General Information (OOC)Edit

- The Arcane Order is a strict-ish roleplaying guild dedicated to magical research - often of the explosive variety - and to ensuring as few as possible of our apprentices suffer horrible lab accidents.

- We welcome new roleplayers who are willing to accept a little constructive criticism, should it be necessary, but we don't bite. Much.


Nothing particularly organised at the moment, usually random but regular RP.

Joining usEdit

- The best way to contact us OOC is to whisper Emsie, Neryt or Zeiko in-game. We can then arrange an IC interview. Alternatively, please send IC mail to Emsie.

- We always interview applicants. This is to ensure our new members understand what the guild is about and to help maintain a good standard of RP.

- There are no restrictions on level, class or race for membership of the guild, but bear in mind that some races (night elves in particular) and classes (druids, possibly shamans and paladins) might be unwilling to help arcane magic users.

- Quick note on death knights: Knights of the Ebon Blade are accepted, rather warily, into the research side of the guild. We will keep an eye on you and we won't trust you, so please be prepared for that.

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