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We now see Lorderon as it was, birds chirping, children running around everything seems perfect until a few guards run up to them and say something then all of Lorderon comes at a stand still. They all walk towards the throne room and see their King dead.

Hejin: What a load of crap…oh…wait.

We now see Imoen within the crowd she looks horrified and turns and runs back to Andorhal. We see a man waiting for her she runs into his arms and he says something to her, we then see and elven women walk up to her she gives the man a bad look then take Imoen off him and they walk towards Lorderon and get to a house. We see inside them inside their house.

Imoen: But I love him!

Nalia: Imoen, he isn’t good for you. I never want you to see him again.

Imoen: But we are going to be married.

Nalia: But why after all he’s done…

Imoen: He is a lovely man, he is my knight in shinning-

Suddenly the door is smashed in by an axe. We hear screams as the axe is flown out of the door, the axe in the doors hole is replaced by claws. Imoen holds onto Nalia’s arm scared.

We pan back to the present day.

Imoen: No! please no!

Back to the past, the door is smashed open the cultist points at Imoen and the ghouls jumps at Imoen, Nalia uses the light as a weapon and uses it’s shield to bounce the ghoul back she starts chatting a spell and blasts the ghoul to dust.

Nalia: Run! Jump out of the window and take my horse to Southshore! GO!

Imoen: (in tears) No! I won’t leave you mother!

Nalia: And I won’t let you die, now go!

Imoen bursts into tears, Nalia grabs her sword and as the second ghoul jumps at them she slices it in two, she hits Imoen on the back of the neck and knocks her out. She climbs out of the window and ties Imoen to the horse she whispers into the horses ear.

The horse rides off, Imoen wakes up and looks behind her and sees her mother surrounded by robes figures they talk to her and later the ghouls jump at her. Imoen screams after her as she rides off.

We pan back to present day.

Hejin: Well Well…little Imoen has a ‘dirty’ little secret. Right, half-elf?

Imoen: It’s not true! I’m human!

Honoria looks at Imoen discusted as do most of the cultists.

Hejin: Deeper…

Imoen: No! Get out of my mind!

Imoen writhes in pain as Hejin forces himself in her mind.

We see her riding near andorhal. An arrow gets shot into the horse, it falls to ground and slowly dies. Some robes figures surrond her Imoen looks at them in horror.

Cultist 1: This is the one.

Cultist 2: Perfect.

They begin to chant a spell, the ground below Imoen starts to cover in a shadow suddenly Khallid turns up on his charger and hacks two cultists in two the other runs away. Khallid snorts watching the other run away, he looks at Imoen who looks scared to death he offers his hand.

Khallid: Come on child! The border is just ahead!

Imoen: Do…I know you?

Khallid: No…now come on we have to get you out of here!

Imoen reaches for his hand and get lifted up onto his horse they ride off into Andorhal. We see them in the small town there are a few alive most villagers look scared to death others hiding in doors. A man runs up to Imoen and Khallid.

Ryan: Oh light be praised! Light be praised! My love your alive!

Imoen: Ryan! It was so scary Mother…she…she’s.

Ryan: Shh poppet- My love. Everything will be alright come let’s go back home I’ll make you some nice warm bread and some soup.

Khallid: Destroy the bread. It’s infected no dout.

Ryan: Is…is that how it-?

Khallid: Yes, Arthas was right…why the spoil brat killed his own father and left us for the dead who knows…

Ryan: Then I shall get rid of it at once!

Imoen: Thank you sir…I hardly know your name…yet you seem so familer…

Khallid: Oh, do not worry child many paladins look like me…I’m Khallid (pause) light giver.

Imoen: The name suits you well…( she suddenly bursts into tears ) Mother…why…has the light left us?

Ryan: Perhaps…who can be sure.

Khallid: Of course it hasn’t. It cannot control everything but it will gives a path do not threat.

Ryan: Perhaps…come on Imoen my love. Let’s go home.

