The Blighted Sunhawks Edit

Overview Edit

Name: The Blighted Sunhawks

Recruitment Status: Open.

Allegiance: Sworn allegiance to the Regent Lord of Quel’Thalas and the Dark Lady of Lordearon.

Role-play beginner friendly? : Yes, however basic needs must be met.

Guild type: Military.

Guild size: Small.

Blighted Sunhawk internal structure. Edit

The Blighted Sunhawk go under a strict regime, where to commander tolerates little insubordination. Her officer are urged to use whatever methods they see required to keep the Blighted Sunhawk loyal and tight regiment. Due to this the regiment is divided into three main groups all having their purpose and led by their own officers.

The armed forces of the Blighted Sunhawks.

The armed forces of the Blighted Sunhawks is in contrast to most military regiments the smallest part of the regiment. They are tasked with the protection of the field operations of the other divisions. However, the Blighted Sunhawk armed forces are known for their cunning and stealth. They excel in espionage and sabotage missions, rarely a target of the armed forces lives to tell the tale. A Blighted Sunhawk armed forces member will be put through a harsh training regime in the foul lands of Tirisfal Glades training in the arts of deception, stealth, poison, assassination, sabotage and stalking. The armed forces know their orders and their primary order is always: Succeed or die. If an agent of the armed forces fails to complete his mission he either brings some sort of success home or will be killed by his former comrades.

The regiment consist out two types: Death Vigilantes and Sunhawks, the latter being Sin’dorei soldiers and the first being Forsaken.

The Blighted Apothecarium of the Blighted Sunhawks.

The Blighted Apothecarium now led by Chief Blight Engineer Frigosa Blightcaller is one of the most feared programs of the Blighted Sunhawks. 55% of all resources the regiment can call upon are put in this program. The program is known to have little regard for life and the environment and has made several enemies since its conception. The Apothecaries of the Blighted Apothecarium are handpicked recruits by the Chief Blight Engineer after being exposed to extensive insults, assault and abuse, educated in the ways of the Blighted Apothecarium and taught the basic teachings of the Apothecary.

The Blighted Apothecarium’s program comprises at this moment 3 toxic agents known to the Horde as the three proto-types. These feared and highly dangerous and volatile agents are the crowning achievement of the Chief Blight Engineer, but at the moment the toxins are not yet completed and to weak or to dangerous in delivery to be used in the field. However, extensive experimentation is conducted around the clock, often destroying portions of the local wildlife or nature in the process. Mishaps and explosions and disasters are known to have occurred, most recently the Fairbreeze incident made the Horde aware of the danger of Chief Blight Engineer Frigosa Blightcaller and her contempt of the living. This Apothecarium is only open to Forsaken.

The Arcanium of the Blighted Sunhawks.

The Arcanium was installed directly after the Fairbreeze incident on urging of the magister’s of Silvermoon City. Though the UIndercity protested, the commander gave in to the pleas, being rejoiced that magister were joining the Blighted Sunhawk cause. The Arcanium has two reasons and are under personal command of Commander Cathryne Inestra Dawnstrider. Their first task is to ensure the Blighted Apothecarium doesn’t cause any further harm to the lands of Quel’thalas if avoidable and their second task is to do research on the Arcane Ley-lines in Lordearon and Quel’thalas to use to their advantage.

The magisters are given 20% of the resources of the regiment, though it has been told they require only 10% of those resources in total. Currently they investigate the ley-lines of the Hillsbrad Foothills and trying to find a way to cause havoc on the Alliance forces by creating an arcane storm. Spell research on massive scale in the field.

Objectives Edit

The Blighted Sunhawks have been created after the war declaration of the Alliance upon the Horde. Their objectives are simple and clear. Most Blighted Sunhawks, especially the Blighted Apothecarium members indulge in working towards these objective in sadist and cruel methods.

-The total annihilation of the Alliance presence in Lordearon and Quel’thalas.

The lands that are known as following: Tirisfal Glades, Silverpine Forest, Hillsbrad Foothills, Alterac Mountains, Western and Eastern Plaguelands are Forsaken land, the land of the damned. The Alliance has no claim over these lands, but the Forsaken. Alliance forces have no business in these lands, except when carrying Argent crusade mission directives on their person in the Plaguelands.

The lands of Quel’Danas, Eversong Woods and the Ghostlands are Quel’Thalas, the land of the Sin’dorei. Alliance forces have no business here, except if carrying mission directives of the Shattered Sun Offensive on and only on Quel’Danas.

-The prevention of Alliance incursion and aggression against the lands of Quel’Thalas and Lordearon.

The Hallmarks of the Blighted Apothecarium. Edit

While the Royal Apothecarium strives to eradicate Scourged live (and the Living) from Azeroth, the Blighted Apothecarium are not that ambitious, yet their plans and schemes are to create fates far worse than death itself. Chief Blight Engineer Frigosa therefor created the Hallmarks of the Blighted Apothecarium. A selection of requirements a disease, poison or toxin must meet, before it is approved by herself.


An enemy wallowing in misery is a weak enemy. Depression is a weapon stronger than Saronite or Thorium. Put them through misery and they will take their own lives saving yourself the energy. A true Apothecary can brew misery in their concoctions. Liquid Misery is the pinnacle of a research. When you can spread Misery by just making your victims smell or drink a potion, your job has been done.


Depravity is strong among us all, however it can be the downfall of civilizations. Take the Orcs and you will know you just need to drain the blood of a Pit Lord to make them shudder of their past, but why stop there? Create depravity, immorality and you shall reap success! Let them be their own downfall, save our armies the trouble. Depravity is always the fall of the mighty.


The confused are always weakened by their state of mind. Spread confusion and you open up most of the emotions that you shall see in the Hallmarks. Confusion is a weapon, treat is with respect, my Apothecaries for it shall be your tool!


Empires and armies are build on trust, they say. What if we remove that trust. Let man mistrust its neighbor and he will murder the man. Paranoia is a strong weapon and can be downfall of many mighty and strong men! Mistrust is the foundation upon which we shall work. Spread mistrust, my friends, and glorious shall the actions be of our enemies for our amusement!


Incite chaos! Use it, brew it, mix it, create it! All the previous mentioned things must lead to this, utter chaos. Let chaos reign supreme within our enemy and our armies will gloriously annihilate the fools for ever not checking what they eat or drink! Chaos is the ultimate goal we strive to.

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