The history of the Crusader Empire is a dark one. Ages ago, this was an army for the weak, the legendary crusaders were helping each and every inhabitant of Axeroth. Under the leadership of Emperor Baxutai , the guild prospered and formed some of the greatest crusaders that Azeroth has ever seen. Warrior Nazrah, Hunter Hoova, Paladin Lashrouxed, Paladin Faladin, Paladin Hundar, lady Lexie, Druid Nightsflame, Druid Zwetie, hunter Zwetixx just to name a few.

The empire tought fell into decadence. People werent crusaders or friends anymore, they were the inferior or superior of someone. Feeling that the Empire had lost his faith and forgotten his true mission, Baxutai decided to disband the empire, having lost 3 of his best mens Nazrah, Hoova, and Lashrouxed (called the unstopable trio). Each and every Crusader seperated but they never forgot who they really were. Their paths were crossing and they regained their honor long forgotten.

Baxutai fell tough, some say hes in hiding , some say hes dead. But surely he must lives...While patroling into ashenvale someday, LAshrouxed saw what was Baxutai previous mount, Pegasus. Trying to get him to lead him to his previous emperor, the horse didnt seem to know where he was. In the saddles pokect tough he find a letter written by Baxutai a month ago. He was wishing for his Empire to be reborn anew. Still searching for their Emperor, Lashrouxed reformed the Crusader Empire to gather all the previous Crusaders, and some new ones to help him search for his lost Emperor and to try and rebuilt the forgotten image of the Empire.

Driven under new leadership, the Crusader Empire has moved unto battle mode and are helping the alliance with the war-effort in Azeroth. They are strongly disagrreeing with the Scarlet Missionary and their anti-alliance policies.

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