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The Free Company is a Freedom Nexus guild. The Nexus was created as a community that spanned a number of online titles beginning with DDO. Memebers can be found in a number of realms, WoW being one of them.

The idea of this is so that we had a central hub (website) and while we spanned different games, people remained in touch.

Basic InformationEdit

· The Free Company is a light roleplaying guild. We are a small guild with a focus on friendship and fun. We generally help each other where it is needed, taking our time enjoying the game. Generally, the member base is mature, work and/or have families. Please see out charter at the website for more details on this.

· While we do have ranks in the guild, we try to operate in a relaxed nature. So long as the charter is understood and respected, the ranks are pretty invisible.

· Our channel policy is:

/s always IC
/y always IC (if used)
/p mix of IC/OOC
/g OOC

General InformationEdit

· No character or class restrictions.

· There is no level restrictions though at time of writing the majority of the guild is below level 40.

· Alternate characters (Alts) are allowed once full membership is given.

· Again to reiterate that our primary goal is enjoyment of the game. Not levelling. We may stop to go back and help others, we may wait doing a dungeon until we can get a full guild group and so on.

Game AspectsEdit

· Crafting - We do encourage crafting, though its an individuals decision.
· Questing - Its what we all do! We do encourage guild groups.
· Dungeons - We try to do these together. Though with time restraints its not always possible. Though no harm in going back and doing again to help someone.
· Raiding - Due to the current level of members, raiding is not an issue. Some of our members have plenty of experience with previous characters, but have chosen to run with new characters at this time.
· PvP - Some of our members enjoy Battlefields and involvement in PvP is very much an individuals choice.


We do need to stress that we do not accept any of the following:

· Immature Gamers - Those with no respect for others
· Leet Speak - We do not allow over use of leet speak, certainly not in the immature nature it is often used. We are generally adults who communicate with respect.
· Bots - We do not allow anything that goes against the Blizzard TOC. In particular those using "bots" or found to be trading game material outside of the game.


Recruitment is done a number of ways. There is no better way than by actually getting to know a person. So by questing with one of our members and asking for an invite may be the easiest. We do also have an application thread on our site forum. Note that we do like people to sign up and use the forum as its about being part of the community as well as the online game. Not essential, just nice!

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