The Global Network of Outstanding and Marvelous EngineersEdit

The Global Network of Outstanding and Marvelous Engineers is a 'For Science!' company devoted to the research and development of Engineering and other other affiliated sciences.


The Guild is currently run by Mozeu 'Tootsie,' Brilliantblaze and staffed by most of the prominent members of Stormwind's gnomish community. Set up to consolidate the knowledge that could have been lost after the fall of Gnomeregan, the company has an HQ in New Tinker Town, and a shop in Stormwind's Mage Quarter.
The GNOME Shop

The Company shop in the Mage Quarter

Current StatusEdit

In posession of a vast amount of oil after some Goblin-raiding Shenanigans with the Kingdom of Lordaeron Crew!

Platform Explosion with Chopper Sized

Steamsprocket flying away from the fast exploding oil platform


List members here...

  • Cindy Steamsprocket
  • Zaam Spiritspark
  • Mozeu 'Tootsie,' Brilliantblaze
  • Fezda (of unkown surname)
  • Mizzy Demodirk
  • Elthanaa
  • Mazebolt Fairblitz
  • Willard Boltshear


The GNOME held their first anual Convention, showcasing their technological mastery and flare for putting on parties! Everyone who is everyone in Stormwind was invited to bring their friends and make the trek to New Tinkertown for a night of Science, Engineering, Explosives and Fun at Fizzcrank's Airstrip in the Borean Tundra, transport courtesy of SCIENCE itself. The GNOME hope to repeat this success some time next year, and hope to see you there!

Plumbing the DepthsEdit

Plumbing the Depths Banner

The GNOME set sail on their latest adventure soon; more details to come!

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