25 September,Year 27

It was a sunny day in the Barrens and Hogti needed to get too Booty Bay,fast.He bought a ride on the Ratchet-Booty Bay Ship,he hoped they'd hurry up,he had an urgent Message from The Crossroads to the Baron of Booty Bay.
"Ah,a message,hm? *laugh*" said the Baron,Hogti nodded and dismissed himself to the Horde "Embassy" that lay above the bank.

He soon found that there were no more Ships to Kalimdor,so he got the Goblin (who teleported people to Gnomeregan) to tweak his machine to take him home to Orgrimmar.."Ah...gimme a sec,will ya?! These things take time!"" The Goblin said,Hogti stayed silent."And that oughta do it..DONE!Now step on and you'll be back in the City",Hogti stepped on *Teleport* Trouble..Hogti had arrived in Gnomeregan,in the Goblin Bade there,he fought his way out and hid in the valley between Gnomeregan and Frostmane Hold.

"Sasha" he said to his Wolf "We must be careful,or the Dwarves'll get us...we'll never get home..",Sasha growled slightly..Hogti was confused but then.."Die fould Orc!" Came the voice of a Mountaineer in Green,Hogti fought him and ran when the Mountaineer was dead.He ran and ran and ran a little more till he found an old camp,just out of view of the Dwarven settlement Kharanos.He had a quick rest and refreshment and moved east to the Quarry,he found there was only one way around..the road.He soon ran past as a Patrol missed him,he ran to the rumoured Misty Pine Refuge,where an Argent Dawn Father lived,he stayed outside for a while with Sasha..

-Crunch- Hogti looked about,what was that? He heard something walk on the Snow,he turned around and there was an Orc..The Orc's face was surprised,"Of all the places to meet a Clansman" she said,Hogti nodded,"Who are you?" she asked Hogti replied with his name and Clan.They soon ran to Amberstill Ranch where there is an abandoned Dwarven Home,they sat down by the fire and Sharca began to shiver,Hogti gave her a blanket and they soon fell asleep on the floor.

-Morning winds howled through the house-

-Yawn- "Sharca? SHARCA?!" yelled Hogti,he mounted up and rode east as fast as he could.He attacked the Northgate Post and Algaz Post and carried on,Dwarves pursued him and were only a mile or two away.The Wetlands was a gloomy place that the Alliance mapped out fully,the trade routes were ceased due to the loss of Algaz Station,so it was safer.He rode and he rode,but the Dwarves caught up..He had to loose them so he jurted to the West and looped around back to the road and over the Thandol Span into Arathi,he rested on the bridge untill he heard Dwarven voices shouting,the were still after him.

He rode quickly to Hammerfall and got a Wyvren back to Undercity,then a zepellin to Orgrimmar,where then he got a zeppelin back to Warsong Hold,his new home,and a staging ground for the Beastmaw Expedition to Northrend.Hogti,still though,doesn't know hwere Sharca is..

Hogti then rested in the Hold,waiting for news about Sharca.

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