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The sun shined warm over the road, the man was leading his horse once again, but this time, his hood was down, his head bandaged and he held a stick in his left hand, helping himself to walk. The horse was packed with our large bundles of dragonskins,and two bags with bones, and several other objects from the dragon. The two approached the gate of Stormwinds, a guard approached.

Halt! State your business traveler. Said the guard.

I'm here to deliver some rare goods to a few shopkeepers in the mages district.

The guard nodded and stepped out of the way. The man led his horse along with him over the bridge, heading for the trade district. He stopped as he passed a small stand with fresh fruits, he looked at what the sold, it was fresh apples. He gave the merchant a few silver coins and took several apples,eating one himself and giving the horse one as they continued. He looked interrested at the merchants and their goods as they passed them all, he smiled at the two childs who had appeared and looked at him, thinking that he probally look funny with dirty clothes and such.

"Here you are kids, the man said and gave them an apple each." The childs smiled happily and ran away, giggling. He stretched on himself, smiling as the child dissapeared around a street corner, he chuckled as he kept on moving. He thought "It's good to be here again, calm and friendly". He wandered through the streets and central area of the trade district, feeling comfortable with having humans around him again, "the wilderness is fine, but a one must be with his own kin to survive". He removed his cape as they passed over a small bridge in the cannals district, he put it over the horses back. Dergo lead his horse along the smaller streets in the mages district, he looked up at the houses around him, admiring the people that had to live there. They moved into a alley before the clearing with the tower appeared. They stopped before a house with an old large wooden door.

The horse stood now tied to a smaller tree outside the house, the packaging stood outside the door, Dergo knocked on the door. A few locks could be heard being unlocked from the inside before the door opened. A tall half elf stood there, standing probally above seven feet, he was dressed in a blue linen trousers, a brown woolen vest and a white shirt under it. He smiled arrogantly at Dergo, focusing on the bandages. So you finally took more then you could handle? I hope it diden't effect what you brought back, said the half elf.

I brought back what I always bring back after a succesful hunt... And don't start lecturing me please, I know the risks of this job, and I keep on with it don't I?. Said Dergo with a sigh. The half elf nodded with a smirk and went out and grabbed ahold of the sacks of bones and carried them in, Dergo soon took in the rest of the goods. The elf went back to the door and looked out, seeing if it was something more and then he noticed a sack still hanging on the horse, he tapped his foot as he turned to Dergo.

It's the head in there, thought I claim it as a trophy, said Dergo and looked a bit uncomfortable. The elf went out and took the sack, he opened it and looked down at the severed dragon head in it for a moment before walking back, smirking as he put his hand on Dergo's back, leading him inside and closing the door behind them.

Dergo looked around as they now stood in the work room, he had never seen such items before, he looked with respect on the magical items and tools on the benches. The elf turned the sack upside down over a empty bench, allowing the head to roll out. He motioned for Dergo to sit down in the chair next to him, Dergo hesitated first but sat down, looking at the dragon and seeing his own reflection in the right eye of the dragons head. The elf went to a shelf and begun looking through it, taking out various vials with strange liquids inside.

Do you want to have a second eye again? I can easily arrange it, said the elf.

Yes please, I can't imagi-, Dergo gets interrupted.

BUT I will pay less for the goods this time as payment for the "eye".

Said the elf arrogantly. He walked to the bench and placed the bottles on it and put some tools there aswell. He begun unwrapping the bandages around Dergo's head, not paying any attention as Dergo winced once in discomfort. The elf passed a leather glove to Dergo that he took on a working bench behind Dergo and passed it to him, Dergo put it immidetly in his mouth, biting hard in it, embracing himself for the "operation" that would comence shortly probally. The elf took out a strange iron tool and a piece of cloth and begun cleaning the right eyesocket. Dergo pressed himself back against the chair, biting almost a hole in the glove, the pain was far from what he expected. He sacked together in the chair, breathing heavily and sweating as the elf had now turned to the dragon head. He looked expressionless as he took a caliper and begun opening up around the eye of the dragon, a feint cracking noise were heard from the scales breaking under the caliper. He put the calipers away dug his fingers into the skull around the eye, slowly moving them in behind the eye and pulling carefully out the entire socket, sick cracking noises was heard as the right eye socket with the eye left the head of the dragon, like when you gut a fish.

Dergo sat there in the chair, starting to doubt himself and the elf it was a good idea after all. He looked at the green-yellow eye that the elf held carefully in his hand, the elf took a vial with a green liquid inside it from the bench and passed it to Dergo. Dergo took the vial but almost dropped it as it slipped from the blood that got on it from the elfs hands, he looked unsure at the bottle then at the elf.

Drink it up, it will make sure you won't feel when I attach this thing. He grinned at Dergo and laughed as he said it. Dergo opened nervously the vial and drank it, he feelt how the entire room begun to slowly change shape and how his head begun to feel heavy. The elf smiled as Dergo fell asleep in the chair, he begun the operation...

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