The Cenarion Guardians are an ancient warrior order that predates the Cenarion Circle. Originally they were berserkers defending the Elven nation from the Troll empires - in the War of the Ancients they were betrayed by the Quel'dorei and sided with Malfurion Stormrage, later swearing allegiance to the Cenarion Circle, and the Balance the Circle protects.

Since then, the Guardians have existed to give aid when the Balance of nature must be defended by arms - or when the druids of the Circle otherwise require their assistance. They served under Staghelm in Silithus, under Stormrage at Hyjal, and later campaigned against the Black Temple on Outland. Often the Guardians' conviction has made them enemies, and equally often those enemies have brought the order to the edge of extinction. But, like nature, the Guardians too have always returned to Balance, and a new leader has risen - currently a former Cenarion Circle agent, the drunk but dedicated and deadly Sarama.

Today, the Guardians are a small, independent unit of skirmishers, oathbound to the Cenarion Circle but not formally a part of it. They are not Sentinels, and some would say a Guardian's oaths even conflict with a Sentinel's -- Sentinels take their orders from Shandris Feathermoon and defend the Kaldorei nation, while Guardians take their orders from the Circle, and defend the Balance. Because of this, even the most seasoned warriors will enter Guardian ranks as new recruits. However, ability and initiative is quickly recognised and given due deference. A fully ranked Guardian is expected to excel on the battlefield in whatever arts they practice, survive in the wild indefinitely, and have the initiative and intelligence to ferret out threats to the Balance and call on the order to assist in solving them. They have one rule of battle: the Balance must prevail.

General OOC Edit

Night Elf military -themed guild, serving as a tactical strike team for the Cenarion Circle. Guild meeting every Wednesday in Darnassus, other roleplay currently includes IC questing, IC instances, IC combat training for PvP, and a recurring social event of our own creation, the Howl. For more flavour check our RP stories. For recent plot developments, see the latest entries in our The Story So Far... -thread.

Our main priority is roleplay. Members are expected to show up at events, if they are online, and to associate with other guild members. If you don't, why even join?

We use both PvE and PvP in our RP regularly; thus low-level characters are encouraged to level up to be able to fully participate. On the OOC side, our members are active in raids and rated PvP, though these are not organised by the guild.

Guild chat is OOC, but can be used to pass IC messages by tagging the messages as IC. Members are also encouraged to join the KaldoreiRP channel for contact with other Night Elf RP'ers, or while playing alts.

Recruitment Edit

Recruitment is through guild leader Mehtomiel, though Sarama can also help. Details on what we want and how to join are here

Recruitment is followed by a trial period at Initiate -status, minimum of two weeks. Approved initiates are promoted to Scout, once they have completed their first IC assignment for the Guardians. Scouts will graduate to Guardian status once they've passed the necessary trials to demonstrate dedication, ability and initiative.

A Guardian's Trials Edit

The Guardian trials are secret, shared only among those members deemed prepared to attempt them and witnessed only by those who have already passed their own trials. Rumor has it that to become a full Guardian the candidate must prove themselves not only in combat and courage, but also pass trials testing their judgement and devotion to the Balance.

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