The Grip of Death - Background

The grip of Death, are a Scourge alligned guild fighting under the banner of the Lich King, we are a sort of "Halting Group" and "Soul Stealing" (Gaining numbers (be imaginary or not)). We are led by the Death Knight Elus, The Darkling, Deathblade.


The history of TGOD (The Grip of Death) is simple, we are no form of cult, but a group of soldiers under the Lich King. We are tasked with some important jobs, of halting the alliance's progress to Northrend(Seen as we are a Alliance guild, OOC, we can't RP with you hordies!). Our other task is to try and lower morale amongst the Alliance Forces.

Our Reason For Existance

I explained earlier the reason of our IC existance, but our OOC existance is simply, to bring new flavours of RP to SwC, and have some fun along the way.

What the Alliance knows

The alliance know the scourge has recently attacked. But The Grip recently attacked Theramore, if the alliance knows of this, then they do. Ebon Hold know that there are murmurs about the one true king going around inside the necropolis. The mages of the Kirin Tor know: Shades wander around major cities (excluding Kalimdor cities). The steam-wheedle know: The Scourge are buying their most volatile chemicals off them, and many drug distribution devices. What The Cenarion Circle know: Nothin'.

The rules

Our rules are simple, for IC conduct: No power-emoting, Metagaming, "dark evil villain destroyer of world clothes" in cities; towns; and villages, excluding Steam Wheedle Cartel towns who can be paid to keep it quiet, of our presence, and treat your greaters with respect.

OOC conduct: English Language only in /guild chat, cursing is to be kept to a low mininum, we are all mature and can take a laugh, don't stir arguments, got a problem, then take it to a officer. Our officers have further rules, to help fix arguments, and problems. Mixed: No trolling and/or flamming. No mixing IC with OOC. (Your allowed to hate anyone IC, but within the guild OOC is not alloud)


Our recruitment polocies are:

1) request a interview.

2) Beat a average score of 60%. If you get over 50% with more than 1 officer present, you will be offered a trial run, to get that extra 10%.

3) Perform well as a 'fresh blood'.(IC behaviour only, we are all here for fun OOC!)

4) Be a: Deathknight, Necromancer (warlock), or shadow priest. Also we accept those who RP scourge foot soldiers, like banshee's, ghouls, scourge behemoths, and abominations.

If you beleive you attain all three of these, and are intrested in joining The Grip of Death, please whisper either: Elus; Tor; or Árarack.

Please note: A interview is mostly OOC, with a small initiation part. IC'ly. You must prove yourself a good RP'er in a RP situation during the IC, and you must explain your history in the OOC.

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