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Imoen is sitting on a bridge near the Cathedral looking into the river. We hear her thoughts.

Imoen: It’s been a few weeks now…Suzanne has tortured one of our own threw paranoia, Louise has made a woman loose her baby, Aanson hasn’t returned for ages…and Elizabetha has abandoned me.

Khallid my step father killed by one of my own breathren and later my own brethren turn against me to try and kill me and the law do noting just leave me to die, these people in Stormwind love it…they find it amusing.

I am truly alone aren’t I? It’s like the voices tell me…everything is shadow.

We see Hejin’s reflection in the water standing over Imoen, he grins at her.

Hejin: Afternoon Imoen, we come to ask you a question.

Imoen turns around and sees Hejin surrounded by some people, one is a woman in long blonde hair but a bit of it tied up she is wearing a strange wolf mask there are two other women they are night elves covered in black robes and their faces covered with a black mask.

Hejin: What were you and Elizabetha talking about? I hear a group are organising against us, you heard about that?

Imoen: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Hejin: A pity, oh how rude of me. Let me introduce me to some of my friends.

Honoria: Shut up fool.

Honoria masked walks up to Imoen and grins at her.

Honoria: You’ll come with us.

Imoen pulls out her sword ready but Honoria moves into her and trips her up she shoves a bottle down Imoen’s mouth making her drink it she is screaming slightly but it is muffled, she collapses in Honoria’s arms who grins at her. One of the elves opens a portal we can see it looks a lot like Ironforge, Honoria walks threw the portal and before the other three walk threw we see a Crusader appear.

Crusader: Stop! Where are you taking her!?

Hejin chuckles and drops a rose on the floor as he and the other cultists walk threw the portal, the Crusader runs towards the portal but it closes he picks up the rose and runs towards the Cathedral.

We see Imoen in a bunch of hay, all of a sudden she is laid on top of a woman’s knees are crushing her stomach. She then get slapped across the face.

As Imoen looks around she sees she is some barn, Hejin and the two night elves are standing behind Honoria talking to each other, Hejin is smiling at her.

Imoen gets slapped again.

Honoria: Wake up!

Imoen: Ouch…what are you doing? Where am I?

Honoria: That doesn’t matter, you are going to answer my questions or things are going to get a little more…rough. Now what do you know about this new organisation?

Imoen: What organisation?

Honoria slaps Imoen again.

Honoria: Don’t play games with me, Hejin told us that Elizabetha was talking to you about us…what was that about?

Imoen: Well it was a long time ago…

Honoria punches Imoen giving her a blackeye.

Honoria: Has that brought it back?

Imoen: No.

Honoria stand up and uses her boot to crush Imoen stomach, she gets heaver and heaver as she keep asking Imoen questions, which she won’t answer.

As she continues to punch Imoen and kicking her Imoen crawls on the floor to try and get herself up but only to get to kicked on the floor again, Honoria grabs hold of Imoen’s head and pushes it against the floor, she grabs hold of Imoen tabard and ribs it off. She then spits on it and shoves it in Imoen’s face, the two elves giggle amounst each other, Hejin however has his arms crossed and is just smiling to himself.

Honoria: I’ll ask you again, where is Elizabetha’s group located?

Imoen: Ok I’ll tell you…it’s…it’s in your dreams.

Honoria gets frustrated and grabs Imoen by her hair and turns her over face first at the floor.

Honoria: Stupid bitch! This could be so easier, now we’ll just have some fun with you.

Suzanne: Let her go Apostate.

Suzanne and two knights walk into the barn, one is wearing green armor the other red.

Flamebreath: Un hand her Honoria, your problem is with us.

Honoria: I don’t have time for this, we’ll deal with you now.

Imoen: What are you doing you fools!? Run!

Hejin and the two elves begin to fight Suzanne and the two knights, Honoria grins to herself and slams Imoen face first into the ground knocking her out. She turns around and grabs her sword she dives at Suzanne and stabs her in the leg.

Suzanne lets out a screech in pain but uses a holy spell on her knocking her back, Hejin takes advantage of this and kicks Suzanne in the face as she fall to her knees Hejin grabs hold of her head and knees her knocking her out.

The two other knights fight in unison to kill one of the night elves they both cast a shadow spells that pushes them back into a wall, a bookcase falls on top of them the two elves giggle.

Hejin: We won?

Honoria: Shut up you fool! Get the horses! Were moving.

Everything goes black and Imoen opens her eyes again she is on top of a huge wall, Honoria is talking to her others.

Imoen tries to move but is chained up, she can only sit up. Hejin nods at Imoen, Honoria walks up to Imoen.

Honoria: We could of done this the right way…but you had to choose the hard way.