We see them at night, Imoen wakes up in his bed and rubs her eyes she looks over to see Ryan not there, she smiles and walks over to the bathroom. She sees Ryan taking a bath she walks over to him smiling.

Imoen: Come ere…

Ryan grins and walks over to Imoen, She kisses him pasoneltly on the lips then when she opens them her eyes widen.

Ryan: What is it poppet- my love?

As we see Imoen’s view we see that Ryan’s skin as fallen off and we can see his skin is pale and we can see his jaw. As Ryan looks at himself we see his skin dissapear as if it was a magical disguse. Imoen runs away but Ryan runs after her he grabs a robe and puts it around him, Imoen runs into the kitchen and grabs a knife she points it Ryan trembling.

Imoen: Where is he? Where is Ryan?

Ryan: I am him. I know this may look odd…I was infected Imoen…it was the bread, please Imoen…put the knife down, I wouldn’t hurt you…ever, I love you with all my heart…we can see past this curse.

We see the present day.

Hejin laughs as Imoen begins to burst into tears.

Hejin: Classic!

Honoria: What is it?

Hejin: This is amazing…her first love and now only love was one of them…the scourge!

Honria: We are to see what she knows...not her love life, idiot.

We see the past again.

We see Imoen still pointing the knife at Ryan

Ryan: I will always love you. I had a mission to turn you into one of us but I couldn’t…not to you, you were so kind always smiling…When I was with them I felt dead but you Imoen…you made me feel alive.

Imoen starts to cry and puts the knife down, Ryan puts his arms around her but Imoen pushes him away and runs out of the door. As she looks around we see butchers and bakers skin pull a hood over there head, they were working for the Scourge. Imoen runs away and towards a barracade. We see Khallid slaying some cultists and some Ghouls, he sees Imoen running away with Ryan, now undead behind gaining on her he runs towards Imoen.

Imoen looks behind her to see Ryan gaining on her and screams.

Imoen: No! Get away from me!

Ryan: Please! Join us we could love each other forever! I did this for us!

Khallid runs up to Ryan and lifts his hammer in the air, Ryan cowers in fear. Imoen grabs hold of Khallid’s arm to make him stop but his arm goes down and Ryan’s blood splatters all over her.

Khallid: Are you alright!?! Did he bite you!?

Imoen: He…he was…one of them…all this time…he…spied on me…why?

Khallid: Come on child! We have to get out of here!

Imoen: But the town!

Khallid: This town has fallen! Arthas is here!

Imoen turns around to see Arthas walking towards them holding frostmourne in his hands ghouls following him, he grins at her he moves his finger ushering her to come closer. Khallid grabs hold of her arm.

Suddenly Arthas looks at Ryan, then at her. He shouts to his ghouls and points at her. Khallid pulls Imoen by her hand as he runs away.

He slays the Ghouls near a barn and grabs to horses.

Khallid: Quick! Get on! We will ride to Gorin’s crossing! From there we will take a wagon to Stormwind!

We fade back to the present Imoen is curled up into a ball crying like a child, Hejin laughs.

Hejin: Why are you crying Imoen? Don’t you need a friends advice? His company!

Hejin kicks Imoen in the stomach, Imoen coughs up blood and cries even harder.

Hejin: Don’t you want me anymore!? To feel my embrace!

Hejin kicks her again as she tries to crawl onto her feet. Knocking her on the floor again. She is sobbing as he lifts her by her head and point her towards the two forsaken.

Hejin: Go on Imoen! There your type aren’t they!

Hejin bursts out laughing her turns her around and looks at her bra

He smirks staring at it.

Hejin: Or am I?

Imoen sobs as Hejin goes to touch her, she suddenly gets a burst of energy her hair goes wild as she puts her hands around Hejin’s neck strangling him.


Hejin: Argh! Get her off me!

