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Following the corruption by the demon Mannoroth, the Orcs had turned from Shamanism. They became mindless destroyers bent by their masters will. They fought and fought until they were eventually defeated and calmed. But the Blood Haze would always haunt them. Grommash Hellscream, Chieftain of the Warsong Clan and Thrall, Warchief of the newly restored Horde succeeded in killing Mannoroth, and ending their pact. The Orcs were free and most converted back to the way of the Spirits. But the land of Kalimdor was a troubled one. After the battle of Mount Hyjal, and the death of Gornak Earthfury, Hrisskar Doomforge kept his promise to found a Clan of his own to do what the thinly spread Horde armies could not. Heading into the Stonetalon Mountains, Hrisskar and his followers constructed their home and declared that Stonetalon would become the center of Spiritual Activity for the Clan. The Tribal Council was then formed to aid and advise the Chieftain with the day-to-day runnings of the Clan. Frequent trading is made with Malaka'jin and Sun Rock Retreat. Relations with the Horde are often stressed, especially with the arrival of the Blood Elves and their corrupted ways. The Clans of the Frostwolf and Warsong have always gotten on well with the Earthfury, both having been aided numerous times by Hrisskar and his elite.

Deep within the Stonetalon Mountains, hidden and safe, lies Bouldercrag Canyon, a valley consisting of the Earthfury villages. From here they live in a close community of peace. The Clansmen considers it a mark of honour to help and support their people.
Muul Plainswind and the Tome of Earthfury

Census Keeper Muul Plainswind and the Tome of Earthfury


We have many great and exciting RP events to enjoy, some are Earthfury Clan only and others are all RPers welcome. Examples of our past Events have been placed here by their title:

  • The Ritual of Autumn Spirits
  • The Trial of Blood
  • 'Earthshatterer'
  • Invasion of the Centaur Horde
  • The Hunt for the gem of Azshara
  • The Stonetalon Rescue Effort
  • The liberation of the Warsong Clan
  • Family Heirlooms
  • Kelror, Agent of Twilight
  • Dwarven Entanglement
  • Feast of the Spirits

We also involve ourselves with frequent weekly and/or Daily RP Events such as friendly gatherings and campfire tales.

Joining requirementsEdit

The Clan accepts Orcs, Trolls and Tauren who must meet with a member of the Clan Council to explain why they wish to join with the Clan, what they are able to bring and most importantly; what can the Clan do for them. After the Officer finds you of worth, you are inducted into the Clan as a 'New Blood'. You do not represent the Clan in anyway as you're still in the judgement phase yourself. After a good amount of time has passed, generally three weeks or so, a New Blood will take the three trials to finally assess the true character of the New Blood; Honour, Strength and Wisdom. Henceforth the New Blood becomes a full Clansman.

We pride ourselves on good quality of RP. Therefore, meeting with a Guild Officer allows us to make our own judgement about you. We are also social and friendly people. Never hesitate to ask for assistance or start chatting!

Note: We are not a raiding Guild. We run an occasional instance but never level 80 raids. This does not prevent you from joining a raid, but we do not host them.

The Trials Edit

The Trial of Honour - This trial usually consists of a simple labour task - hunting Durotar boars for theit meat and leather, gathering enough wood in Stonetalon for a small campfire, collecting venom sacs from scorpids or spiders in order to create anti-venom. By completing such tasks, one would show the humility required from all members of the clan, and prove they have sense of honour by gathering supplies we would surely put in use for our clansmen.

The Trial of Strength - Something far more challenging than the trial of Honour. The recruit is sent to deal with cultists, rogue harpies, rabid wyverns and such and, of course, bring back a proof of demise. By overcoming this trial they not only test their strength before we let them in our ranks, but show us that they are no weaklings and can earn they their stay as something different than a peon.

The Trial of Wisdom - Three questions are asked. Three answers are required. There is no such thing as a correct and false answer - they must all come from the recruit's common sense, their instincs. In that way we may know what kind of person you are, the way you think, act, and what we should expect from you.

Activity Rules Edit

Too many have abused the fact that we openly welcome whoever wishes to join the clan and RP with us, and some are indeed joining and never attenting to our events, gatherings or random RP. The worst of all is, joining the guild, showing no activity whatsoever, and at some point leaving us without a notice to join another RP guild, in which much more activity is shown. We will begin to use the appropriate warning system. If people want to join us, they will have to show activity. I understand that no one would agree to be online 24/7, and sometimes they wouldn't be able to participate on an event, it is understandable, but even then it would be no problem if they let us know. Telling an officer, sending a letter, or even using our forums would be enough to provide us the information on your absence.

