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*This story has been retconed due to Lore-Mistakes*

The same nightmare again! She was forced to relive the terrible events every time she closed her eyes. Burning, Screaming. Her mother dragging her along with desperate plea's to hurry. An arrow entering her throat in a spray of blood. Burning, Screaming. Her father trapped in the wreckage of the flaming Inferno, Valiantly hacking down Orcs. Falling to the ground, his last view...His lovers’ cold blood spattered body. Suddenly the scenery changed. Entriia stood before an ancient, gnarled Oak. A strong gust of wind pushed her forward, leaves snapping around her bare feet painfully. A melodic, soft, Elven voice whispered through the trees. "Come to me...Child of prophecy. Fulfill what has been seen." Entriia stepped forward, a long creaking note issued from the Great Oak. Entering she was embraced by a blinding Emerald Green light. "Seek me out" The words lingered in her head as Entriia sat rigidly upright, sweat dripping off her slender, pale form, in her bed in the quiet, secluded alley. Running, Crawling, It didn’t matter. She had to find the Oak. Something drove her onwards with an Unnatural determination. Some time could of been days or even weeks, Time had ceased to have meaning for Entriia all that mattered was the tree and the Dream, her crawling, bloodied form stumbled upon the oak from her dreams. Gasping for breath, the exhausted Druid slowly edged forward towards the trees huge sprawling base. Reaching up with one hand Entriia touched the tree's withered bark. Her eyes stung from the Brilliant Emerald glow emanating from within the tree, Entriia pulled herself into the rapidly opening base. " My body..." The wind whispered, a slight note of excitement could be heard with it. Feeling compelled the broken druid crawled next to the body and lay a hand on it. Then there was the blissful nothingness of unconsciousness.

She could hear the familiar voices shouting her name, over and over again, throughout the expansive forest. The voices broke the peaceful silence of the cold crisp morning. Right now that was all Entriia wanted, Silence, peace. To be alone in her own mind. She could feel the age old presence of the Alien mind. She knew her name somehow. Shandris Forestsong. Her presence lurked at the back of Entriia's mind like an impatient waiter peering over her shoulder. The young Druid managed with considerable difficulty to pull her tired and battered form up and fix her gaze upon the now sealed tomb, the resting place of the Ancient druid's body, within the tree. It was dying she could feel it. The trees mournful cry at the absence of the one that had shared its form for so many long centuries could be heard for miles by those that knew the language of trees. It could not survive without Shandris's nourishing presence "Ent my love where are you? "Sister?" The loud chiming elven voices of her friend and her lover were coming steadily closer. But Entriia felt no desire to move into the open and reunite with them. laying her head on the soft damp grass, Entriia closed her brilliant white eyes and slipped back into uneasy sleep. The presence of Shandris Forestsong watching...waiting.

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