Basic Information Edit

Full Name - The Circle of Mages

Recruitment Status - Closed

Community Type - Advanced magical group,

Community Size - 8 Mages max.

History of the Circle Edit

The Circle was created some four years ago by Archmage Tamalla. The general idea was to create a group of magic users that were capable of ensuring that magic was not abused by the masses on Azeroth. The organisation eventually expanded to include novices that would be trained in Circle based magical activities. Eight guardians of different magic types were appointed to form the leadership of the Circle. Majority vote decided the action the Circle would take. After a war with the long dead Arcanum Convocation, the Circle Mages were decimated. Only two guardians remained alive and their power was left in ruins. After a failed attempt to revive the group, Archmage Tamalla disappeared from sight, choosing to privately watch over the course of events under the guise of a mad old hag. The organisation was left in ruins for years with the surviving Circle Mages forsaking their old oathes and abandoning the guardianship of magic.

After the outbreak of the Nexus War, the Circle slowly began drawing back together. Eltaun, surviving Guardian of the old Circle, ran into Dulicas, a former Circle Mage of considerable talent. After much debate and consideration, the pair searched for other surviving Circle Mages to rebuild the organisation, albeit for different reasons. Unfortunately, due to the fact that Eltaun was a user of Fel magic and Dulicas had a substantial amount of control over necromantic forces, previous Circle Mages attempt to send them both to an early grave. A long chain of similar occurances finally ceased with the discovery of Obstellus Oakward. The former Circle Mage gave them both a chance to explain their actions before wearily agreeing to aid them in the reconstruction of the Circle.

Eltaun realised that it would be far too risky to allow novices and adepts into the Circle at such a sensitive stage. With that knowledge in mind, the three Circle Mages searched for more magic users powerful enough to recieve guardian positions, closing off the Circle to the remainder of less talented sorcerers. Their search eventually led them to the two sin'dorei, Xailiok Duskarrow and Orolia Dawnwind. Both elves possessed notable talent in their respective fields and, somewhat reluctantly, agreed to join the Circle. The next member came in the form of the Archmage Zeiko Regrave. Both Eltaun and Dulicas had heard of Regrave's impressive magical talent and were eager to induct him into the Circle. After a few weeks of trying, he eventually surrended and became the 7th member of the Circle. Kalliuna Crimlock, a powerful quel'dorei conjurer was the next to be inducted. She, after hearing of Regrave's induction, became far less difficult to persuade. Arandul Mistwalker, an apprentice level conjurer of half elf origins was the final addition to the Circle under the conditions that he would be trained immediatly to reach the required level of strength.

As the final Circle Mages were amassed, Eltaun opened the organisations' vault and provided the Circle with the resources previously kept hidden from the tattered remnants. The Circle is, at present, attempting to stabilise their reconstruction. A task that is proving to be far more difficult than predicted.

Members of the Circle Edit

Eltaun - More commonly known as the Fel Invoker. Eltaun is the unofficial leadership of the Circle and tends to take a more dominant role than previous, much to the chagrin of Obstellus, Dulicas and Zeiko. He is a master demonologist and has significant magical prowess. Eltaun recently battled Archmage Tamalla under the deranged belief that she was attempting to overthrow him. Despite being victorious and killing her, Bhava'Kar used the last dregs of her power to take control of Eltaun's arms away from him. He now requires protection from other Circle Mages and has an incredibly limited ability to use his magic. Eltaun appears to have been killed in November despite Kalliuna's best efforts to save him. Unofficial control of the Circle is now in Dulicas' hands - Deceased.

Dulicas Serestra - Self proclaimed as the Abyssal Caller. Dulicas was a former Circle Mage of the adept rank. She was penned to replace the standing necromantic guardian but the fall of the Circle prevented this from happening. Outspoken and openly rebellious, Dulicas is the most volatile member of the Circle. Even with this in mind, Dulicas is most likely the most powerful member of the Circle - In a comatose state.

Obstellus Oakward - Self proclaimed as the Moonfire Archon. Obstellus was a former Circle Mage and druidic practitioner. His controversial beliefs on the mistakes of the past and the utilisation of arcane magic set him aside from his fellow kal'dorei to the point of becoming an outcast. Even though he's an original Circle Mage at adept level, he is currently the weakest of the Circle, next to the crippled Eltaun. Obstellus is blind due to being captured by sin'dorei forces prior to his induction into the New Circle of Mages - Deceased.

Xailiok Duskarrow - Shadowmage of the Circle. His decision to delve into the darker arts of the shadows let to the unhinging of his mental state. Now dangerously unstable, Xailiok excercises constant mental restraint to keep his powers in check. Xailiok is madly in love with Orolia Dawnwind and will always support her even if he does not agree with it himself. Xailiok is a sin'dorei and former loremaster of the Shadow Guard - Alive.

Orolia Dawnwind - Divinist of the Circle. She is a young and beautiful sin'dorei who's devotion to the Light unfortunately led to her being branded a traitor by her fellow elves. In an attempt to rectify this, Orolia turned to the more abusive way of controlling the Light, much to her dismay. Physically and emotionally frail, Orolia is a delicate being who's seeingly vulnerable exterior disguises her intense magical strength. Despite being a divinist, Orolia's method of Light control allows her to also use shadow magic to a limited degree. This spell type is more commonly used when in battle. She is currently in a romantic relationship with Xailiok Duskarrow - Alive.