Whenever a person joins the clan, they instantly become New Blood. As usual, they are promoted to Clansman after being present on at least two RP sessions. Higher ranks will be gained depending on their further attendance and preference whether they want to join the Path of Battle or the Spirits. What happens if they don't show activity though?

Rules on RP activity - If a person misses three RP events in a row that they have signed up for on the calendar they will receive a warning, after this each missed one adds another strike. Every three strikes the person in question suffers a demotion, should they reach the lowest rank though and still not be attending, they are removed from the guild.

Rules on game activity - Anyone beyond the 3 Months "Last Logged" mark requires a reason to be away for so long. They have a week deadline after the time the 3 month offline time is noticed to send in such a reason or log in to explain their absence or suffer demotion or removal from the clan.

Warning marks will be written on the player's officer note.

Another important thing I want to mention here is, don't leave the guild unnoticed. This isn't some sort of totally important rule, it's for the greater good. It's very awkward when people leave the clan without informing their chieftain, and the next time we meet in RP they wear another organization's colours.

Teachings (Ranks)Edit

A clansman has two Paths open to him:

The Path of BattleEdit

The path of battle is what our warriors follow, the military part of the clan. All battle-hardened characters, veterans, or younger new bloods with sparks of combat and lust for blood in their souls are allowed to join. Those who choose this path assume the duty of defenders, grunts capable of protecting their lands from invaders and bring honour to the clan on any battlefield.

Events included in the Path of Battle vary from simple warrior training sessions to raids against our enemies, be them from the Alliance, the Burning Legion, or simply Grimtotem marauders pillaging our caravans.

Note that all who are willing to fight and serve as protectors of the clan are allowed to join - druids prone to their feral instincs, shamans trained in the arts of war, even skilled assassins can come in handy as scouts. The ranks included in this path are listed below as the weaker come before the stronger.

Grunt - Grunts are the common warriors in our ranks. Guardians of our domain, often finding themselves on the front lines when we march to war. To earn this rank, one must show courage, valour and strenght to the Tribal Council.
The march begins

The Earthfury Clan marching to war

Stone Guard - Stone Guards are the elite troops in our ranks! To become one, the grunt must prove themselves a thousand fold and earn their respect in the eyes of their superiors. Their job is to serve as sub-officers on the field of battle and coordinate the Earthfury troops.

Champion - The most fierce of our warriors! Far superior to a Stone Guard, only one or two can be champions of the clan at a time. In order to achieve this title, one must show the very greatness and skill only the best may have...

The Path of the SpiritsEdit

As a proud shamanistic clan, dedicated to follow the ways of Nature, we do have strict rules and rituals our totemic students must fulfil. Building altars, placing offerings upon them and praying is only a portion of what we do before we ask the great Spirits for a favour. We worship them, heed their teachings and swear to make others learn, should they will it.

The ranks of the Path of the Spirits are as they follow:

Totemic Student - A clansman who has chosen to become a Totemic Student must first show knowedge on the Elements, the Ancestors and common matters about shamanism. Once they pass they must attend to various rituals and lectures, led by their superiors.

Clan gathering

A clan gathering in the mountains of Stonetalon

Disciple - Disciple is a higher ranking version of Totemic Student, with the difference that as a disciple one must not only take part of their superiors' doings, but also aid them in their rituals and often guide the totemic students.

Elder - Elders are the wisest among our shamans and priests. They are superior to the students and disciples and their aid is usually requested when it comes to rituals, spiritual summons, or healing. To become one, humility, respect to the Spirits and understanding of their ways are required.

The Oath of Earthfury Edit

"Spirits of the Earth,Winds,Water,Flame and Life itself. I beseech your blessing as I swear the Oath of Earthfury.

We seek not to defy our honourable agreement with the land upon which we live.We merely hope to work in harmony with what is in this world. As I offer this torch to represent this Oath, let it symbolise the truth in my heart and burn with vigor lest I be stripped of my honour and cast out from what I hold dear. I ask with respect for your guidance and should I fall that I will rise a better and wiser incarnation.

Honoured ancestors it is in your memory too that I swear this Oath for through this homage we are connected to your wisdom and thus the life around us. Let it be spoken now that I will never stray from this Oath, or let the skies themselves strike me down. To the Earthfury my honour stands. Aka'Magosh!"

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