used by the dark apothecary as a thrown splash weapon. As a result of their extensive alchemical studies, dark apothecaries can identify unknown potions at will. As the Royal Apothecary Society's classification system uses odor rather than taste (to protect young initiates from mistakenly imbibing poisons), a dark apothecary must be able to smell a potion in order to identify it. Once initiated into the Royal Apothecary Society, a dark apothecary can cause the effects of a previously-brewed potion to last twice as long as normal. The blood of a dark apothecary is tainted with toxins from his experiments. A dark apothecary who bleeds himself, can drip the blood into a vial of water to create one dose of poison. Glass vials of this poison can be thrown at enemies. In time, because dark apothecaries have experimented with so many potions, chemicals and toxins they become immune to the effects of all poisons, as well as gaining the ability to pass poisons via touch

The practiceEdit


Main office of the Apothecaries in Silvermoon.

With Mailann Shadowwalker's relation with Putress and his apotehcaries, Mailann learned in some degree the arts of Dark Apothecary. At nights when the wildlife and the blood elven is asleep, Mailann conduct secret meetings with anyone who is interested in learning this dark magic. Both Forsaken aswell as Sin'dorei.

With Blood elven's thirst for magic is not gone, they strive for the knowledge to perhaps cure their thirst, where the light has failed. But this practice is a myth, even for the Forsaken nation aswell. Its only a rumor and the members of this practice don't speak to loud about it. But its often members who invites other to the meetings and so on. The practice meetings goes around the lines of the underground and not the official channels.

Apothecary MountEdit

Plagued horse

A plagued Mount

No question about it that the Apothecaries gets more toxin on themself then their victims. They are the one carrying it around and does the tests in close-range. Even if this have either killed them or made them stronger and more immune, their mount suffer from time to time the same fate. Most of their mounts has been so badly infected that their appearence is more scared the it was from the beginning.

A New BeginningEdit


Master ApothecaryEdit

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