Imoen: What did you do to Suzanne you bitch!? I’ll make you pay for what you did!

Honoria burst out laughing and back hands Imoen.

An elf walks in she is wearing a different robe than the others and Honoria walks up to her.

Honoria: My present to you.

Entriia: She will do, has she told us anything?

Honoria: No, she is all yours.

Entriia smiles and walks over to Imoen eyeing her up.

Entriia: What a beautiful one you are, what a shame you are part of the Crusade…they would call me…now what was it?

Imoen: Tree-rat?

Entriia smiles.

Entriia: Yes. Now then im going to ask you nicely before we have some fun, if you tell me all this will be over and you can go back, if you don’t then we are going to have some fun.

Imoen: Go to hell, I would never put Elizabetha at risk.

Entriia: I hoped you would say that.

Entriia pulls out a knife out of it’s holster that is in her armor, Imoen looks worried and begins to try and move away, Entriia holds her in place and cuts Imoen’s eyelids and the skin just below the eye, Imoen screams in pain. Entriia closes her eyes and shivers slightly she opens them again and begins to cut Imoen’s face.

Hejin stands watching it smiling, as the other gossip and giggle amounst each other asking her if they can have a go with Imoen.

Entriia: Your poor preety face, I enjoyied your screams. Now then…what is this I hear about Elizabetha’s army?

Imoen: ‘Cough’ Damn tree rat! I’ll kill you!

Entriia grabs Imoen by the neck and looks at her chest. She smiles and takes off Imoen’s chest armor.

Entriia: Oh dear, looks like you need to learn some manners.

Entriia grabs her a metal pole and puts her hand on it, when she lets go the metal is red hot, Imoen tries to get herself free but to no luck, Entriia punches her in the nose.

Entriia: Stupid bitch! Stop wriggling!

Entriia grabs hold of Imoen hands and gets her knife out she puts them on the floor, we don’t see it but we hear the knife hit the ground and Imoen screaming in pain. We only see their shadow and the dark embrace cultists watching.

Entriia: Eat it! Eat it you fucking whore!

We hear something being cut again.

Entriia: There, more digestible now.

We only hear Imoen struggling and wimpering and crying, we hear something being shoved down her throat.

Entriia: Now! Tell me where is she?! What is Elizabetha doing!?

Imoen: ‘sob’ Never!

We see Entriia pick up the red hot poker she brushes it near Imoen’s face. Then punches her hard in the stomach she opens her mouth for a split second and she shoves the poker down Imoen’s mouth.

Imoen’s eye widen as she feels the pain and she lets out a blood curdling scream.

Cultist: Don’t do it to much! We need her alive!

Entriia: [storking Imoen’s cheeks] Oh don’t worry I know a humans limit.

Entriia pulls out the poker and Imoen is instantly sick and pukes up blood violently. She starts crying heavily, Entriia puts the rod towards her chest and burns a bit of her shirt, she grins and holds Imoen’s neck as she burns Imoen’s chest.

Imoen screams in pain and we see out side the wall the same knights who tried to save Imoen before go up the wall.

Entriia: Now, Where is this group?

Imoen just is sick and pukes up blood and she wails.

Entriia shrugs and grabs Imoen by the throat and just puts the poker on Imoen’s lip forcing her to open them, when she does she puts it down her throat. Imoen gurgles and is pukes up a large amount of blood and bursts into tears.

Entriia: Stop crying bitch!

Entriia punches Imoen twice and then slaps her once with her palm then again backhands.

Entriia: Tell me! What Elizabetha doing!?!

Imoen stays silent, Entriia grabs Imoen’s other hand.

Imoen: No!! Please don’t!

Entriia: Answer my question!

Imoen: I won’t backstab her!

Entriia: Then I hope your hungry, fucking bitch!

We see Entriia put Imoen hand near her, we see Entriia lift a knife then hear it hit the ground and hear Imoen scream in pain we hear the knife hit the ground again.

Entriia: Mouth open!

Imoen: No!

We see Hejin and the other cultists faces, the Cultists are smiling Honoria looks emotionless, Hejin is grinning and rubbing a rose against face. All we hear is Imoen crying and the sound of something getting stuffed down her mouth.

Entriia: We could stop this if you just told us…

Imoen just remains silent sobbing.

Entriia lets out an angry sigh, she grabs the burning poker and points it at Imoen’s throat.

Entriia: This time, lets go all the way down.

Honoria: You’ll kill her!

Entriia: She should survive this.

Hejin: The mistress will be un pleased if she dies.

Entriia: Shut up coward! I know what I’m doing, now where were we?

Imoen looks fearfull and closes her eyes as a tear rolls down her cheek. Entriia starts to put the hot poker down Imoen’s throat she gurgles in pain and coughs violently and screaming all the same time.

