• Guild Master - Serathim
  • Guild Officer - Hakura
  • The Death Stalkers, originally founded by Garett, are a Heavy-RP Assassination Guild. After leaving to further his own mysterious agenda, the Guild fell under the control of Serathim.
  • The Guild focuses on becoming the Best Assassins, while providing a friendly IC and OOC environment where people can enjoy RP amongst the members, or during meetings and events organised.


  • 18+ in level
  • Good knowledge of the English language
  • Good RPing skills
  • Medium level of activity (we wont be able to RP with you if you log in once every 4 days now will we ?)

You can contact either Serathim or Hakura in order to join, but you must meet the above requirements.

Other InformationEdit

  • Upon joining, members are given 'Marks', and are that of a Forsaken Symbol supplemented with a Snake coiled around it. These are imbued with an enchantment allowing members to speak to each other. (Through use of Guild Chat).

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