Zeiko Regrave - Archmage of the Circle. An elderly and wise mage, Zeiko serves as an advisor to the other Circle Mages. He has a vast knowledge of spells and can be considered as one of the most experienced mage on the Circle. Archmage Regrave tends to side with Orolia more than Eltaun, leading to friction between the two. Zeiko's current status with the Silver Covenant is considered to be a powerful advantage that the Circle can employ. In response to this, Zeiko has stated openly that the Silver Covenant will never be involved in business of the Circle - Deceased.

Kalliuna Crimlock - Elemental Arcanist of the Circle. Kalliuna employs the use of the elements to aid the Circle. She is a proud yet strangely withdrawn quel'dorei with a trusting and compassionate disposition. Kalliuna is seen as a motherly figure among the Circle and is passionately despised by Dulicas due to their directly conflicting personalities. Kalliuna is in a romantic relationship with Zeiko Regrave - Deceased.

Arandul Mistwalker - Bloodmage of the Circle. Arandul is a half elf of human and quel'dorei descent. Originally, he joined the Circle with the aim of aiding Kalliuna as a conjurer. The subsequent death of his mother led Arandul on an unhealthy desire to amass as much power as he could to get revenge for her death. Eltaun and Dulicas stripped him of his guardianship and, due to the absence of a post for a bloodmage, created a new Guardian position that Arandul can fill. Arandul is the former apprentice of Archmage Regrave and easily the most inexperienced on the Circle - Alive.

Roleplaying with the Circle Edit

  • The Circle is a community of handpicked magic users that have spent a lot of time developing their characters to achieve the IC level of strength they have. To this end, we will not accept other roleplayers undermining their hard work by claiming that Circle Mages are overpowered. Like all mages, we have our weaknesses and we do not accept any metagaming or poweremoting on our part.
  • Everything that makes the Circle has all been ICly roleplayed. It is not a sudden idea that we created a past for. We have ensured that everything we do is kept within the rules of Lore and, while not necessarily being a requirement, that all our members have at least rudimentary knowledge of their respective magic type.
  • The Circle will NEVER force anyone to roleplay with us. If you choose not to, that is entirely your decision and rest assured, we shall respect it. Furthermore, we will not get into petty OOC squabbles over our RP. The game is here to be enjoyed, not to be home to a debate about acceptable roleplay.
  • If anyone has any issues or questions regarding the Circle, they should contact Eltaun. Every Circle Mage has been asked not to get into unnecessary OOC squabbles.
  • The Circle is a pre-dominantly 'secret' organisation. Despite this, we will not go to OOC extremes to ensure we are not uncovered. Every Circle Mage has a fatal flaw and we may end up exposing ourself through outright IC idiocy. Please do not metagame our MRP's to identify us as Circle Mages. If you have a valid IC reason to know of our position, then we shall happily accept it.
  • We are not a community that will be openly rude or dismissive of any complaints against us. If you feel a Circle Mage has not roleplayed properly or you have ANY problems with us, please do not be afraid to contact Eltaun. We will always respect your input as a fellow roleplayer and will take genuine consideration of the things you have to say.
  • We have recieved complaints about Obstellus' inclusion into the Circle. To be quite frank, Bhava'Kar and Dulicas pestered him for three whole months before finally getting him to join. His individual philosophy about arcane magic and the role of mages are what led him to join the first place and whilst being unconventional for an elf, it is not overtly extreme or lore-breaking.
  • Killing a Circle Mage fairly through IC means is acceptable although not necessarily preferred. We would much rather you incapacitate or capture a Circle Mage before killing them with expressed OOC consent but it is not a requirement.
  • We ARE NOT PERFECT. Every Circle Mage has bad days and good days like everyone. At times, we will make terrible mistakes and in light of such events, we will do our very best to amend it.

In-Character Details Edit

  • The Circle Mages will be forced to use OOC locations such as the Stormwind Library to create a visual for an IC location. At times, where we OOC may not be exactly where we are IC. We understand this is an irritating complication and, as a result, we will avoid doing this as much as possible.
  • Circle Mages hold a lot of secret meetings and have considerable insight into many different areas of magic. Producing magical or enchanted items for members is not uncommon. If you feel that the use of a magical item is an unfair and overpowered advantage, please inform Eltaun and he will do what he can to ensure that the problem is rectified.
  • An old IC law of the Circle states that Circle Mages cannot meet physically in more than twos. The partner system is an effective representation of this and when in a room with two Circle Mages, there may be others present through IC use of magical Images. In this event, one of the two Circle Mages will emote the appropriate dialogue and actions of the OOCly absent Circle. This is not nearly as confusing as it seems, we assure you.
  • Circle Mages are not all perfect friends. In fact, in the Circle there are constant disagreements and it does help to have someone watch your back. The Circle has an ancient law in place that prevents any direct or indirect internal assault. Do not think this will protect standing Circle Mages from backstabbing you. It has been known to happen.

Current Status Edit

Inactive and likely not to be revived.

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