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The Fist of Vengeance

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The Undercity and the Horde.

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Heavy RP

Light PvP

Information Edit

Lead by High Executor Claireriel Telanorei, this off-shoot of the Hand of Vengance consists primarily of Death Knights and Forsaken who have come to see how they share common goals of revenge upon the tryant Lich King and the Scourge. As one, under the banner of the 'Fist of Vengance' they fight to rid the world of the Scourge wether it be from Northrend, the Plaguelands or whatever corners of the world they may taint with their pressence.

The Fist of Vengance fights on several fronts, those being where ever the Scourge may have a pressence, they're focus however being upon the region's of Northrend and mopping up what remains of the Scourge in the Plaguelands.

Claireriel Telanorei, seeing that a combined force of only Death Knights and Forsaken may have its weaknesses, decided it in the best intrests of the Fist to accept the living amongst their ranks. This however only applies to the Sin'dorei. Due to Silvermoon's close relationship to the Undercity and the fact both the Undercity and the Fist of Vengance itself are lead by undead Sin'dorei they are thus accepted amongst the Fist's rank. They do not however receive any special treatment and will be treated just like their Forsaken and Death Knight colleagues within the Fist. Those Sin'dorei who apply to the Fist however are to be much more thoroughly interviewed before recruitment.

Races Accepted Edit



Orc (DK Only)

Tauren (DK Only)

Troll (DK Only)

Classes Accepted Edit

Death Knights





Priests (Shadow IC)

Ranking System Edit

High Executor - GM Rank

Advisor - 2nd in Command Rank

Vengeance Elite - Elite Rank (Any Class)

Deathguard - Standard Melee Rank (Warriors and Death Knights)

Spellhand - Standard Caster Rank (Mages, Warlocks, Shadow Priests)

Dark Ranger - Standard Ranged Rank (Hunters, Rogues)

Apothecary - Apothercaries (Forsaken only, Mages, Warlocks and Shadow Priests)

Recruit - Starter Rank

Whelp - Disciplinery Rank

Uniforms Edit

High Executor - N/A

Tactical Advisor - Own choice, must be fitting to the guild colours.

Vengeance Elite - Anything matching guild colours, tabard.

Deathguard - Scale Mail, matching shoulders, optional helm, tabard.

Spellhand - Robes of Arugal, matcing shoulders, optional helm, tabard

Dark Ranger - Leather matching guild colours, matching shoulders, optional helm, tabard

Apothecary - Black Velvet Robes, Nightsky Cowl, tabard

Recruit - Tattered Cloth

Whelp - Undergarments

Further to this, the guild colours are as follows:

Black - Primary

Gray - Primary

White - Secondary

Dark Green - Secondary

Dark Blue - Secondary

Dark Purple - Secondary

Level Requirements Edit

The level required to join is 10 at minimum, leveling however is required to rise in the ranks due to the uniforms, below are what levels are required for each rank:

High Executor - N/A

Tactical Advisor - Lvl50+

Vengance Bringer - Lvl25+

Vengance Ranger - Lvl25+

Vengance Caster - Lvl25+

Apothecary - Lvl25+

Recruit - Lvl10-25

Whelp - N/A

Location Edit

The Fist of Vengance fights the forces of the Scourge at Northrend as well as back upon the continents of Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingoms. These locations are as follows:

Howling Fjord



Western Plaguelands (and Scholomance)

Eastern Plaguelands (and Stratholme)

Tirisfal Glades

Silverpine Forest

The Barrens (Razorfen Downs)

Disciplinery Rank Edit

For those who dare question the orders of the High Executor or the Dark Lady herself there is a special place for them. Stripped of all armour, clothing and weapons. Bound in shackles and clamped to a wooden post, any man or woman who dares stand defiant against the High Executor or the Dark Lady or dares to insult either of them will find themselves punished through humilliation and pain.

Alliance Relations Edit

Negative to say the least. Seeing as there will be an element of Light - PvP, interactions with the Alliance are inevitable. They will be hostile, as the High Executor demands that all encountered Alliance forces are to be slaughtered without question or acception, they're heads brought as proof of demise which upon delivery will be rewarded fruitfully.

How to apply! Edit

Application is simple. You simply need to send an in-game letter of application. The letter can be created using the In-Game mail or created using the Gryphonheart Item which i (Claireriel) have.

Ether made in GHI or on the In-Game mail system, the letter should include Name, Race, Occupation, Age, Military Experience and OOCly.. Level and Class.

If your letter of application meets with our requirements then you will be accepted for an interview which will be used to find out wether or not the Fist of Vengance is a place for you and your character.

Current Status Edit

Charter Format

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