Go to Dark water Pirates is a Naval Army based guild, which has turned astray into piracy after the loss of Grand Admiral Proudmore, abandoning the Kul Tiras, the newly formed coven of the Dark water pirates sails under They're Commodore and Fleetmaster Dondemar,and Former commodore Nkunka. The coven sails with its three main ships, and targets alot of trade vessel moving around Azeroth, they stay clear of Booty Bay, and the upper kingdoms due to already assembled pirate factions, and surviving Kul Tiras. Current Ships: The Stormhoof: Leading Gallion of the fleet captained by Altantida The Ballista: Flag ship to the Gallion, the oldest vessel in the fleet,and the main gunner in all naval assaults. The Burning Dawn: The fresh intercepter to the fleet, captained by Captain Serona Allender. And crew'd by the best of the best, the ship was apprehended from the scarlet Onslaught as they sailed to New Hearthglen, and still holds it's banner as a disquise. Each captain rules it's crew like his own little guild, so all crew members report and obey they're captains. But the Commodore's word is final.
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