Hordecrest small The Deathstalkers
Role Heavy Roleplay Guild
Base of Operations All of it
Leader Mailann Shadowwalker
Officers Oscurit, Morgus


The PastEdit

The Deathstalkers, also called Darkstalkers, are the assassins' guild of the Forsaken and the elite guard of the dreadlord Varimathras, the majordomo of the Banshee Queen Sylvanas Windrunner. The Deathstalkers also function as the Forsaken's equivalent of the Shattered Hand, a rogues' guild and spy network, reporting their information directly to their dread master.

Deathstalkers are highly trained and extremely dangerous. They are rightfully feared as the best assassins in the world not only for their skills, but because they are undead. Deathstalkers have no need to eat, drink, sleep, rest, or even breathe air. They never feel physically tired and possess tremendous willpower. Deathstalkers can remain submerged in water indefinitely without any need to rise, and can wait as long as it takes for their target to arrive. They can even pose as corpses, since by all means, that is exactly what they are.

The PresentEdit

The Deathstalkers has almost vanished since the battle of Undercity and the defeat of their former master Varimathras. When the Kor'Kron established their presence in Undercity, the Deathstalker Aleric Hawkins has been shown in The Royal Quarters in Undercity, assisting Kor'Kron Captain Bragor Bloodfist. The Deathstalkers are back once again in the open.

The leader of the Deathstalkers is still a mystery, only a few hand of people know who he or she is. Deathstalkers now work in diffrent groups with a local leader in diffrent zones all around Azeroth.

The GuildEdit

The Deathstalkers group is incharge by Mailann Shadowwalker, A old Deathstalker who has been with the Deathstalkers since its creation 9 years ago. Their goal is to aid The Horde in Northrend.

Protection of Eastern KingdomEdit

Mailann Shadowwalker belive that the Council of the horde has done a big error by sending so much troops to Northrend, leaving their own borders almost undefended from local threats. Mailann Shadowwalker has put some Deathstalkers in the area around Tirisfal Glades, Silverpine Forest and Hillsbrad Foothills to control unknown traverlers that enters the region. The Deathstalkers has created a "Personal Registry" where all the information is gathered from the travelers that enters the region.

Base of operationsEdit

Brill (Tirisfal Glades)

Spechuler (Silverpine Forest)

Tarren Mill (Hillsbrad Foothills)

Rogue Quarter (Undercity)

Warsong Hold (Borean Tundra)


It can range everything from killing, scouting, infiltration till beeing border control. Deathstalkers has the right to question every person about their busniess if they enter Forsaken lands.

OOC: You can see the Deathstalkers as the FBI and CIA in one. They have the same job to care out.

Ranks of the StalkersEdit

Masterstalker - Guildleader

Darkstalker - Special rank, very hard to obtain.

Deathstalker - Ordinary stalker

Deathguard - If the skills of stealth is lacking, the person will be placed as a Deathguard rank.

Dark Ranger - Made especially for the Blood elven, very skilled ranger.


The Deathstalkers usually keep for themself, but with the recent events and the Horde joint war effort, the Deathstalkers stands side by side with their horde members.

The OrcsEdit

As 99% of the Forsaken, the love for the greenskins are almost completly none, though the Deathstalkers has accepted that the Orcs are leader of the Horde and therefor should be meet with respect.


There are no common interest between the Deathstalkers and the trolls. The Deathstalkers thinks that the Trolls should be excluded from the horde, as they having the most internal problem and a continued war against the tribes wich will in the end destroy them all. However, this is nothing to speak loudly off.


Pets to the Orcs, Deathstalkers see no great power in the big creatures and keeps their relation with them very brief.

Blood ElvenEdit

Strongest allies to the Forsaken, with the past of their Banish Queen, The Deathstalker sees the Blood elven as their only real aid to be requested if needed. As The Forsaken and the Sin'dori are the only races of the horde in Eastern Kingdom, they both rely on eachother.



Takes on primary Undead. We can accept Undead Blood elven aswell, however this will be kept to a minimum.

OOC: Wich means DK and normally Blood elven with the condition of very pailskin and dark clothes.


Warriors, Death Knights, Rogues, (Dark rangers). (BE Hunters, if the criteria is meet).


Mature player, know the lore around Forsaken and Deathstalkers. No level req needed. Every recruit will be meet with a IC interview, expect harsh methods.

Who to contactEdit

Mailann, Oscurit, Morgus.


Beeing in a assassination guildEdit

Assassination guilds has a very bad name in wow, many have used this word and made terrible poweremoting and metagaming. This will not happen in Deathstalkers, we will see very serious on any missbehavior. Even if the lore say that the Deathstalkers are the best of the best it dosen't mean that those word goes well IC in the game itself. We will not see any kind of IC battle with citizen of our own people or the horde.

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