Some FactsEdit

The Dark Blood Mafia is a criminal organisation that is working to take down the corruption in Stormwind City, and to get a peaceful Stormwind under their control, where people like themselves can live free, without having to worry about being taken down by the state.

The highest ranked membersEdit

Some of the highest ranked members are:

  • The leader, Ma'am Shabel
  • General Charlos
  • Admiral Wheele


As allready said, The Dark Blood Mafia wants to take down Stormwind city, to get it under their control. Shabel is under the belief that the city needs to burn to the ground, before it can be rebuild again. By saying this, she doesn't mean that she wants to set the city on fire and burn it down, but she means that the corruption is needed to be taken down before a new beginning can be started.


Their tabard is black with a red snake, and a red boarder.

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