Guild Name Edit

The Baelmoore Crew

Theme Edit

The guild is a Heavy-RP guild and its theme shall be focused upon a criminal gang situated within the walls of the City of Stormwind. For now, untill i decide otherwise, the existence of the gang will be a very well kept secret. In the early days of the gang, or rather crew, we shall be very secretive subtle and hush hush. Mention of us by members to others outside of the crew will be strictly prohibited both IC and OOCly, i will not accept it unless you ask for my express permission first. If i agree to allow you to speak of it outside the Crew you must be prepared for the consequences of which will most likely involve your character being killed or hunted every waking day by the crew's mysterious Silencers. The guild will also use somthing that i borrowed from the well known RPG game Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. I intend to borrow from the game's Thieves Guild the use of beggars as the eyes and ears of the crew. These folk however will know very little of the crew, yet they will be giving food drink and coin for their services of being both eyes and ears of the crew.

Class Restrictions Edit

There are class restrictions, classes i will not accept. One of these being Death Knight. I don't feel this is a place for Death Knights, nor do i wish to have users of Necromancy and the Unholy arts within my gang or for the majority of members to end up as level 58 Death Knight alts that are never played.

Another class i wont accept is Paladins, i feel a gang is no place for a devoted warrior of the Light. Offcourse, if you have a very solid reason why your Paladin would find himself in criminal underground then feel free to explain and i may make an exception.

The last class is Priest, just like Paladin i feel someone devoted to the Light will be out of place in a gang. But just like Paladin if you have a very solid reason why your Priest would find himself or herself in the criminal underground then feel free to present the reason.

Race Restrictions Edit

The crew will be a home for only three races of the Alliance. Humans, Dwarves and Gnomes. My character IC has no trust for Elfkin, Night High or Blood it does not matter, he is even cautious with Half-Breeds. He also has no trust for the Draenei, a very clear xenophobe as well as viewing all the Draenei the same way he views the Man'ari Eredar. As Demons, nothing more.

With this, Night Elves and Draenei are not welcome under any circumstances.

Level Restrictions Edit

There level restriction of the guild is Level 10 minimum with the exception of alt characters of people who allready have mains within the guild and any red-shirt characters and slaves. I dont want the Crew to end up with a sea of level 1 alts which are never played and only end up making the roster look untidy.

Events Edit

There is a wide array of events the Crew may be involved in ranging from mugging groups and slaver groups, smuggling runs and illegal gambling nights as well as dealing with nusiances and threats to the secrecy of the Crew's existence.

Ranking System Edit

Boss - The boss is the head of the gang, the man who has the final say, and obviously my character. What he says goes, without question, those who do question tend to find themselves in a watery grave at the harbor or left in the gutter to bleed dry.

Thug - Thugs, the muscle of the guild. These men and women of the gang are called in when a much more 'practical' and 'hands on' approach is required to the situation. They will be mostly involved in dealing with threats to the gang, outside or inside. They will also be incharge of the parties sent out on evening muggings aswell as the slaver bands. They are similiar to the Ruffians but unlike them they have some power within the gang, if limited in comparison to the Boss offcourse.

Ruffian - The role of a Ruffian is similiar to that of a Thug, they are involved in dealing with situations that require a little rough handling inside or outside the guild, taking care of nusiances and such. They are also the main bulk of evening mugging groups lead by Thugs aswell as the slaver bands. They have no power in the gang unlike thugs however, they do as their told, if they know whats best for them.

Cutpurse - A cutpurse's role in the gang is very simple. You find a target, you observe to see if there is anything of value, and should they happen to have anything that could fetch a pretty penny you subtely releive them of it without their notice and quikly scarper before they do. Cutpurses are pick pockets, nothing more, nothing less.

Smuggler - Smuggler is what it says on the tin, they smuggle. They operate mainly within the harbor of Stormwind and have a hand in smuggling illegal goods, stolen goods, weapons and armour. They also have a hand in the gangs slave trade, moving the unlucky sods the gang's slaver bands happen to pick up.

Footpad - Footpad is the lowest rank in the gang, the proving rank. Whilst you are a footpad you have no say at all and no power and the best thing to do is to keep your mouth shut unless spoken to. From time to time a Smuggler, Cutpurse, Ruffian or Thug may decide to take a Footpad of their choosing away with them to help during which they will prove their worth to the gang.

Slave - Slaves are the unlucky swines who fall prey to the gang's slaver bands. You have no rights in the gang as a slave and live only to serve untill the gang finds a buyer. You exsist to entertain and ammuse, failure to do so will most likely cut your life short.

Silencer - The most secretive rank within the guild, their names and identities are known only by the boss. They are his blades, his most elite, his assassins. There are times when a certain finesse is required regarding nusiances, these are the times when a Silencer is remployed. The purpose of a Silencer is to very clearly 'Silence' the problem. Failure for these elite is not an option and rarely occurs, as failure means death.

