History of the Gnomish UnionEdit

IC HistoryEdit

The Gnomish Union was founded whilst the Gnomes still resided in Gnomeregan for the gnomish people to have their say and support where ever and how ever they needed it. Now after the fall of Gnomeregan the Union acts as a stable group of gnomes who are still looking out for the gnomish race on behalf of the High Tinker while he focuses on Alliance Matters. They work to help Gnomes all over the world however they can to help take back Gnomeregan.

OOC HistoryEdit

The Union was made by Ferny originally because he was in Stormwind one day in the trade district and people began insulting him and gnomes in general so he got annoyed with the racism and decided to show them us gnomes could be just as tough.

Notable Names and RanksEdit

The Lord TinkerEdit

This is the Union Master's Rank and is currently being held by its founder Lord Ferny Fizzlescrew who has had residence as its Lord Tinker since its Creation.

Elite TinkerEdit

These as the name suggests are the officers of the Union and the Elite. Each one is in charge of a particular job or more likely a zone (but more on that later). The Current Elite Tinkers are; Iwane, Lillianná, Wolp and Tíngle.


These are gnomes in the guild who have shown incredible skill or loyalty and have in turn been rewarded with special jobs or roles (again more on this later).


This is just the normal, everyday rank for those gnomes who want to socialise and help out but don’t want to take on a specific job or role. This doesn’t mean you get any less fun but it still means you’re included in everything and get to participate when and where you want.
((OOC)) There is no requirements for this role so its open to any oen and everyone. This is for those who don’t fit under other criteria but still want to join and is no different from any other rank just as much fun.


They are those Brave Gnomes who volunteer to undertake the role for a Pilot. This is for all those who want to do their bit from the skies. Pilots serve as a messengers and scouts for the union as well as Aerial assault and recognisance. They also aid by Helping with repairs and maintenece of Fizzcrank's Airstrip.
((OOC)) The was to join this is to be a Gnome level 70+ of any class but has to be an engineer with a Flying machine. We in the guild will do what we can to help you level both your normal level and you engineering if you want it.


These are what we Gnomes are famous for... The Engineers! These were originally the Gnomes who built both Tinker Town and the Tram system originally. Now these Gnomes do vital research for the guild and also Maintain both Tinker Town and the Tram System. They also do Vital Engineering work at other Gnomish Towns such as; Toshley's Station and Fizzcrank's Airstrip.
((OOC)) The only Requirement for this Section is to be an Engineer no matter what level or skill. The guild will do what we can to help you level your Engineering at what ever speed you want and how ever high.


These Noble Gnomes Volunteer to help Protect the Gnomish People and Territories and aid the Dwarves in their Law Enforcement Tasks. The Guards Also volunteer and form the main bulk of the Troops that volunteer to Lord Fizzlescrew to Enter Gnomeregan and figh for their people and homes!
((OOC)) These are for any Warriors or Death knights who feel their RP styles fits as fighter more then a lover. Their RP ranges form just keeping people of the the Hq's all the way to Fighting for their lives in Gnomeregan.

Arcane EngineerEdit

These are the Magically gifted Gnomes who conduct magical research on behalf of the guild. This includes research into Magical Cures for the Leper Gnomes, Research into defence against the burning legion, or even more everyday things such as portable portal openers.
((OOC)) These are for all those Mages and Warlocks who dont fit criteria for other sections btu still want a vital role in the guild userlising what skills they do have avalable and are no less imporant then any one else. Their rp can usually have some comical outcomes.


G.A.S stand's for Gnomish Assault Squad. These are those gnomes that excell in Night time Attacks and infiltraton. They conduct infiltration attacks into Gnomeregan and other enemies to the Alliance Whittling down defences or gathering information. Identies and futher information is Classified.
((OOC)) A Area for Rogues. They work together for their own Unique RP style in gathering information and doing more Rogue like Combat activities.


((OOC)) If you have been interested by any of these ranks or roles Then Feel Free to contact us and ask for a interview. we are open to all Rper's and if you feel your not up to scratch and want to be a better Gnome Roleplayer then we will assign you a mentor to help you learn.

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