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((This is an introduction and the first part of an IC non-fiction book my character has been writing about Stormwind and such. I know there'll be statements people will disagree with, but remember, a Scarlet is writing it!))

Donyald Tovald stepped through the Royal Library, perusing the shelves. Every book he had read, and there were many more he could quote word perfect. Letting out a small discontented sigh, he began to select a book, one had read many times before, when he was disturbed a rapping at the library door.

"Hello?" asked a young human male, pushing the ajar door open.

"Yes, come in!" replied Donyald, replacing the book in his hands, and stepping towards the young man. "How can I help you, sir?"

"I have a package for the Royal Library..." hesitated the man, holding aloft a small parcel.

"A package? That'll be for me then, thank you," Donyald stated, shooing the young courier away. Pacing over to his desk, he sat himself down, and began to open the package. His eyes widened at what a saw. A book! A book bound in beautiful scarlet red linen. Eagerly, he flipped it open, and was welcomed by a hand written message on the first page.

I hope this will be as fun for you to read as it was for me to write.

Intrigued, Donyald turned back the book cover, and read the title.

The Bellmarsh Dossier: Stormwind From Another Angle by S. W. Bellmarsh

"At last! A new book for me to enjoy!" rejoyced Donyald, as he began to turn the pages...



1.1 – Welcome to Stormwind!

The infamous Azeroth Travel Journal refers to Stormwind as “The city of Stormwind stands as the last bastion of human power in Azeroth. Rebuilt after the Second War, Stormwind is a marvel of human design and engineering. Stormwind's guards keep the peace within the city's walls, and its young king, Anduin Wrynn, rules from his mighty keep. The Trade District bustles with trade from across the continent and beyond, while adventurers of every sort can be found wandering the streets of old Town. Unaffected by the ravages of the Scourge in the north, Stormwind still faces its own threats, both from without and within.”

Without going into the history of Stormwind, a subject well known to anyone who can easily reach a library or an elder, Stormwind is a varied and interesting place for all who reside and visit.

Split into six districts, shown on any great map, these districts being:

  • Trade District
  • Mage Quarter
  • The Park
  • Cathedral Square
  • Dwarven District
  • Old Town

Each district is separated by a flowing canal, popular with the children for fishing and swimming. Rumours of wild Crocolisk creatures swimming freely are unfounded, and generally regarded as horror stories to scare the children of Stormwind.

The last Royal Census placed the population of Stormwind to be in the region of several million citizens, however, many feel that this figure is inaccurate due to the number of mercenaries who lease property for a short term, usually when in preparation for a great journey. When queried, city architect Baros Alexston stated that he estimates the permanent population of Stormwind to be barely one million citizens.

1.2 – A tour of Stormwind

When one enters Stormwind through the famous Valley of Heroes, where statues to famous heroes from the preceding wars dominate the area, one is welcomed by General Marcus Jonathan standing proud on duty. It is estimated that he greets several thousand travellers and mercenaries as they enter the city.

Once passing through the entrance, one is welcomed by the hustle and bustle of the Trade District, where a major proportion of the city’s populous frequent, with citizens selling a varied range of wares, from the wide range of cheeses from Trias’ Cheese to a large range of weaponry at Weller’s Arsenal. Also in this district is the ever popular Bank of Stormwind, where a citizen is given a free safe storage area, with option to purchase further space, as well as the hectic auction house, where exotic goods from around the world are sold to the highest bidder.

Going left from the Trade District, one reaches the Mage Quarter. Here, many of the magic practitioners come together to perfect their art, be they one of the many juniors from the Academy or an experienced caster, with skills to rival Maginor Dumas. Outside of their busy study, many students are often seen in the Blue Recluse, enjoying a refreshing drink and talking about their study. Across the district is the famous Slaughtered Lamb tavern, which, while not as popular as the Blue Recluse for alcoholic refreshment, is never without citizens coming and going at all hours. On the edge of the district is the Stormwind Stockade, home to some of the many who have dared to commit crimes against Stormwind.

Travelling north, citizens will reach the lush and pleasant Park district, lined with grass and trees, home to the ever increasing Night Elf population of Stormwind, an area barely touched by the trade boom, with stores often rarely being rented, except during holiday periods, when demand for luxury goods from Darnassus increases. The Park Inn proves to be a popular location for a celebration for any occasion, be it a birthday, wedding or because a happy-go-lucky Dwarf feels like celebrating. But no visit to the park is complete without observing the large moonwell that dominates the central park.

To the right of the park is the famous Cathedral Square, spiritual home to the many followers of the Light. Without looking twice, you can see the world famous Cathedral of Light, where Archbishop Benedictus holds daily mass for the many citizens of Stormwind. Underneath the cathedral is the crypts, and is also the location for the Scarlet Refectory, where the brethren of the Scarlet Mission based in Stormwind reside, led by Abbot Habeus Demontfort, who holds evening sermons every Sunday, welcome to all members of the public.

