The Defias

' Having long forsaken those noble virtues on which their brotherhood was founded, the mysterious Defias faction is now composed of thieves, bandits, and vicious mercenaries. This vile group is determined to wreak havoc upon, and ultimately destroy, the House of Nobles in Stormwind City. Convinced that the nobles are corrupt and villainous, the Defias Brotherhood has waged an underground war in a quest to rid the land of their hated enemies. '

Basic InformationEdit

  • The Defias are a self-sufficient cell of The Defias Brotherhood, ordered to establish on the streets of Stormwind and work their way up, carrying out the Brotherhood's will from within the city.
  • The Stormwind Defias recently 'acquired' an old merchant vessel, renaming it The Crimson Cog. Having made its final voyage into the Stormwind Harbour it is now acting as a meeting place and HQ for the Brotherhood, aiding in their control of the Harbor.
  • We're a Heavy-Role-playing guild with events and general spontaneous Role-playing.

Joining The DefiasEdit

Joining require finding and engaging the Defias ICly, a short trial which will include undertaking a task for the high ranks, and finally being branded with the Mark of the Defias, a cog. The act of actually securing a meeting with the officers and before that discovering we -are- Defias is an integral part of the task of joining and allows us an insight into your RP skills and character.

Get in contact with Danjinn, Angerak or Connar OOCly for information.



Defias Thug


Defias Cut-Throat

Dan Cut-throats

The Street Boss Flanked By His Cut-Throats

  • Cut-Purse: The standard rank for rogues. They are the bottom of the rung, the ones charged with robbing the city blind, scouting and gathering information.
  • Thug: The standard rank for non-rogue combat classes. They are the muscle called upon when someone needs beaten, killed, scared e.t.c
  • Fence: The men of ‘commerce’ within the ranks of the Defias. Buying, selling and trading stolen or illicit items of worth.
  • Defias Mage: The standard rank for spellcasters. They are the ones that deal with any magical situation, move members around in secret and provide backup in dangerous situations.
  • Defias Silencer: The hardened, professional killers of the Brotherhood. Though they are not officers themselves, the Silencers are often handpicked by Cut-Throats and Lieutenants to accompany them on dangerous tasks, usually those that require more subtly and cunning than the average thug or cut-purse possesses.
  • Cut-Throat: The veterans of the Brotherhood, vicious and deadly they are tasked with overseeing operations and looking out for new-gangers to recruit.
  • Administrator: The man charged with maintaining all of the gang's various fronts and money venues.

He also has the power to recruit, discharge and promote members as he see's fit. (Only one Administrator)

  • Lieutenant: The figures that command the Brotherhood, they ease the work load of the Street Boss,recruiting, overseeing and organizing heists, as well as accepting contracts. (Only two, until the guild increases rapidly)
  • Street Boss: The overall leader of the local-cell, he does everything the Second's do and more.

  • The General color scheme is dark, black and dark reds are best.
  • There is no defined uniform as such but those able should wear Defias Masks and Scouting/Defias armour set.
  • Lieutenants are required to wear full Scouting/Defias set along with enscribed boots and Silver-Thread Cloak.

( This uniform only applies for when on direct Defias tasks when we want our presence to be known. )

Relations and Alliances Edit

  • The Defias have a hush-hush pact with the Worker’s Union. Services being rendered between the two factions.
  • Having violently parted ways from Kalern and The Underground, Danjinn and his lieutenants are currently engaged in a rapidly escalating street war with their former ‘employer’. Though with Kalern and his brother Nero both lying dead, it would seem this war is over and The Defias are an uncontested player in the larger circles of the criminal underworld...
  • Without the option of recieving firearms from the Deadmines anymore, Danjinn entered into a supplying contract with a shady character by the name of Shanra.
  • Through Christóphe the Defias have set up several business-deals with the Malvalons.
  • Danjinn and his officers attend a ‘sit-down’ with the Malvalons and the Underground to discuss the carving up of the city and its resources. A wary peace being forged between Danjinn and Kalern in terms of business.

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