The Holy InquisitionEdit

The Holy Inquisition is an Alliance side based RP guild, with a light based theme. The guilds main focus will be fighting cultists and teaching its members about the light.

Basic InformationEdit

The Guild is still in its starting phase, and is recruiting.

  • Recruitment status: Open
  • RP beginner friendly: No
  • Guild type: Light based guild. Loyal to the King.
  • Guild Size: Very small.
  • Uniform rules: No, but red tabard.


The Holy Inquisition was first ordered to be established by Helrik Westsword over a year ago, the House of Nobles had seen the need of an Inquisition in Stormwind dearly needed. And thus the House gave Helrik the required financial help to establish the Inquisition. Due to much cultist activity, the House of Noble feared that citizens within the Kingdom, would soon turn to the Cultists.

The Inquisition now stand ready to server the Kingdom of Stormwind, but the ranks are yet not filled, and little progress has been done so far, to eradicate all cultists that plague the Kingdom.

More to come, much more!

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