About The Darkstorm ClanEdit

The Darkstorm Clan is an old one, dating back before the days of the sundering. It was once a numerous and politically powerful clan but over the years its members have slowly died out.

When the Highborne were exiled for their part in the failed invasion of the Burning Legion, a small portion of House Darkstorm was amongst these. The Quel'dorei Darkstorms that survived over the years never rose high in the hierarchy of High elven society but they flourished well enough.

The lands and estate of House Darkstorm were largely destroyed with the coming of the Scourge to Quel'Thalas, all but Jeselith Darkstorm and his older sibling Silmarwyn, killed.

The Darkstorms that remained within Kal'dorei lands had been scattered by the ferocious war. The last believed Kal'dorei members were killed when their home was raised to the ground by Trollish raiders. The child, Entriia Darkstorm, the sole survivor.

Clan CrestEdit

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The Line of Clan DarkstormEdit

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Members of Clan DarkstormEdit

Entriia Darkstorm-Kal'dorei

Rag'Thas Darkstorm-Sin'dorei

Jeselith Darkstorm-Sin'dorei

Silmarwyn Darkstorm-Sin'dorei

Eshteheru Darkstorm-Sin'dorei

House Darkstorm Properties Edit

The House Hall- House Darkstorm has purchased the hall in the south end of the Royal Exchange.

The Murder Row Tavern- House Darkstorm does not own this building but it is their drink hole and often where the nobles meet with others for buisness.

House Darkstorm Current Status Edit

The surviving three nobles of House Darkstorm have gathered together again, after five years and are attempting to rebuild the House back to its former glory under the leadership of Silmarwyn Darkstorm as their new matron.

The Nobles are currently taking into employment Blood Knights to serve in the House Guard, as well as Retainers and Mercenaries.

The Darkstorms are trying to form political bonds and alliances within Silvermoon and the surrounding areas, especially in the Court.

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