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Woods Ittoryu was part of the 5the Battalion, 3de squad. This a sloppy squad of the 5th battalion. was purely made for lousy and boring missions, Though due the great leadership of Leuitenant Rhadok Braveforger they got to defend Thoradin's Wall in the last month's of the Third war. A simple and non-vital opperation, Because the scourge was heading for Northrend and vast forces of both Horde and Allience were heading for Hyal. But Woods and his squad got cut off the main force after a rampaging scourge attack, Leuitenant Braveforger took a huge risk leading to the annihilation of himself and half the squad, But otherwise the whole third squad would've been wiped out.

The surviving mountaineers fled west, they had to battle Syndicate who were waiting for travelers along the road. And the squad, now led by Corporal Gvarc Bronzehand managed to get rid of them. Two mountaineers however got wounded and one of them vital. With the Syndicate regrouping and the Scourge zombies tailing them with unhuman speed Gvarc was panicing a little and decided to cut off through the wilds, heading straight to Southshore,intending to leave the vital wounded behind. Woods disagreed and stood up against his superior officer along with three others. "Why den't ya lead 'em then Ittoryu?!" Gvarc said while trailing off. "You fiv' can neva' fight 'em all off! This is suicide!" The motivation of the other three was shatterd when they had the abandoned and crazy scourge in sight and pulled back. Truly Woods probaly knew it was indeed suicide, But he didn't want to leave a wounded friend in need alone. He started to shoot, taking down several undeads before they reached him. Woods and his wounded comrade. Got overrun...

However Woods lost his self-awereness. When he regained his consciousness again his lungs were burning, he had an incredible amount of infected wounds, his vision was blurred and all he could taste was blood and ash. His muscles were trembling as he looked around. He stood in the middle of dozens of corpses. Woods his mind was blank. He looked for his companions body. Sadly he only found a ripped mountaineers tunic, covered in fresh blood. Suddenly something grabbed his ankle, Immediately the gnome's body responded, His muscles cramped together, a shot of pain surged through Woods his already tired and beaten body as he sliced off the arm of the undead that grabbed him. He fell to his knees and breathed heavely. He couldn't feel the pain of the wounds, He couldn't feel his heart beating. Finaly Woods passed out.

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