Hordecrest small The Beastmaw Warband
Beastmaw Guild Screenshot
Role Heavy-RP; Band of hunters under the command of the Horde
Leader General Torakk Bloodrain
Officers Tannaka Bloodrain
Vrakk Icehowl
PvE Casually
PvP Casually
Requirements Level 20
Fairly good grasp on the Warcraft lore

The Beastmaw Warband is a Horde roleplaying guild on Steamwheedle Cartel EU, focusing on military roleplay in the form of campaigns and small missions. Being a Horde guild, it is well-embedded within the warrior culture and is not devoid of tribal elements, such as shamanistic rituals and various rites of passage. Officially, the Beastmaw is a small division of a Horde army, dealing with scouting and beast training.

The Beastmaw Warband (WoW Machinima)

The Beastmaw Warband (WoW Machinima)

Overview: Edit

Name: The Beastmaw Warband

Theme: Military, Tribal

Requirements: Level 20; Good grasp on the Warcraft lore;

Current Recruitment Status: OPEN

Server Background Edit

With the crumble of The Earthfury Clan, many of its surviving members scattered following the attack on their village in Stonetalon. A part of the clan followed its former chieftain, Torakk Bloodrain, to Orgrimmar where they formed a new organisation. Loyal to Warchief Thrall, and after time Garrosh Hellscream, these few hunters named their new pack the Beastmaw, a band open to all who would follow and respect their ways. The Stronghoof Tribe, a group of honourable tauren led by Kogar and old allies to the Earthfury, were among the first to sign under the newly-raised banner and contribute to its prosperity with their tauren might and wisdom.

Major Historical Events Edit

The Northrend War Effort – spearheaded by the Beastmaw and backed up by the Horde War Council, the Beastmaw Warband paved its own path of glory across the cruel wastelands of Northrend, reaching as far as Scourgeholme, at the very entrance of Icecrown itself. Having failed to breach the Scourge defenses any further, the warband returned to Warsong Hold to recover and regroup. After weeks of political negotations and set backs, General Bloodrain finally succeeded in summoning old and new allies to restore the Horde War Council. With the Beastmaw using Warsong Hold as base of operations, the Forsaken of the Fist of Vengeance and the Shadows of Lordaeron landing far in the east, in Venomspite and Vengeance Landing respectively, and soon after the blood elves of the Suncrown Order fortifying Sunreaver's Command, the Council managed to land devastating blows to the Scourge forces, mainly those located in the snowy desert of Dragonblight and the fallen troll land of Zul'Drak. Skirmishes with the Alliance were also had during the warband's stay in Grizzly Hills.

Notable battles:

  • The Siege of Warsong Hold
  • Reinforcing Bor'Gorok's Outpost and the raid on Magmoth
  • Aiding the Taunka and the raid on En'kilah
  • The exploration of Sholazar Basin
  • The march from Agmar's Hammer
  • The push into Zul'drak
  • Grizzly Hills Alliance hunts

The Ashenvale Campaign – occurred in the months following the fall of the Lich King and the Beastmaw's return to Kalimdor. With the Warsong Clan's major forces still in Northrend, the lumber operations in Ashenvale Forest were left unwatched; easy to compromise. After several small-sized raids from the Alliance, the Beastmaw fortified Kargathia Keep and bolstered the defenses of the lumber camp so that harvesting operations may continue. The campaign went on for weeks, with skirmishes against mainly local night elven strike teams who still managed to outmanouver the Horde forces. Mercenaries of the Northwind Free Company were also seen backing up the Sentinels. The Beastmaw's allies from Northrend again joined their comrades in arms in this struggle, until victory was had. The Alliance was weakened and three major Sentinel outposts were taken out, to ensure the safety of the Lumber Mill until the Warsong warriors returned from Northrend.

