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Louise Shivered on the bed, Prayher looked over her shoulder at her and picked up the pace. she had two vials of poisoned blood to use to find out what kind of antidote she must deliver. she looked over her shoulder again at louise noting the bitemarks and visible veins. an idea struck her she dug out a record of what happened to the expadition of which Louise was the only survivor, noting that they had either died from suffocation or of poison from what seemed like spider web or spider venom, prayher worked on a spider venom antidote sure enough she came up with one a blueish see through liquid she filled into a syringe. injecting it into louises arm then quickly binding it with bandages she watched as it slowly took effect. she grinned and set about making soup to feed Louise since the poor woman could not obviously feed herself in that state. she placed the blow on louises bedside table...and felt something strike her square in the back.

The man creeped up behind the girl she was obviously too busy giving her attention to healing the woman on the bed. "From misstress's pet's poison no doubt..." the man thought. the girl placed a steaming bowl on the bedside table and got on her knees. TOO EASY! the man drew his blade and let it hang in the air it obidiently pointed itself at the girl and let loose a shadowbolt it struck her square in the back sending her crashing into the bed before falling to the floor clutching the space between her shoulder blades. the girl quickly rolled over and looked up her expression pained the blade quickly launched another shadowbolt which clipped her temple knocking her out cold. his blade obidiently sheathed itself as he bent down picking up the limp form and tossing her over his shoulder. "misstress will reward me!" he mused as he headed to the slaughtered lamb.

Carefully laying the comatose girl out in front of the imposing figure he took a step back. "well my dear you think i would leave your attack on me at that? that you could get away so easily?" the dark figure looked down on the comatose girl and noted the bruise on her temple. Ashana stepped out of the shadows and looked at the assembled cult. "i need someone to take her to the swamp of sorrows. to the tomb there." ashana paused as she remembered something, dark tendrils sprouted from her and searched Prayhers belt removing the guild stone she crushed it in her tendrils grip. "block her telepathic powers" she said pointing towards Garakatus. the mans blade rose again and shocked prayher slightly all she did was shiver for a moment. Ashana continued her search seeing if there was anything that would help her escape or rescue. Ashanas tendrils plucked prayhers pad from her belt and set about crushing it...everytime it seemed destroyed it appered untouched. she tried to corrupt it, it simply appered on prayhers belt again unharmed. showing no signs of annoyance ashana created a rip in the fabric of space and time and threw the notepad in it before hurridly closing it before it did any damage. Kalern watched from the shadows "we could leave her on my ship my lady? it wont go anywhere...not after it ran aground on the coast of westfall.." ashana looked up. though it was hard to tell. "no. you would allow her to escape". Kalern looked slightly dissaproved of as ashana took out a dagger and placed it to the side of Prayhers neck dragging it slowly back and forth sadisticly she looked up at kalern "you have proved to me that this girl means something to you..." she grinned manicaly as prayher shivered blood beggining to seep from the cut in her neck. "go ahead kill her she means nothing to me." Ashana smiled at kalern and put away the dagger."i do not need anyone to take her anywhere. i will do it myself" muttering some words in Darnassian she watched impassivly as prayhers body dissolved. "Wait!" shouted kalern....but it was too late.

Sight returned slowly...but sound returned faster. "so awake you traitor?" Prayher stood up on unsteady legs and adjusted her vision. a Night elf stood before her looking at her as if she was a lowly worm. the elf was dressed in a preistesses robe. prayher reached for her pad and felt nothing...she tried her telepathy, Nothing. "!" prayher said looking at the night elf the elf stared immpassivly and raised it's arm. "you will pay for murdering everyone.." it cast a spell unknown to prayher but as it closed around her throat she felt as if a weight had dropped. she bagan coughing and tried to communicate again. "i didnt kill anyone!" prayher said surprised at hearing her own voice she saw the way the elf stared at her and looked down...her preist robe was gone replaced with jetblack robes and hood. "who are you! and where am i?!" the elf stared immpassivly and then said "i am Starbreeze Moontear. and you are the one who killed my lover!" the elf charged at prayher and began hitting her punching and kicking prayher "Stop stop! STOP! i havent done anything!" Prayher screamed at the elf as the blows rained down on her. the elf seemed not to listen to reason and then raised a dagger "time to end this once and for all" before the elf preistess could strike...she vanished leaving prayher with bruises and bleeding ankles..

Prayher curled up in a ball next to a throne with a mailed skeleton in it the elf had appered twice more with the same result the same actions...the same words..always vanishing before it could deliver a fatal blow. her voice had given out reverting back to being mute. Prayher hadent bothered to heal the bruises that the elf had left..she was too frightened to do anything much. The elf appered again...the same actions the same lines and the same beating but with a few differences. Prayher being mute could not answer her questions. the elf kicked her far longer this time...and then vanished before the blow could come. prayher stood up her legs almost buckleing she wiped her eyes and forced herself to stop sobbing she took a step forward and the elf appered with it's back to her. "you will pay for what you did" it said it's head turning 180 degrees before vanishing again. Prayher shook cant be cant! i canty be this monster! this elf can exist! whats going on? who am i really? was the time with redemptio just a dream?, she took another step. and looked behind as the elf cracked it's bones behind her. "your magic cannot imprison me forever!" it turned it's head 360 degrees this time frightening prayher almost to the edge. prayher shut her eyes and placed her hands over her ears and backed into a corner wishing it would all go away...the elfs bones still cracked the felt of the hood and the flesh of her hands doing nothing to block it out.

Prayher remaind cowering in the corner shivering and shaking with fear wishing it would all go away. "Prayher? Prayher! we must go! redemptio coronae is coming and they are not pleased with your slaughter!" ashana appered and held out her hand...Prayher flinched at the movement dreading another beating or hit. "Prayher? whats wrong? take my hand hurry we dont have much time!" Prayher looked around suspiciously and after heasatating took ashanas hand. a man came into the crypt and ashana told prayher to run to Loch modan.. Prayher soon arrived tired and exausted...the bruises giving her pain. she was then instructed to go to darkshire and wait for Ashanas arrival..

the barman looked up as a hooded figure pointed at a room key then handed over a few silvers. he thought it strange but he shrugged it off in darkshire you never took intrest in strange. Arriving in her room prayher took down her hood and sat on the bed awaiting her freinds return. "if im prayher?...which prayher am i?."

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