Flamebreath: We have you now!

Hejin: Not you guys again…can’t you see we’re busy?

Ceadric: You are out numbered, you do not stand a chance.

The two knights are standing alone and the cultists laugh but then two others turn up and they stop laughing. Entriia pulls the hot poker out of Imoen’s throat. She conjures a bolt in her hands whilst all the other prepare themselves, the charge into each other and a massive battle commences. Imoen can only just make out what’s going on we hear her thoughts.

Imoen: Why are they…fighting for me? Where is the high Emissary…Khallid…help me…Elizabetha please…I need you…

Honoria is duelling with one knight they parry for a long time clashing swords together, Honoria’s sword starts to fade which surprises the knight and he is thrusted in the wall and then kicked off the wall.

Hejin is fighting a gnome mage, Hejin is having fireballs lobbed at him he misses the first five but the sixth hits him in the chest. Hejin throws his sword at the gnome, the gnome avoids the sword but while his guard is down Hejin kicks the gnome like a football and he is sent flying and is KO’d.

Entriia is fighting Flamebreath with a staff they both parry for a long time and both seem to be equals, one gaining the advantage and then the other getting back into the fight, Imoen tries to trip Entriia up but is to weak and collapses.

Entriia: Take her! We’ll keep these two occupied!

Honoria lugs Imoen over her shoulder and whilst Flamebreath and Ceadric battle against the remaining dark embrace cultists. She lugs Imoen onto her horse and ties her onto it, she rides threw the grassy meadows of Southshore. We see Imoen open eyes slightly to see her riding threw grassy meadows she watches the moon set before falling back un-consious again. Honoria looks over her shoulder to look at Imoen.

Honoria: You fool…this could have been avoided.

She appears at a small hut, she goes inside and dumps Imoen on a straw bed, two undead forsaken walking about, they crawl over to Imoen and smell her.

Honoria raises her fist at one and as the woman licks Imoen’s neck Honoria punches one square in the face. The two forsakens crawl back in the corner, Honoria snort at them in distaste.

The rest of the Dark Embrace walk into the building, they all look un hurt and they sit around the hut grinning at Imoen’s bleeding body. Entriia walks in looks at Imoen and jumps on the bed with her and holds her hand. One of the cultists give her a bucket of hot water, she grins and spills it over Imoen who screams in pain.

Entriia: (caressing Imoen face with her fingers) Shhh You’ll scare the neabors (points at the two forsaken)

Imoen face changes to fear she tries to move back but winces in pain, Entriia laughs at the site and looks at Imoen’s chest.

Imoen looks at her and tries to move her arm to cover up her breasts but she struggles in pain. Entriia smirks and rips off Imoen’s red shirt.

Entriia: Oh well…you are full of surprises Scarlet. These are very nice.

Imoen: …N…N…

Entriia grabs the hot poker and dangles it above Imoen’s breasts. She grins and puts it on her bra Imoen screams in pain, Entriia and the other dark embrace cultists laugh.

Entriia: Fucking whore. She loves it. Breaking her vow…lets see how she likes this.

Entriia puts her hand on the top part of Imoen chest, her hand glows black and purple Imoen screams in pain her eyes roll back as she begins to twitch violently Entriia laughs.

Some cultists join Entriia and begin to lift Imoen up in mid air using their shadow magic, her body twitches all over the place violently, they drop her on the bed Entriia climbs on top of her and starts playing with her hair.

Entriia: Your such a preety girl. What a shame you’ve let this happen to your preety body…let me…

Entriia begins to kiss Imoen’s cheek. Imoen starts to cry Entriia starts moving her hand up Imoen’s stomach. Honoria stands up.

Honoria: This is stupid, we need information out of her, not to fill a empty gap in your life Ent.

Entriia hisses at Honoria. Hejin walks forward grinning.

Hejin: Alow me.

Entriia covers Imoen in her arms.

Entriia: No she is mine.

Hejin: We need information, this is getting us nowhere.

Entriia: You feel lonely after that tart died? Go on then you may have your fun with her.

Hejin grins

Hejin: I do not plan to do that to her, I will please the mistress I will use my powers of shadow to get info from her…by forcing myself inside her mind…we will merge.

Imoen: N…N…

Entriia gets off of Imoen and messes up her hair.

Entriia: Perhaps another night preety one.

She grabs Imoen by the hair and drags her to Hejin’s legs, Hejin looks down at Imoen obviously in his prime at the moment. Imoen is curled up humiliated in front of loads of people and aching all over. Hejin lifts Imoen by her head his hands glow with a purple and black glow.

Hejin: Now…show me your fears Imoen, show me your deepest and darkest thoughts…

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