Notable battles:

  • The assault on Raynewood
  • Fending off the elven attack on the Lumber Mill
  • The hit-and-run at Silverwind Grove and Maestra's Post
  • Confronting the human mercenaries
  • The raids on Silverwing Outpost and Silverwing Refuge

The Discovery of Pandaria

The Beastmaw Warband was among those that first set foot in Pandaria after the ancient land revealed itself to the world. Although only a handful of members had set sail, they managed to explore the shores of the Jade Forest alongside the rest of the Horde, albeit after a less-than-acceptable landing on a shark-infested shore. While the rest of the Warband, mostly new recruits, stayed back in Razor Hill, those in Pandaria managed to make their way to a Pandaren settlement which appeared friendly to the new arrivals. Soon enough they came across one of the Horde frigates that had also sailed with the first wave of explorers - Gorath's Tide. The ship had been badly damaged and much of its crew had lost their lives in a battle against the Alliance, including their heroic captain. The Beastmaw helped repair it, and in exchange the crew offered their services, thus providing the Warband with a transport, and a temporary base of operations.

With the arrival of the Dominance Offensive in the Krasarang Wilds, Gorath's Tide docked at Domination Point for a proper repair, after which it proceeded to serve in the blockade of Lion's Landing. The stream of Horde reinforcements allowed the Beastmaw to explore deeper into this alien land, and soon established a camp in Kun-Lai. From there, the Warband managed to reach various points of the continent, wherever its members deemed their skills most needed: they helped fight off the Zandalari incursion on the northern shores, assisted the Shado-pan manning the wall against Mantid to the west, and raided the invading Yaungol to the south. The Warband served the Horde from that point until it received orders that led them to leaving the continent - at a time of conspiracy and growing mistrust for Warchief Garrosh Hellscream.

Vol'jins Rebellion and the Siege of Orgrimmar

Following the short mission in the Arathi Highlands that the Warband was sent to, it was recalled to Orgrimmar. As the Beastmaw made their way back to their transport, their leader was pulled away by a delegation of Kor'kron for an interrogation. Doubting his loyalty, likely having caught word of the General's conspiring whispers since the battle of Theramore, the Kor'kron decided it would be best to put his loyalty to the test. The Beastmaw sailed back to Durotar on their own, while Torakk was shipped south, to Westfall. Beaten, stripped of armour, and armed only with his hunting knife, he was tasked to prove his loyalty in what would be a suicide mission - the assassination of King Varian Wrynn. In his absence, the Kor'kron had hoped that the Beastmaw would disband, rather than join the growing ranks of Vol'jin's rebellion.

What the Kor'kron had failed to predict was the Alliance's sense of honour. Torakk was fortunate enough to run into one of Stormwind's healer guilds, and their honourable leader understood his position, as well as the fact that they had a common foe. Nouala helped heal his wounds and assisted in finding a way for him to return to Kalimdor. Once there, Torakk was pleased to find that the Warband had not disbanded, but in fact had had their bond endure, and had rallied under Vol'jin's banner. For what came next, the Beastmaw Warband joined the Siege of Orgrimmar, and not on the side of the wall they had always expected to see themselves fight...

Affiliations Edit


The Horde – Part of an army led by Overlord Clawhand, serving as a forward scouting division under the direct command of Warlord Spineshatter. The warband as a whole is loyal to the Horde and what it stands for, and would do anything to strengthen it, regardless of who the leader is. Loyalty to the Warchief is mandatory.

The Horde War Council – one of the bigger Council members; took part in renovating it for the purpose of the Northrend War Effort.

Notable Allies:

Shadows of Lordaeron

The Suncrown Order

Crimson Sun Brigade

Rex Tech and Tinkering

The Hand of the Titans

Notable Enemies:

The Way of Malorne

Northwind Free Company

Theramore Task Force

Hierarchy within the warband Edit


New Blood – Recruits. During their period as New Bloods, they are to show eagerness and activity to impress their officers and cement their position in the warband. In order to get elevated to a rank, the New Blood must take the Trial of the Hunt, after which they will be promoted depending on their skills. During their trial period, the words of New Blood members carry no weight and they have no rights to get involved in major matters regarding the ways of the clan.

