The guild disbanded on april 26, 2009. See:

Basic Information (Out Of Character)Edit

NOTE: The dark Embrace has been removed and no longer exists as a guild

The Dark Embrace is a strict role-playing guild, where we try to create an evil atmosphere. Evil meaning that our ways to achieve our goals often include unconventional ways. Assassination, bribery, black-mailing, kid-napping, drug-selling, spreading corruption and many more are tools we use to “Let none stand in our Path”. We strive to create a genuine dark role-playing atmosphere.

• We have been around since the very first days of Steemwheadle Cartel (at times with some difficulty, at others, excelling). Because of that we want to live up to the high standards we have embraced so long ago and do our best to maintain a good status on the server.

• After the Faith, Lashela Alania betrayed the organisation and The Oracle (Annarima) died, The High Council remain in charge of The Dark Embrace. The members of the High Council are: Ashana, Nirofen and Xephon. Annarima is still in charge of the guild OOCly.

The Dark Embrace is a Brotherhood, meaning that members are encouraged to work together towards a mutual goal. Hostilities within our own ranks are frowned upon – if not severely punished. When a new recruit joins he becomes a disciple, one of the Outer Circle. It is only after intensive testing and ceremony that he may become one of the Inner Circle, a true member, an Embraced. More specific titles may describe a member’s role, but all of the Inner Circle share the title of “Embraced”.

• Not much is known about the true goals of The Dark Embrace. The High Council and Inner Circle feel it is their duty to keep the secrets of power safe. Secrecy is one of the highest laws within this Brotherhood. At best, rumours circle around about a certain entity named The Oracle and the dark minions that claim to follow a philosophy named “The Three Shadows”.


• The Guild has many ways to encourage RP between our members. These include ceremonies, meetings (where we often make schemes and plans), creating cells for special purposes, regular guildmeetings, events linked to other guilds and more. It should be noted though that members are encouraged – and rewarded – to come up with their own events and storylines, as it will give more depth to their own character and a larger base for the Guild itself to build upon.

• At times we also plan world-events. Two examples may illustrate. In the past there has been a major attack on both Northshire and Redridge. Many other guilds and various players were also part of this and we’re very grateful for their cooperation. Another more recent and open event was the selling of a drug called “Mist” in the streets of Stormwind.

The Dark Embrace often uses politics as a weapon as well. We try to keep relationships with other Guilds – either with them knowing or not who they’re dealing with. During the days of the Stormwind Council for instance, the majority of its members were on the pay-role of The Dark Embrace.

Joining TDEEdit

Due to the guild's background, in the best case only rumours are heard about the Brotherhood, and whom to talk to regarding joining. At times we do our own recruiting, but those eager to join may send a letter addressed to “The Dark Embrace” to either the guildmaster Annarima or the officers Ashana, Nirofen or Xephon. Another, possibly more interesting way, is to get in touch with known members of ours, and see if they may guide you towards us. Once you have established contact with the leadership you will be evaluated and tested. Being invited into our Brotherhood during a first interview happens, but is exceptional. We want to make sure you are persistant.

Those that fit the picture well will be happily welcomed within our ranks.

• No character or class restrictions.

• Your character must be as low as on the 15th level to join.

• You can have no more than one character within the guild – with the exception of a homunculus. The homunculi are a specific project designed to create mindless disposable slaves.

• We enforce respect towards each other member. We all work for a common goal, so fight among ourselves is pointless. This also includes we expect members to behave maturely towards their comrades.

• Keep in mind the Roleplaying Policies, as we play on a RP-PvE Server.

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