The other cultists laugh at Hejin, he staggers and grabs his sword he pulls it out and slices off one of her arms. Imoen stops and grabs her arm screaming in pain she falls to her knees. Hejin walks backwards rubbins his neck, he looks afraid.

Hejin: Get her away from me!

A woman walks over to Imoen, she has a long noble like dress she knees down to Imoen.

Woman: You poor woman…tell you what, have they been horrible to you?

Imoen: I’ll talk! I’ll talk!

Woman: Very well. What is Elizabetha doing with an army?

Imoen: ( in tears ) She wants to destroy the dark embrace.

Woman: But why? What have they done?

Imoen: They want to kill us all…with their book.

The woman looks at Imoen with shock as if she wasn’t supposed to know that. She smiles at Imoen.

Woman: But we are going to save the world, child. Honoria…give this woman a healing potion.

Honoria nods and walks over with a strange vial, Imoen is so weak she just opens her mouth and accepts it she drinks it and falls to the floor.

Woman: Kill her.

Honoria: No…Dark Misstress, she has told us what we need to know…let her be a message to them.

Lashela: I said kill her. Then again…I am pleased by these results…the foolish paladin thinks we can be stopped does she? If you let this child go…you will kill Elizabetha.

The other cultists look at Honoria, knowing how much Elizabetha means to her.

Honoria: Very well.

Lashela smiles as Honoria lugs Imoen over her shoulder and carries her to her horse, she ties Imoen to it and rides off. A cultist walks over to Hejin and laughs at him.

Cultist: Aww is Hejin scared of the little girl. I wish she did kill you.

Hejin: She…was different then, as if something else was controlling her…

Cultist: ( girly giggle ) that’s what you get for messing with us women, we have a fiery temper you know?

Hejin: No…it was…I don’t know…

Pans back to Honoria, she rests Imoen back at the huge wall, she rests her arm near her. She looks at Imoen for a second and shakes her head at the mess of her. She takes a small gun and fires it towards the sky, a flare fires out.

Over a few miles away we see a female gnome and a male dwarf they see the flare nod at each other and ride towards it.

Back at the wall Honoria looks at Imoen and sighs.

Honoria: Poor kid…you owe me one.

Honoria notices two people riding up towards the wall, she jumps off the wall and onto her horse, she rides away. The female gnome runs over to Imoen, and looks at her wounds. The male dwarf takes one look and is sick. Imoen wakes up and sees the female gnome, she picks herself and pukes out a ton of blood.

She wipes her mouth.

Imoen: Get away from me! I’ve told you all you want to know!

Merwyn: Woah, calm down…were friends.

Ulgarf: Steady lass she looks a bit…

Merwyn: I know what im doing. Here let me place my hand on your cuts…ouch the burns on your chest…poor woman.

Imoen tries to back away but falls over to weak, Merwyn hesitates when she knows where the burns are but puts it on anyway and the burns vanish. She sees the cuts on Imoen’s eye lids.

Merwyn: Grab me some water and a cloth…we’ll need to wipe off the blood if we are to close these wounds.

Ulgarf nods and gets out a small machine from his backpack he points a nosel at Imoen face and starts pumping, it squirts water in her face. Merwyn gives Ulgarf a “that was a bit much” look and touches her eye lids and her face healing them back to normal.

Ulgarf: Bloody hell lass! That was quick!

Merwyn: It wasn’t deep, my magic can only do small wounds…the others like her throat and her…arm…Elizabetha and Suzanne can fix that…hopefully.

Ulgarf: Poor lass…they messed her up good…let’s take her two Rufgue point.

Merwyn pick up Imoen by her legs and her shoulders and lift her up on the ram they struggle due to the height difference they eventually ride to Rufuge point, we see Elizabetha and Suzanne. When they see them ride in they run up to Imoen.

Imoen is tied up.

Imoen: Get away from me! I’ve told you everything! Leave me alone! No more pain…no more…you could be a Scourge! Get away from me!