Core ranks:

The Reavers are the muscle of the warband. Their role is to act as front-line soldiers as well as raiders and cavalry.

The Mystics are either wise shaman sought for their wisdom, or hated sorcerers wielding dark shadows as their weapon.

Trackers are the scouts and, sometimes, spies and assassins.

Non-combat ranks:

Peons - Those who are not fit for any of other duty - useless lowlifes are workers, they construct camps and carry supplies.


Sergeant – Entitled to maintain the discipline and to instruct lower ranks. Sergeants are given the command of small squads during missions.

Stone Guard – Honour Guard and coordinators on the field of battle, sometimes given the command of an entire sub-division.

Champion – Few, but strong in command. They are the elite, tasked with the command of specific subgroups within the Warband or special one-of-a-kind duties. By tradition, each Champion is given an animal totem as a symbol of their strength.

Current Champions:

Vaska Stillwater, Champion of the Sturdy Terrapin.

Maenna Shadowgrin, Champion of the Snake.

Krizbolt Copperhammer, trial Champion.

Officer ranks:

Council of Overseers – Overseers watch over the entire warband and deal with the more important tasks: recruiting, trials, discipline, operations. They serve as direct advisors to the General.

The current council involves:

Farseer Tannaka Bloodrain.

Firecaller Vrakk Icehowl.

Centurion Ronto Shadowspine.


Currently: General Torakk Bloodrain

Horn of Howling

The Beastmaw's Hunting Horn carried by its Chieftain. Picture by Vrakk

Joining: Edit

To join us one must simply contact an officer of the warband, it doesn't matter whether it's done IC or OOC (if you don't know names, ask around, the other members will point you to the right person). An in-character meeting would then be arranged and the recruit will undergo a brief interview in which their roleplaying skills will be tested. The recruit would most likely be asked to introdice him/herself and share his or her background as well as the reason for joining the clan.

Requirements: Edit

The entry level is 20. We are always open for new recruits and all that we request from them is a good grasp on the Warcraft Lore, attendance to our events and storylines, and non-hostile attitude towards the other members of the guild and the server's Roleplaying community.

Orcs, Tauren and Trolls are the core of the Beastmaw Warband as they share our tribal nature and fit well in a hunter's organisation such as ours. We are also prone to accept Blood Elves and Forsaken if we find them suitable and they provide an acceptable reason for joining us. It has to be noted that while trolls are well-accepted, that is valid only so long as they are members of the Horde - meaning Darkspear and Raventusk only.

All classes are equally accepted.

Activity: Edit

Once a recruit joins, they are instantly promoted to New Blood. The New Blood rank suggests a trial period in which the new recruit proves their worth. We do not ask of everyone to be online 24/7, but we expect at least minimal show of activity and interest in what we do. New Blood members are given a rank after participating in at least two organised Guild RP events, or participating actively in any kind of guild RP session if there are no events posted. New Blood members offline for over two months with no excuse given in advance will be kicked.

Traditions of the Beastmaw Edit

The Beastmaw respects and upholds various traditions, most of which are orcish and tauren due to the origins of the Warband. Even then, various culturally diverse traditions may be respected should it be requested by the warband's members. The traditions that are currently followed include:

Nak'gorok and Wol'magosh

Each new blood that joins the Beastmaw that wishes to advance beyond this rank must pass the Nak’gorok, known also within the Warband as the trial of the hunt.

This is a test of the new blood’s commitment to the Beastmaw, their respect for the principles on which the warband was founded and of course, their ability to stalk and kill their prey. Each new blood will be given their charge when the senior officers of the Warband deem them ready. The task is simple in design. Find a beast, slay it honourably and present the kill to the Warband’s shaman. The type of creature is not chosen for the new blood, he or she must choose their prey themselves. However, for those who wish to prove themselves worthy enough for a permanent place within the Beastmaw, only the fiercest beasts are sought after.

