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Hymm skidded and stoped into line his armour crashing about him. he raise his arm and saluted. "Sorry im late. the acursed boat was attaked by murlock pirates but the crew got them."

Bolvan nodded and Hymm looked at the massed ranks and tabards of the AD Hoc army. "Millita! Form up!" Commander swiftstrike readyed his troops.

Hymm looked around and a strong female voice shouted "Lightbringers! present arms!" Hymm griped a his gold handled sword and his more personal angerblade drawing both at the same time as the other lightbringers having the ringing sound echo through the night. Bolvan then shouted "MARCH!". The army lurghed forward some unsure whos order to follow soon all where on their way.

Lovyan walked camly in front through the wreakage of a outpost. Hymm marched up beside her "ill help you not going to lose another commander." Lovyan nodded and Hymm stopped staring ahead. a large rock creature loomed out from the fog of the distance glowing yellow. "INFERNAL!" Hymm screamed charging it unheadingly "FOR THE FALLEN!" Swifter warriors reached it befor Hymm did and began attacking it Hymm hit out his blade entering a crack before the infernal fell back.

All hell broke loose wandering deamons where brutally slain as the army poured over the field as the deamons where took completly by surprise. The army reached the dreadlord target just as a forsaken warrior jumped out at the great beast. the forsaken hit the creature once and the army piled in the dreadlord was crushed under the sheer weight of warriors.

The forsaken quikly saluted the army before running off as far as his leg would carry him. the army spread out taking out pockets of resistance.

Hymm followed a group of mostly lightbringers into an abandoned tree/cave/house. as he rounde the first corner he saw that he was lost....

Hymm walked through the caven the sounds of fighting echoed in the distance. "Oh...bugger. HELLO!" Hymm yelled this last part wondering if anyone heard him. a deamonic cakle sounde as a Succbubs looking deamon droped from the roof onto the floor. Hymm lashed out scraping the deamons sholder.and then the fight began. Hymm fought the deamon both hitting both hurting but no advantage yet. Hymm stood back panting,the thing was fast. unbeliveably fast. Hymm waited as the thing leaped and fell short as Hymm steped out of the way. Ramming both blades into its back the thing hisses and gurgled. Hymm inspected the damage he had. it had gashed his stomache. Hymm remembered the way back and began trudging back the way. a Deamonic bark sounded behind him and as he turned a large hound attacked him.

Hymm cut this one down and hit the second before they all dogpiled him. Hymm admist the scratching biteing bodies pulled out the guild stone. "Lightbringer down! lightbringer down! This is Hy-" Hymm never finished the sentance as the stone was knocked from him by another dog hitting th pile it reached down and bit his shoulder its teeth hitting the Bone "Arrgh!" Hymm yelled falling limp "this the end?" Hymm wondered.

Lighting blasted the Hounds off Hymm and he stood shakiley up a night elf in lightbringer armour had saved HIM! Derrin rounded the corner "Hymm are you alright!", "Im...fine" Hymm managed his shoulder leaking blood "just lets get out of here". Derrin grinned "yeh before we begin to get more serious casualties."

Hymm landed in neatherguard keep still bleeding. "Feeling a bit better" He lied. bolvan looked unconvinced "To your bunk." Hymm groggily climed into his bunkl after removing his heavy armour. Bolvan chnted a spell and Hymm felt uplifted by it he looked at his arms the scratches had gone! the gouge had gone.....but the deep bite remaind. "Hold still." Bolvan poured a concotion on to the wound. "HOLY LIGHT THAT BURNS!" Hymm sat bolt upright almost clutching the wound. Bolvan forced him down. "You stay and rest."

Hymm sat for a full five minutes after bolvan left. "Aw Screw this for a game of soliders." Hymm put his right arm in a sling and whent to help the other wounded

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