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Background information:

The Herald is the culmination of my character Dreanna's roleplaying on Steamwheedle Cartel. It's the close of a chapter and the start of a new. It's a work in progress and I hope those that read it enjoy and feel inspired to roleplay more. Updates to follow as soon as I write them. Not to be used for Meta-gaming please.


Staring out across the vast wasteland, she once again turned to the High elf next to her.

'Tell me again.' She could not help but shudder in revultion at the sight of the elf. The addiction which so consumes his being a constant reminder of sacrifices she has had to make to obtain the precious information.

'I think not, Kal'dorei. I have upheld my part of the bargain, it is now time for you to fulfill yours.' Hesitating for a moment, she reached into her vest and produced a small vial filled with a glowing translucent liquid. The High elf's eyes lit up with anticipation.

'It is from waters of Darnassus? Yes, I can feel the magic flowing through it. Hand it to me!' he nearly screamed. Not for the first time she questioned her judgement. Was it worth betraying her beliefs to obtain her answer? Too long has she walked this world to question herself at this critical moment. Without further thought she tossed the vial towards the High elf who, moving with near feral speed, almost threw himself over the railing of the lodge in his persuit of the item. With a glint of madness in his eyes he stroked the vial before placing it in his pocket.

'You have what you wanted, now tell me again or I will kill you where you stand.'

'You would not dare?!' replied the High elf with a glint of fear in his eyes. 'My brethren would overwhelm you within seconds!'

With a voice thick with contempt she sneered 'Do you truly think I would venture here alone? Are you truly ignorant to believe you, without your precious magic, can defeat me? You are nothing!' Though she had travelled alone the High elf did not know.

Prostrating himself before her he replied 'Apologies for my behaviour mistress. I did not mean to threaten you! I will tell you again what I have learned.'

'Then do so before I lose my patience.'

'The voice you hear...'

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