When the prey has been chosen, the new blood will depart; there is no set time limit on when the trial is to be completed. One of the conditions of the trial is for the new blood to fashion a beast mask from his or her kill. This is to show that the hunter is capable of honouring the slain in the reverant manner befitting tradition. Once crafted, the mask is presented before the shaman of the Warband, who beseeches the spirit of the slain creature. This is to discern if the kill was honourable or dishonourable. If the kill was dishonourable, the new blood does not advance and will not be given a place within the Warband – they are told to leave. If the kill is found to be honourable, the new blood will been granted the Wol’magosh or pack’s blessing. This means that the shaman will beseech the spirit of the fallen creature to bestow a boon upon the hunter’s beast mask.

Once the blessing has been granted, the mask will be given to the former new blood as a badge of honour by the General, who will proclaim them as Beastmaw at the Wol’magosh ceremony. The Warband are known for these trophies of the hunt, which has come to be known as their signature piece of attire. If you see a member of the Warband wearing one of these masks, you will know they carry the blessing of the hunt. After the ritual is completed, the new blood will then advance to a permanent place within the Beastmaw. This will see them promoted to one of three ranks – a tracker, a reaver or mystic.

The Om'riggor

The Orcish Rite of Adulthood, practiced by the clans ever since the time before the first Horde. The Horde continues to practice this tradition and the Beastmaw is no different - should there be a youngling who wishes to pass the Rite and be deemed a member of the Beastmaw, they would be given this opportunity as the old ways dictate.

Trial of Combat

Standard orcish trial for defending one's honour, sometimes known as mak'rogahn. Unwittingly, the Warband has been practicing it ever since its creation, and duels between members are not an uncommon sight. Requires a permission from a higher rank in order to make it official, rather than be confused for a brawl. The rules are usually agreed on by both combatants, and the settlement of disputes is final. No further malice is allowed to follow once a victor is declared.

The Harvest Festival

A celebration among all of the Horde and the Alliance. The Beastmaw care particularly for this one, as it is the time to honour fallen heroes. Each year the Warband marches to Demon Fall Canyon to honour Grom Hellscream's sacrifice. Other heroes are honoured as well, based on each member's particular respect for them -  Sen'jin, Saurfang the Younger, and Cairne Bloodhoof are only a few of the examples.

Other points of interestEdit

Gorath's Tide - Horde Warship Edit

Code of the Beastmaw: Edit

"Duality is futile. There is no right and wrong, good and evil. There is only instinct.

Discipline and obedience bring honour, dishonour means disgrace.

Cowardice is a sign of weakness. We only know strength.

We know no mistrust, for we follow one cause.

We know no pain, for it too can be tamed.

We know no fear, for we are predators.

We do not enslave - we tame.

We do not kill - we hunt.

Might. Courage. Discipline."

Beastmaw Feast Songs: Edit

Rough translation of a Beastmaw song sung during clan feasts.


Strong as a rock, the kodo wanders the land

Unrelenting beast that's never afraid

None able to stop it, not even the elements' hand

It is a fortress, with a humble heart.


Pinned is the scorpid, in defense of its lair

Wicked and cruel, yet in need of aid

Outnumbered it strikes, feels no dispair

Drives out the hunters, to return they shan't dare


The wolf is a creature that hunts in a pack

With comrades would stalk, kill, raid

Predators feared, together they track

When their own is in danger, they are sure to bite back.

Wikified Members: Edit

Orc male General Torakk Bloodrain

Orc female Farseer Tannaka Bloodrain

Tauren male Stronghoof Chieftain Kogar Dreadmane

Tauren female Kichalo Ihynlia

Orc male Firecaller Vrakk Icehowl

Orc female Hirgma

Orc male Rocmar Swiftwolf

Orc female Sramara Tharmar

Orc male Bharog Ironfist

Troll female Linji

Troll male Gothos

Tauren male Krasanos Spirithorn

Orc male Grotho "Cleave" Skullcrusher

Orc male Gorvar The Beast-master

Tauren male Drackie Shadowhorn

Orc female Akandra Bladeshorn

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