Uniform Edit

There is no uniform, being a gang guild it would seem foolish for everyone to be dressed in a recognisable uniform, it would make it easy for us to be spotted when the time comes that i decide to make the existence of the Crew known.

Offcourse, if you dress like a plonker in pretty colours and frilly sissyness you'll know about it.

Tabard Edit

Like uniform there isnt one and for the same reasons. The only way a crew member can identify another crew member is by the signet ring all members will carry. Except Footpads. The signet ring holds upon it the symbol of a gagged man, it is made of Silver and each one holds an enchantment where if a specific password (Which will change weekly) is spoken the eyes of the gagged man glow red.

Want to join? Edit

Okay so, you've got this far. You feel this will be a good place for your shady character? Well, first things first i'll run you through a few rules and regulations i wish for all members to follow, if you cant, then you cannot join:

1 - You can not ICly speak of the Crew to anyone outside of the guild without asking for my permission OOCly first. I intend to decide when and how the Crew becomes knowledge of the people of Stormwind. If i agree to your request of becoming a snitch you must be prepared to face the consequences of either A - Being killed by a Silencer or B - Being hunting down for every waking hour of your life by the Crew's Silencers.

2 - You can not tip off the authorities, that being whatever law enforcement there is in Stormwind City at the time, of our exsistence without asking for my permission OOCly first. For the same reasons as rule 1. If i let you, you will suffer the same consequences of either A - Being killed by a Silencer or B - Being hunting down for every waking hour of your life by the Crew's Silencers.

3 - Be aware of one thing, the Crew is built of paranioa, Loghain takes no chances. If you are suspected of being a threat in any shape or form to the crew as a whole or any members you will suffer the same consequences as the above two, either A - Being killed by a Silencer or B - Being hunting down for every waking hour of your life by the Crew's Silencers. This offcourse will only take effect if the player of the character asks for it to occur, so it will be very rare that this happens as i dought many people will want their character dead due to simply paranioa.

If you can agree to follow these three rules then you might just find a home in this crew. If so, then your character must wait in the Cut Throat Alley at 21:00pm (Server Time) on a Monday Evening at which point a member of the Crew will approach you. You willingness to join will be tested, if you pass, an interview will follow during which i or a fellow officer (Thug) will decide if your Crew material.

If this time and date, or location, is not convenient to you then we can allways work around to arrange somthing else more fitting to your timetable.

The easiest IC reason for being in Cut Throat Alley at that time seeking to join a gang is due to the beggars. They shall speak often of a 'new gang in the city' whom 'recruits new members' at this specific time and date at the Alleyway. If you can think of somthing better, please do contact me in-game and we can arrange a meeting.

Rules, Regulations and Disciplinery Action Edit

Yes, there are rules, there are regulations and action will be taken should you go against these. I intend to strict, quite so, but not so much that the fun of being in the Crew and RP with the Crew is not stolen. The rules i ask you to follow are the following as well as action taken should you break one or some. Please be sure to read these and understand them before attempting to join the Crew:

1 - No Power-emoting of any shape or form. This will not be accepted, not in any form, i will not stand for any member of the Crew performing any power-emotes to anyone inside or outside the Crew. If you are found power-emoting or proven to be doing it you will receive a warning at which point you will be expected to apologise and not do so again, should you do so again you will be removed from the guild and black-listed as a player the Baelmoore Crew for future reference will not involve in any events made by us.

2 - No Meta-gaming, as you can tell allready i directly oppose meta-gaming in any form, i will not stand for it as much as i will not stand for Power-emoting. Like power-emoting if you are caught or proven to be or have meta-gamed you will be warned and expected to not do so again, should you do so again you will be removed from the Crew and like power-emoting you will be black-listed as a player the Baelmoore Crew for future reference will not involve in any events made by us.

3 - No Erotic Roleplaying or Cyber-sex. We wont accept it at all, there will be no warning. If your character is caught and proven to be involved in Erotic Roleplaying or Cyber-sex you will be removed from the guild and instantly black-listed as a player the Baelmoore Crew will avoid and not involve in any future events.

4 - No form of Racism, Sexism or any form of OOC Discrimination. If you intend to discriminate against a people or a gender or anything be warned, we wont condone such action. Not only will you be removed from the guild and black-listed a ticket will also be opened contacting a Game Master to report your actions of discrimination. Offcourse this does not include IC discrimination, your Human character can be a racist to Night Elves if he wishes or be sexist to women. But any discrimination OOC will NOT be tolerated.

5 - No talk of religion in /g or /o, thats IRL religions. Christianity, Islam and such. I dont directly oppose religion, dont get me wrong i have nothing against faiths and deities people wish to follow but i dont want it spoken of as a topic of discussion in my guilds Guild or Officer chat. From past experience it only ends up in heated debate or arguement. If anyone raises the topic you will receive a warning, should you do it again you receive a second warning. Should you do it a third time you will be removed from the Crew, but will not be black listed.

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