The Book of Dividing PowerEdit

A power tome that Count Wheeler recovered from the ruins of Dalaraan. Dating back to Highborne origins the Book of Dividing Power holds more spells, rituals, charms and enchantments than any other ordinary spell book. Covered in dragon scales the book holds a terrible curse harming anyone who dares to open it. The book focuses on combining any essence with the Arcane. Was given to Lord Richeron Withamhall as a wedding gift but Telrunya keeps a close eye on his friend.


The following spells are what Wheeler has been known to use or heard of:

Dragon Fire: Much like a normal fireball but powered by dark essence. It burns green and has a venomous effect.

Ice of the Essence: An Ice bolt corrupted by both the Light and Dark Essences, it is dark in colour but glows with a bright aura. It can penetrate any surface and corrupt the organism as the essences fight for dominance.

Particle Shield: Using the Dark essence the caster can surround him/herself in Dark Particles that will harm anyone who tries to break past.

Shield of Light: Through the Light, the caster can shroud themselves in Light protecting and healing anyone within.

Channel Essence: A simple spell where the caster can absorb excess essence from any organism. If channeled for too long however the caster can eventually begin absorbing Life Essence

Sprout of the Elements: By channeling the essence of Nature, the mage can create a plant made completely of the elements

Flight of the Dragon: The mage is able to levitate him/herself a few feet from the ground

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