Elizabetha: Imoen listen to me, we aren’t going to hurt you.

Suzanne: Sister…

Imoen: That’s what they all say! I’ll kill you all! I’ll….I’ll….

Imoen faints.

Elizabetha holds out her hand to insutate for someone to lead her to Imoen, Merwyn grabs hold of Elizabetha's hand and leads her to Imoen. Elizabetha stokes Imoen's head supportivly, she then tries to find the robe that has tied Imoen up. She fails to find it and Merwyn jumps up on the ram and unties Imoen. Imoen falls into Elizabetha's arms.

Elizabetha: Suzanne?

Suzanne looks at Imoen's body horrified, Imoen's arm is still bleeding heavily."

Elizabetha: Suzanne! Quickly patch up this arm then take her to Menethil harbor. I’ll join you later.

Suzanne: Your not going to leave me are you?

Elizabetha: Don't be foolish. Now patch her up before she looses anymore blood, i'm using my arms to hold her.

Suzanne nods and cast a spell on Imoen the bleeding stops and the wound is about to close, Suzanne cuts the wound open again.

Suzanne: She will need an open wound if we are to attach her arm together...

Elizabetha: Yes...just stop the bleeding that's all.

Suzanne rips a bit of her robe and slowly puts it against Imoen's arm, she takes Imoen from Elizabetha's arms and walks towards the gryphon rider, she then ties Imoen to the gryphon and she flies off with Imoen.

Ulgarf: Are you all righte lizzy?

Merwyn: Basterds…we’ll get them.

Elizabetha looks towards the wall, we hear her thoughts…

Elizabetha: Sister…Honoria…did you do this?

Ulgarf: Liz?

Elizabetha: ( snaps back ) Hm? Yes…we will…Imoen needs us now I will make my way to Menethil harbor.

Merwyn: We will try and get some cultists to pay for what they have done-

Elizabetha: No, to much blood has been spilt today. Let us re group and think of a plan.

Ulgarf: Well I would rather blow em up…but aye yer the boss.

We see Imoen lying in a bed her left arm is next to her as she is still only has one arm, Suzanne looks at her sad.

Suzanne: You hold in you hear me…

Elizabetha walks threw and pulls up her sleeves.

Elizabetha: Ok, grab some stiches we are going to have to stich this arm together and use the light to try and heal this.

We only see small sections of Elizabetha stiching Imoen’s arm together, we then see Suzanne and Elizabetha standing side by side casting a spell. The screen blacks out and we see threw Imoen’s eye sight, she looks over to see Ulgarf, Suzanne and Elizabetha looking at her.

Imoen: No! I … wait, where am I?

Elizabetha: Menethil harbor.

Imoen: Suzanne?

Suzanne is silent.

Elizabetha: She was the one to warn me, she has been so worried about you. But first Imoen…can I ask you of one thing?

Imoen: …I…betrayed you.

Elizabetha: I don’t care…can you do me one thing?

Imoen: …alright.

Elizabetha: Can I hold you in my arms?

Imoen leans into Elizabetha’s lap, Elizabetha lifts her up and gives her a tight hug..

Elizabetha: I was a so worried…don’t you leave my side you hear?

Imoen: I thought I was going to die…they…they made me eat my middle fingers…and shoved a hot poker down my throat…how can I talk?

Suzanne: We dealed with that sister.

Imoen: Hejin…he raped my mind…I…

Imoen begins to cry, Suzanne hesitates but eventually puts her hand on Imoen’s shoulder.

Elizabetha: We will still the night here Imoen…but you need rest…we will just be down the hall.

Imoen: Don’t leave me.

Elizabetha: Alright…we will sit here with you till you fall asleep.

Imoen: Thank you…

Elizabetha: Now rest…you are safe now.

Imoen closes her eyes and falls asleep.

Suzanne: I will make them pay for this.

Elizabetha: You focus on the Scourge…we will sort out the Dark Embrace.

To be continued…

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