The Stagant Oasis in the Barrens.

The "jewel" of the Horde in some ways. The land where it may seem nothing live, but all depends on where you look. It connect the Tauren plains of Mulgore to the new Orcish homeland of Durotar.


To the north is the war zone of Warsong Gultch. To the far south is the Great lift. To the west is Stonetalon and Mulgore. And finally to the east is Durotar and Dustwallow, between them is a small opening for the Great Sea.


  • The Crossroads being the centre of the Barrens.
  • Camp Taurajo being a base of the southern part of the region, also protecting the entrance into Mulgore.
  • Ratchet being a neutral town of the Goblins assists trade and finance, this port is to the east of the Crossroads.
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