The Frayfeathers were a small unit of Sentinels, lead by the newly promoted Sentinel Captain, Celegil Moonwatcher. Their aim is to keep the forests of Ashenvale as safe as they possibly can with the help of other Night Elf army groups like the Shadowleaves, the Moonhunters and the Starseekers. They have a hatred towards everyone who even dares to think of destroying their forests and because of this, they fight against the Orcs of the Warsong clan with pride.


The Frayfeathers were a relatively new Sentinel unit in the Sentinel Army. Recently, the King of Stormwind rushed to fight with the Warchief Thrall during the attack on the Undercity. This means that the tensions between the Alliance and the Horde are at an all time high. This also means that the Sentinels will probably see a lot more combat with the Horde over the coming year. General Shandris Feathermoon quickly saw that the current Sentinel army groups were in desperate need of a new army group to help them reinforce the casualties that they had already suffered. The General was however unsure who would be suited to command this new Sentinel unit.

During a mission in Ferals of Redemptio Coronae, the doctors of the Alliance, a relatively young Huntress named Celegil Moonwatcher who was a guard of of the doctors, met Shandris Feathermoon. Celegil, who was serving the Sentinel army in Ashenvale Forest, shared her concerns with Shandris about the increasing threat of the Horde Lumber camps and the Grunts that were stationed there. Shandris, still looking for a leader for the new Sentinel unit, decided that Celegil was wise enough to lead a new Sentinel unit. Celegil was completely amazed by this decision of course. At first, she was unsure if she was even old enough to lead her own Sentinel unit but was reassured by Shandris that she was fit to lead. After a long talk, Celegil finally accepted Shandris her offer and decided to name the new Sentinel unit The Frayfeathers. The name was derived from a Hippogryph breed in the forests of Feralas. It was meant to be a symbol for the harsh conditions in which this new Sentinel unit would be serving the Night Elf race.

The Frayfeathers base of operations was located in Astranaar.



The outfits from Outrunner to the left, to Huntress to the right. Note that some of the items can't be obtained by players on this picture. I have edited some existing Sentinel armour to other armour pieces so most of the pieces you see here can be obtained ingame. The Outrunner is the Archer set, The Sentinel is the Jousters Chestpiece and Ancient armour pieces and finally the Huntress armour is a mix of the two.

Because The Frayfeathers are such a new group, it is still very low in the hierarchy of the Sentinel Army and therefore, the ranks available are considered low in the army. Celegil herself is also considered a low ranking Captain in the Sentinel Army.

Recruit: A recruit is a lay member of the Frayfeathers who has not completed basic training in Astranaar yet. A recruit must show to the Captain and her officers that she is able to defend herself in a combat situation. Once the Recruit has passed several tests, she is allowed to join The Frayfeathers. They wear a training outfit.

Outrunner: The Outrunner is the lowest rank in the Frayfeathers and the Sentinel Army. Outrunners have shown that they can defend themselves in a combat situation but lack the experience of their higher ranking sisters. Outrunners are mostly used to collect intelligence from the enemy by spying their settlements and to pass messages between the several Night Elf outposts in Ashenvale. They wear a standard issue Leather armour that is flexible enough to run in.

Sentinel: The Sentinel is the backbone of the Sentinel Army. These are the standard women who make up most ranks in the army. Sentinels have been in a combat situation and have gained experience in the field. They wear the standard Sentinel armour that is comprised of Mail and Plate.

Huntress: The Huntress is a Sentinel who has gained a vast amount of combat experience in the field. She can direct the Sentinels that are placed under her command by the Captain. She is a brave warrior who is willing to die for the Night Elves and the forest of Ashenvale if that is required of her. They are the officers of the Captain and are directly commanded by her. The Huntresses then pass the Captains orders through to the Sentinels and the Outrunners.

Captain: The leader of The Frayfeathers. Her will is law and her verdict is final. The Huntresses are her advisor's when preparing for an assault. However, the Huntresses may advise her but it is the Captain who makes the final decision.

OOC NotesEdit

The Frayfeathers are a Roleplaying Community. This means that you don't have to leave your guild to be part of them. One of the main goals of this community was that everyone can join. However, we do ask that you have basic knowledge about the Night Elven race and the Sentinel army. Of course we can learn you a bit while doing tasks for the community, but the basics need to be there.

Another thing about The Frayfeathers is that it has harsh class and race restrictions. I didn't want the Frayfeathers to be another community where every race is allowed to join because there is this new idea in the world that we must all love each other. If you were looking for a community like that then I advise you to look somewhere else. To be able to join The Frayfeathers, your characters has to be Female Night Elf and has to have the Warrior, Rogue or Hunter class. This might be harsh but it is needed to create a believable traditional Sentinel unit. Also, It is advisable that your character is around level 20-30 before you join. This is because most of the events will take place in Ashenvale and it would be a bit odd if your character gets eaten by the first Wolf that passes by.

The DownfallEdit

Some months passed with successful missions. However, during a scouting assignment, Celegil made a crucial error in judgement when she saw a number of Human mercenaries near Feathermoon Stronghold. These mercenaries, who visited the Isle of Dread, had lend boats of the Stronghold. Celegil, not knowing these boats were made by her own kin, decided to scuttle these boats because she felt these Humans were defiling the Night Elf lands with bringing mages.

This caused the Sentinel leadership to be extremely angered at Celegil. Therefore, they decided to demote her back to Sentinel and disband the Frayfeathers.

OOC: Disbanded the community because I decided to focus all of my attention on making the Way of Malorne succesful. If you wish to join in on some Sentinel and Night Elf RP in general, please seek contact with either me or Aldrannath.

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