Chieftain Kag'ar Boneshatter, Son of Mu'rarg Boneshatter


The Boneshatter Clan was a seclusive Orcish Clan on Draenei known only by a lucky handful. Rumours described the Clansmen of the Boneshatter Clan as feral Orcs, cannibalistic beasts lost to beastial madness, feeding upon what creatures they could rip apart with their bare hands. Only some of this was true.

The Boneshatter Clan was in truth cannibalistic, they did feast on the meat of anything they killed, but they were far from beasts and far from beastial. They were brutal warriors, trained to be swift, cunning and merciless hunters who would move silently in bands to hunt livings creatures on Draenor. Boar, Warpstalker, Worg, Ogre, Draenei..even the flesh of Orcs from other Clans. The appitite of a Boneshatter Orc knew no bounds.

The Clan however suffered greatly when the planet was torn assunder, a handful only surviving to wander the torn planet wounded physical, and emotionaly. They were without aid to treat the physical wounds, and grew weak, many succumbing to the injuries..others to beasts calling the ravaged carcass of Draenor their home.

Now the Clan is all but one Orc, an Undead. Fallen in Naxxramas as an Orcish Warrior to be risen again through unholy means as a Death Knight to become part of Arthas' betrayal and ultimatly a Knight of the Ebon Blade. However Kag'ar's loyalty is not fully upon those of the Blade, nor does it rest with those he calls allies. His loyalty remains with the Boneshatter, with the blood that rests dried within his dead veins, and with the vision he has of the Clan's bloody return.


The Clan is formed, its up but not exactly running..yet. Right now its just me, but i intend to start recruitment as soon as i can. The Clan is still Heavy-RP / Light-Pvp, the Light PvP mostly being Cross-Faction PvP should any Alliance guilds decide they want to bother us, however the guild will focus mostly upon Heavy-RP within the Horde, hopefully with other RP Guilds.

Recruitment / ApplicantsEdit

If your intrested in joining the Boneshatter Clan then do contact me in-game. Please try to stick to using the in-game Mail system, an IC letter would be nice. The letter should explain your intrest, and what you belive you can bring to the Boneshatter Clan. You 'can' also whisper me OOCly in game, and arrange some sort of IC meeting to take place at whatever time suits yourself, but i would much prefer an IC Letter.

(All letters are to be sent to Kagar)

Requirements for MembershipEdit

There are a few requirements you need to meet before you send any Application, failure to meet these requirements will reduce the chances of you getting into the clan. They are as follows:

.You need to be level 10+, our RP being based mostly within The Barrens makes that a must have.

.You need to be either an Orc, a Troll or a Tauren. I don't currently accept Sin'dorei or Forsaken.

.You cannot be Good, that includes Lawful Good, Neutral Good and Chaotic Good. The Boneshatter Clan is based around carnage, slaughter and death. Frequent malicious raids will mean that its no place for a goody two-shoes.

.You need to be active, but im not asking you to live on WoW. Just show some activity, take part in what events may happen.

.RP Maturely, i don't want to end up being told of any members making arses of themselves. If you don't behave, you'll get the boot.

Rank PossibilitiesEdit

Chosen - These would be the highest possible rank achievable within the Clan, they would be Kag'ar's chosen personal bodyguards who would ride at his side to battle. Only those willing to give their own lives and devote themselves completely to the Clan are deserving of this rank. They must be un-questioning, un-faltering in battle and as merciless as Kag'ar himself. (Norestrictions, Officer Status)

Bone Guard - Bone Guard is the basic rank given to more experienced men and/or women within the Clan. Tending to be reserved for those who fight in close combat, the Bone Guard sport heavy armour and heavy weapons along with an exceptional nack for close-combat. armed or un-armed. (Plate / Mail wearers only)

Elementalist - Elemantalists, also known as Bone Casters, are the support for the Bone Guard. Weilding magics of Nature, Arcane or Fel depending on chosen arts these lightly armoured men and/or women stand back to launched their mighty magical forces towards the enemies causing devastating damage to add upon the carnage caused by the Bone Guard. (Offensive Casters only)

Spiritualist - Healers, Restorers, those who aid the wounded and lay rest the dead. This rank is given to the Druids, Shamans and Priests of the Clan who favour the arts of healing and restoration. The Clan can not work, nor fight without them, these are the Clan's back-bone and due to their weakness if left open..its Achilles heel. (Healers only)

Clansman - This is a rank given to the lighter less-trained of the Boneshatter Clan's men and women. It is the rank given to those after they succesfully make it through the tests and trials given to them and have proven themselves to the Chieftain. (No restrictions)

Initiate - This rank speaks for itself, these are the new blood, the fresh meat. Those who have come to the Clan seeking to become a Boneshatter but have yet to completely prove themselves worthy to bear such a name and the Clan's colours in battle against the filthy Alliance scum.


The Boneshatter Clan is a guild that revolves around slaughter, carnage and death. Events would mostly be raids where the Clan would attack settlements or camps in The Barrens, sometimes to pillage for weapons, armour or food, other times to just cause pure chaotic havoc. Other events may include RP with other Guilds on the server as well as PvP with Alliance Guilds. The possibilities are quite endless.


Q = Where will the guild be stationed?

A = The Barrens mostly, but the Clan will definetly pay visits to the surrounding regions in Kalimdor.

Q = Are Death Knights accepted?

A = No class restrictions, so yes. Also Kag'ar is a Death Knight so..cant really say no..can i now?

Q = Are there any rules?

A = Yes! Offcourse! There will be rules upon both game activity and RP activity, your behavouior in and out of the guild and VERY...VERY strict rules when it comes to Open-PvP, during or not during an event. Contact me for more details.

Q = What Alignement is the guild?

A = Evil, just Evil, the alignement of characters within the guild may vary.

Q = Will disciplinary action be taken if rules are failed to be followed?

A = Yes, most certainly.

Q = Do we get pie?

A = <Mouthful of pie> Myes!

Q = Who do the Boneshatter Clan fight for?

A = The Boneshatter Clan fights for itself, as well as the a way. It acts alone, defending The Barrens and surrounding Orc territory, slaughtering all who don't belong as well as taking what they please on the way.

If there are any questions not covered in this FAQ then feel free to contact me in game on Kag'ar through /w or mail.

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