I am captain Khazdin Mountainborne of the Argent Dawn Crusaders and we are recruiting new members to join the cause of righteousness and smite the Evil that threatens where-ever it is. We bring the judgement of the Holy Light to evildoers. 

But unlike our Scarlet brothers and sisters, not at any cost. Because evil deeds corrupt, no matter how well-intentioned.

Neither do we limit ourselves to violence; we do research, we protect important shipments, heal the wounded.

"For the Dawn of a new day!"

Captain Khazdin Mountainborne 13:45, 7 March 2009 (UTC)

Becoming a member: Edit

To become a member you must find one of our officers and arrange for an IC interview to test your RP skills. After that you will be a recruit and a testing period starts. RP well and often and you will soon find yourself as a full member.

A few things are important though:

  • Know your Lore. I suggest the article series of "So you want to be a <race/class> "
  • Know your Lore: As an Argent guild, we, as a whole, follow the teachings of The Light. Make sure you know the Three virtues
  • Divergent faiths are allowed as long as they don`t violate the Teachings of The Light.

         (Examples: druidism, shamanism, Elune worship)

  • There is no race, class or level restriction. (though lvl 10+ is advised)
  • We do let in Deathknights, Warlocks and other shady people, but not without a very succesfull story and interview. And only those that are (mostly) morally Good.
  • This is a Good organisation, led by a Paladin. Evil is not allowed. If you are caught as an Evildoer you will be expelled.Or tried.

OOC guild info Edit

- We welcome new roleplayers who are willing to accept a little constructive criticism, should it be necessary.

- We are first and foremost a RP guild

- We currently hold biweekly meetings (Saturday, around 8pm o` clock server time) for the entire guild behind the Cathedral in Stormwind. Prospective new members are welcome.

- The best way to contact us OOC is to whisper Caltra, Dogán, Marlavis, Pollúx, Aralian or Khazdin in-game. We can then arrange an IC interview. Alternatively, please send IC mail to them.

- We always interview applicants. This is to ensure our new members understand what the guild is about and to help maintain a good standard of RP.

- There are no restrictions on level, class or race for membership of the guild in general.

- We have all the basics: Guildbank, tabard, fun members and a website:

[| Argent Dawn Crusader website]

For questions and remarks, go there, that site is actively maintained and questions will be answered quicker then those posted here. Alternatively you can whisper Khazdin for explanations and such

(((More info forthcoming))

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