Outside the cathedral is the Stormwind orphanage, where children of the victims of the Third War grow up, under the watchful vigil of the matrons. Behind the orphanage is the City Hall, where many of the city ordinances are enforced and tax records are kept. The hall is flanked by the Stormwind branch of The Argent Dawn, currently on loan to The Wolfmorth Regiment, who use the building as a centre of operations.

Following the tunnel besides the Argent Dawn building, one crosses the canals to the smoky environment of the Dwarven District, where the smaller heroes of the City reside, but is also popular with Night Elves who make a living by hunting. Many first time visitors are overwhelmed by the scent and sounds of busy blacksmiths and engineers who work hard, and play even harder, often with dances and parties held in the Dwarven Hall, which is known to double up as a courthouse in an hour of need.

Connected to the Dwarven District is the famous Deeprun Tram which allows a citizen to travel from Stormwind to Ironforge without cost, or danger that a trek across the ground would provide. There is little more to comment on about the tram, apart from many travellers speak highly of Nipsy’s, home to the Deeprun Kabob.

But travelling south, you enter the rustic Old Town district, which sees many traders selling classic Stormwind merchandise, and is home also to the Pig & Whistle Inn, where many a young chef trains under the watchful eyes of Stephen Ryback, and patrons are entertained nightly by the dances of Elly Langston. Southern Old Town houses the Stormwind Command Centre, where soldiers in the Stormwind Guard reside in the barracks, and the heroes of Stormwind gather in the Champion’s Hall, but all near the outpost of the mysterious SI:7, an organization that is home to much speculation.

Of course, no true tour of Stormwind is without walking the grand hallway of Stormwind Keep to the hall where King Wrynn stands, freely interacting with citizens, while under the constant guard of Highlord Fordragon and the icy glare of Lady Prestor. Stormwind Keep is also home to the Imperial Library, whose shelves cover a great deal of subjects.

Also, on many Sundays, the halls of the Keep will welcome the Stormwind Assembly, where Noble and Commoner come together to discuss the affairs of the day, be it the annual celebrations, to the laws of the city and how to enforce them, but more detailed information about the Assembly will be covered in a later chapter.

But this brings you to the end of the walking tour of Stormwind, its rich culture, bustling trade and varied environment, and looking at the city, it is no wonder why so many people visit Stormwind each day.

1.3 The Population of Stormwind

Stormwind, being one of the three cornerstone cities of the Alliance, alongside Ironforge and Darnassus, sees people of all races come and go, building their homes, having families and even growing old here.

Humans Consisting of over sixty percent of the population in Stormwind, Humans of all walks of life live between the walls, from mere miners and merchants to the wealthy Nobles from such houses as the Severket house. As such, the oft spoken tongue of Stormwind is Common, but with citizens whose origins may be from Stormwind itself or being a refugee/visitor from the outer territories, there are so many dialects, like the soft spoken style of Dalaran to the rough nautical inspired speakers from the Wetlands.

Night Elves The second most common race found in the streets of Stormwind, taking up nearly twenty five percent of the population., Elves from Darnassus have come far from their native lands on Kalimdor to help with the rising Horde threat on the Eastern Kingdoms. Their inspired tounge is oft heard in the Park district, where members of The Cenarion Circle gather and pray.

Gnomes Exiled from their native lands of Gnomeregan, the tiny tinkerers take up around ten percent of the population, having brought their wisdom to Stormwind, with improvements such as the Deeprun Tram. Their happy tongue is always heard around the city, but a concentration of their kind is found in the Dwarven district, commonly proclaiming the wonder of their new technological advancement.

Dwarves The stout and hardy Dwarves number few, barely taking five percent of the Population, but their loud and hardy tongue can be heard in any tavern, or in the Dwarven district, where they sing songs while forging and smelting, often about forging and smelting!

Other Races Surprisingly, there are very few non-Alliance races residing in Stormwind, apart from a few Goblins who are seen entering the buildings of SI:7 all hours. Many put this distinct lack of non alliance races to the strong immigration policy that the Alliance has for non-Alliance races, a policy rigorously enforced by the Stormwind Guard.

So while there is a proverbial melting pot of races living inside Stormwind, most of the population is taken up by the Humans and Night Elves, a curious factor is why so many Elves choose to migrate from Darnassus to Stormwind when their native lands are under threat from the Horde on Kalimdor. Street interviews give varied opinions from the public on why, from a strong belief that Stormwind is a superior place to live, to that they choose to assist the nation in honoured repayment for the assistance the Humans gave to the Elven races during the Great Wars.


Donyald put the book bown, most intrigued. Something told him that was going to be quite the book to read...

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