Basic informationEdit

While our name is "The Argus Hand", we are a branch of the actual "Hand of Argus", who are an organisation of Draenei who have sworn to protect their people, be it on Azeroth or on the remains of Draenor. Logically, we are a Draenei-only RP guild. Although one would assume we are somewhat "military", we are rather casual at the time.

Currently, we have made the Abandoned Armory in Nagrand near Telaar our 'headquarters'. The Azuremyst and Bloodmyst Isles are to get frequent visits from us as well, naturally, (something with having different functions)


In order to join the Argus Hand, you must contact Hamonir or Nedyn by means of an OOC whisper. We will most likely ask you a couple of questions and then request you to write an In Character letter describing why you wish to join. We are not too strict on who we allow to join, as long as we are sure that you are dedicated to Roleplaying and of a decent level. We do not have a direct level requirement, but you will not leave the starter rank unless you have obtained the Tabard of the Hand from a quest on Bloodmyst Isle. (which is basically as far as our uniform goes.) Without any special testing, you will be considered more than a 'Novice'.

Keep in mind that we do, of course, expect a good knowledge of Draenei lore and behaviour. We are a purely good guild, so any shadowy-ness shall not be tolerated when discovered (unless OOC, of course)!

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