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(( The following describes part of the event that took place between Starlight and The Dark Embrace on Sunday 14th 2008. Starlight had been gathering information about the Oracle’s lair, someone who appeared to them as a key figure in The Dark Embrace. As they travelled towards the location through the woods of Darkshore and came closer to the Ruins of Mathystra, a battle was unleashed that would result in the end of the Oracle, the leader of the brotherhood known as The Dark Embrace. I would like to thank everyone who took part during this event, Starlight, The Dark Embrace, and especially Nomine, whom I found more than willingly to kill off my character, Annarima. ;-) ))

She gazed around her as the battle commenced with the two bright red flames that represented her eyes. A creature clad in dark eternium armour, bursting with magical power. A dark vortex circling around her seemed to drain all energy and joy from around her. Many of her loyal servants had come to guard the temple, her lair. There they stood, gathered around her. Men and women of the Shadows, ready to strike fear and terror.

A strange thing happened. This Oracle watched as she saw an old associate approach. No, not just an associate… Her old teacher, the Mistress, the Queen of Snakes and once, the Faith. It was Lashela Alania that slowly approached the group, telling them to lay down their weapons, that this battle was futile, that they “had lost their way”… Such treachery would not be accepted!

And so the battle began. Starlight set of explosions and the Oracle responded by letting an infernal soar from the heavens, illuminating the night sky. Lashela Alania, her former mentor, let her inner demon come out, transforming into a fiendish demon and the members of the brotherhood would respond by calling froth undead servants, unsheathing their blades and casting destructive magic upon their enemies.

Between the chaos, the Oracle saw him, Nomine of Starlight, just as she had foreseen. She knew he would follow her down into the temple, and he did. At that moment the Oracle harnessed the dormant energies of her lair, the Temple of Mathystra sighed as a great magical sphere surrounded the temple’s entrance, shielding anyone of who wanted to get in or out. Inside all turned dark. The black water down this cursed lair burst out into shadowfire. Only the bowls containing raw arcane energy at the walls would illuminate the white stone with a ghostly blue light.

The two enemies drew their weapons. The Oracle’s Sword of the Void would meet with Nomine’s gigantic claw, dripping lava. A battle of titans, as they grew to greater seizes making use of other-worldly magic. But it would not last forever. A great blaze of fire pushed the Oracle back to a wall, then feeling the humongous claw breaking through her the armour covering her stomach. Inside her the dark magic of the Void would start to run chaotic, falling apart. The two red flames would meet Nomine’s eyes, bursting out with a last spark of energy. Yes, she remembered now: This was just like the vision. After all, this had been foreseen. She let out a last roar as holy water was tossed into her wound and it consumed her from the inside out. Her black armour scattered to the ground, the magic and dark energies that had accumulated inside her for so long finally broke through. “Thank you, Balance has been restored” would she add with the metallic inhuman voice of hers. It were her last words as she fell and noticed the Temple started trembling, before all turned completely black, finally.


Whilst the old Temple in Mathystra succumbed under the destructive power of unstable magic and explosives combined, on another continent a wandering man took pause from his journey. It felt as if the creeping nightmare had finally stopped haunting him after months and he quickly glanced about him, trying to spot anything between the dense flora of Stranglethorn’s forest. Nothing... But he didn’t feel relief just yet. Rather, as he looked up at the night sky, he became aware of a cold chill running down his spine. In his mind he could still hear the final message passed to him just an instant before by the already familiar deep voice: “You’ve been chosen.”

He tried to ignore it and went on.

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